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Slowly awakening to a shadow surrounded by piercing, white light, Dasheng attempted to rise.

"I do not believe that would be very wise, Dasheng. Or should I say Beifong?" The silhouette said.

Dasheng, angry and slightly confused, responded, "I left that name long ago," all the while still attempting to get out of the metal bonds that held him to the cold metal table.

"I know. But on to business. Who gave you the journals? Who paid you to speak? Who got you the connections you needed?" The man said.

As Dasheng's eyes became adjusted to the piercing light, he became hopeful. If I can get to see any earth at all... I can escape!

But as if he had been listening to the thoughts inside Dasheng's head, the man yelled out, "Switch to light intensity two-five-oh." Turning back to Dasheng once more, the man said calmly, "Answer my questions."

Dasheng, refusing to talk, yet still blinded by the new, brighter light, never saw the attack coming. A single knife, coated in porcupine-snake poison, one of the few poisons that are deadly not to the body, but to the mind.... The infected victim has 3 days to remove any trace of the venom for a chance at keeping his sanity. Dasheng had no idea about his predicament initially.

"Porcupine-snakes," The man said with a smirk. "Such useful creatures..."

Dasheng heard this and was shocked. He knew thereupon that he had 3 days before becoming a monster.... Just like what the ancient books said happened to the sister of Fire Lord Zuko. Dasheng let out a single, horrible, pained, and of course, loud cry, that had been known to reduce grown men to boys clutching their ears in pain.

The man smirked again.

Upon noticing this, Dasheng realized he could see again, and quickly assessed his surroundings. A man, dressed in an all black outfit, four metal walls, and no entrances or windows that he could see.

The man laughed. "You will never escape me Dasheng. Once a Beifong, always a Beifong."

He then left Dasheng, with his mouth wide open and his eyes appearing to be jutting out of their sockets, in his solitary cell.


  • The writer believes that this chapter's writing was horrible.
  • Yes, it IS the same Beifongs.
  • Yes, I did alter why Azula went insane.
  • ...And this is the episode in which Dasheng is first said to be an earthbender.

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