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Returning to Omashu

Inda jumped off of her airship and landed on the plaza. Tiroku used his firebending to fly and shot fire blasts from the air. "It's raining fire," said Sokka nervously. Ty Lee, who noticed Inda blasting fire at the plaza, went to go battle with her. Inda, who was strictly focused on securing the Capital City did not hesitate to blast Ty Lee into the air. So, Inda shot a red blast that sent Ty Lee flying in the air. Azula, who had just witnessed Ty Lee getting blasted, stood up to Inda and shot a small blast at her. Inda, however shot a larger and stronger blast at Azula. With the help of Katara's waterbending, Azula was not hit by the blast. Azula thanked Katara for rescuing her from the close
Domestic forces

The battle of the Saviors.

to death encounter. Together, Azula and Katara bended at Inda, who showed no signs of weakness. However, fortunately for Inda, Tiroku saw his daughter battling and stood and the plaza to help her. Together and little by little, Tiroku and Inda were able topush the Allied forces back until they finally reached the Plaza Tower. As Aang looked back, he saw all the faces of the injured soldiers, that were going to be left behind, left to die. He stared at one of the injured soldiers that was trapped underneath an allied tank. Aang, quickly started to tear. Then he looked back once more, this time he saw all the allied tanks that were destroyed by the Saviors. He saw the Saviors of Fire running up the plaza, toward him and the tower. Aang became furious and his face became raging red because of the Saviors. He promised himself, then when he died, the Saviors wouldn't rule over any inch of territory and that the Saviors would all be "gone".
Earth Kingdom tank under attack

An allied firebender attacking an Earth tank (Savior controlled) that is advancing up to the tower.

The Fire forces met up inside the tower. They all huddled up and spoke about how they needed to defend the tower. The soldiers repeated and yelled that they couldn't let the Saviors touch the Capital volcano. Choi, suggested that the allies be split into three formation. The first one, would be the defense position, guarding the front of the tower toward the plaza. The second one would be the indoor defense, which would protect the inside of the tower. And then there was the back position, which would guard the volcano if the tower was broken through. Suddenly, the tower was knocked down by a powerful fire blast. When everyone woke up, they found that they had flown half-way up the volcano. They all looked at the tower. It was collapsed and shot at by Tiroku. Tiroku, Inda the entire Savior of Fire soldiers unit walked up the volcano. When the Fire allies looked at the fallen tower, they could see an entire sea of Saviors who started at the tower and ended all the way at the bay of the plaza. The entire plaza was crowded with Saviors. Tiroku yelled to Aang "Prepare yourself Avatar and Traitor Lord Zuko, once the sea of Saviors reaches the capital, we will storm and destroy Zuko's palace". Sokka then remembered something, the Saviors are probably here to capture the capital and rescue Ozai. Sokka and Toph ran to the capital prison to assure Ozai's security by a strong and master firebender. Tashu, the navy commander was also standing next to the security guard and told Sokka not to worry. Tashu told them that he would be locked up as long as he survived. Toph and Sokka knew Tashu was very trustful. And so they ran up to the tip of the Capital volcano. That was when they saw a group of Saviors running toward them and crowding the streets. Inda and the Saviors surrounded the palace and destroyed it with their powerful firebending. They were surprised to see that no one was their. Fire Lord Zuko, neither Mai, neither his royal guards. When Tiroku heard of this news, he didn't get discouraged one bit. Tiroku said that once the capital was captured and Ozai was rescued, there would be no need of hearing Zuko's name anymore.

Toph and Sokka met up with Aang, Katara, Azula, and Ty Lee at the back of an old house. Toph asked what happened. Katara told them that it was too late, the soldiers and allies had already been captured and arrested. Katara overheard the Saviors whispering that they were going to transfer the arrested soldiers to the Ba Sing Se Prison with Long Feng. Toph yelled "Long Feng is already in Ba Sing Se, this means that we need to get to Ba Sing Se fast. The Earth King Kuei doesn't know about any of this". "That is true Toph, we should immediately head to Ba Sing Se" agreed Aang. They went and snook Zuko and Mai from the bunker and escaped on Appa. They knew, that they had ultimately been defeated. They had a very long journey ahead of them.

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