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The sirens rang at the Great Gates of Azulon. A fleet of rebel ships was trying to get past the gates and enter the Capital's Bay. Firebenders ran to the top of the gates and shot bright-yellow fire blasts at the fleet. However, what the firebenders didn't know was the Saviors had armed the ships with knew features. One of the features was a drill and missile launcher based underneath the ships. Also, deep beneath the waters were a fleet of eight submarines. "How did they get the plans to build the subs since Team Avatar was the inventor? " asked one firebender out loud. No one answered back. They then just continued fighting the fleet. However, the Fire Nation also had their jet-skies.

Great Gates of Azulon

The Great Gates of Azulon are activated by the Fire Navy

Tashu, the highest ranking naval commander in the Fire Navy, ordered multiple group of jet-skies to fight the Saviors ships. After about ten minutes of fighting, the Fire Navy jet-skies had sunken or eliminated all Saviors vessels. But the firebenders forgot that underneath the vessels were submarines. The soldiers on the ships then retreated to the submarines underneath. Since the Great Gates of Azulon were designed to block only enemy vessels or ships, the net didn't touch the bottom of the bay floor. So the Savior submarines were easily allowed to dive underneath the net and into the bay without harm.

In a small amount of minutes, the submarines easily dived through the Fire Nation's plaza defense positions and blasted through the underwater plaza gates with torpedoes. Tashu, was ashamed of himself and promised to defend the plaza and capital, even if it lead to his painful death. "Death, for my kingdom" prayed Tashu.

When the submarines landed on the plaza, the Saviors quickly ran into multiple door and the plaza walls. The Saviors were very clever. They remembered that on the Day of Black Sun, they had won the battle against the Avatar's allies. They also knew that the Fire Nation had kept the Earth Kingdom tanks or tank-trains used in the invasion. Also, most of the Saviors had fought on the Invasion against the tanks. They remembered that the Fire Lord had stored the Earth Tanks inside the walls of the plaza. The Saviors ran into the walls of the plaza and controlled the tanks. The tanks were still working and so they blasted the plaza walls and headed upward the plaza toward the Plaza Tower.

Then suddenly, Avatar Aang and his allies showed up at the end of the Plaza. They were prepared and began to fight the Saviors. The firebenders shot blasts at the Earth tanks and the allied Fire Nation tanks drove onto the plaza. Tiroku, was also there and fighting the firebenders. He was not ashamed to be fighting his own supposed-to-be allies because he believed he was restored the glory of his kingdom. Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph and even Momo helped fight and defend Zuko. Zuko and Mai were given shelter in the Fire Lord's bunker underneath the volcano. Ty Lee, used her chi-blocking skills to paralize Saviors. Azula and Choi ( Shiungi's son ) worked together to use firebending and defend the plaza. Team Avatar and its allies seemed to be winning the battle. Or did they? Suddenly, a large fleet of airships flew into the Fire Nation bay. Tiroku and Inda then stood on the lead airship. The sky filled with orange light, and Tiroku and Inda prepared to shoot some massive blasts at the plaza. This was one big problem.

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