The Instruments of Death
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The Fall of Freedom



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Pabu Lannister

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January 1, 2014

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The Veil is Lifted

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Their Finest Hour

Jiyu and Jinsei ran from the garden of meditation towards the courtyard. A groaning whistle came howling through the air, growing louder and louder. In that instant; BANG!

A hail of fire crashed into the temple. Buildings, trees and everything was set alight. The instruments of death and destruction played a cruel ballad as fire encompassed the temple.

Ototo and three of the Air Nomads came sprinting towards Jiyu, "We're under attack! Firebenders! We need to get out of here!" Ototo screamed.

"Where is everyone else? What about all the masters?" asked Jiyu.

"The whole temple is going to be overrun, we have to get away! There's nothing we can do!" shouted Ototo.

"All the temples are being attacked and the causeways and paths leading down the mountain are being overrun by firebenders!" exclaimed one of the nomad males.

"We can't just leave everyone, we have to get as many people out as possible!" said Jiyu.

The group ran from the courtyard, down the hall towards the shrine of Avatar Yangchen.

"Get out children, you must!" shouted Master Leio.

The army of firebenders proceeded towards the shrine, burning and blasting everything in their path. A group of children tried to run back towards the dormitories but were hewn down by the ferocity of the firebenders.

"We need to help master Leio and the others get the younger ones to safety!" shouted Jiyu.

In an instant, the group readied themselves. Side by side, they stood by their masters and battled the oncoming onslaught of firebenders. Blasts of air tore the soldiers apart, breaking up the formations of soldiers etching closer to the inner sanctum of the temple.

Flames and ash soared through the air and growled as many nomads were burned alive. The sheer power and ferocity of the firebenders was too great as the numbers of defending nomads began to decline.

Jiyu and the others began to slowly retreat back towards the hallways leading to the main courtyard. Jiyu always believed that air was such a docile and calm element; he was always taught that peace and harmony were the ways of the Air Nomad. It did not ring true in that moment as he saw the power of master Leio and the others shredding and pushing firebenders into the walls and out of the temple with such force that it was almost surreal.

Jiyu and his group put up a brave defence which slowly came to naught as the firebenders' advance gained more and more momentum as the number of nomads dwindled down to just ten.

A stream of fire came howling towards Jiyu. The beauty of it was mesmerising, all the while, eclipsed by its deadly sting, which made it a sight to behold.

"Look out!" shouted one of Jiyu's companions as he pushed Jiyu out of the way of the blast.

A fleeting yelp escaped his lips and then he was dead; scorched and burned in an instant.

Jiyu couldn't help but freeze; all time stood still, his eyes wide open, stuck on the lifeless body.

"Jiyu! Jiyu! Jiyu!" screamed Ototo. "We need to go now!" he shouted.

Jiyu was still frozen in his trance, unable to move or think but just stare. All words and sounds were inaudible to Jiyu, just mere drones and hums. He felt dizzy and lightheaded just staring, gazing at the body of one of his companions.

Ototo and Jinsei grabbed him by his arms and pulled him. Jiyu slowly came back to reality and shook free of Ototo and Jinsei's grip.

"We need to stay and help the others," said Jiyu.

"No!" shouted master Leio. "The remaining masters and I will give you as much time as we can," said master Leio.

The young nomads understood and without hesitation ran as fast as they could. Jiyu took one quick glance over his shoulder as he ran and saw master Leio fall to the ground. A tear streamed down his face as he ran towards the courtyard.

The sky was draped in an acrid black hue as smoke bellowed up from the burning temples, the place that they called home. The screams of death pierced the air as nomads, young and old were burned and devoured by fire without any disregard. The relentless firebenders killed and massacred all in their sight, whether or not they surrendered.

Death was dealt to them all en masse.

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