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The Invasion is the upcoming sequel to the Avatar Fanons The Unknown and The Gunfighter. It follows John Rider's children into the confusion and conflict surrounding the Avatar World's next great world war, the South Sea War.


As the Gunslinger Rebels have introduced firearms to the Avatar World, the way war is being fought has changed drasticly. With the year now being 200 AG, an aging Avatar Korra is unable to prevent the outbreak of a war between the United Republic and the Fire Nation over the control of various islands in the South Sea. However, with the advances in technology, this conflict is quickly esclating into a full blown World War, with the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes threatening to intervene.

Being outnumbered, The United Forces are being pressed back toward Republic City. Fire Nation air forces have already rained down bombs on the city, plunging its citizens into fear and panic. The only thing that stands between the Fire Nartion army and Republic City are a band of ragtag soldiers determined to stop the war.

But the new Fire Lord plans to use the power of the returning Sozin's Comet to new, unforeseen ends.


Kya Rider- The Waterbending daughter of John Rider and Granddaughter of Liam Rider and Avatar Isabella. She is the main character in the story.

John Rider- Although older than in 'The Gunfighter', John is set to make an appearance within the story, the first character to appear in more than one story

Jack Rider - Kya's older brother and the eldest child of John Rider. Jack is Capitan of his own airship and supplies the war effort in his own way.

Lee & Lin Rider - The twin brother and sister of Jack and Kya, Lee and Lin are master archers and marksmen.


Earth Kingdom Civil War: A long conflict that resulted from the death of the Earth Queen and has since fractured the Kingdom into three primary powers: the Terra Union, the Earth Republic, and the Eastern Empire.

South Sea War: A sudden conflict between the United Republic and the Fire Nation over control of the Southern Islands.



Book 1: Fall.

  1. . Times of Peace.
  2. . The Black Sheep.
  3. . City of the Republic.
  4. . Harbor Attack.
  5. . Airships and Hellfire
  6. . Escape
  7. . TBA
  8. . TBA
  9. . TBA

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