By Jacob13Kyle Part of the The Saga of Kento continuity.
"Stubborn bunch, them Independents"
— An unnamed wanderer.
Fire Nation colonies map
Unified Independent Territories
Political information
Type of government



Various city councils

Head of State


Head of Government



Differs from town to town

Societal information

Yue City


Differs from town to town

Political information
Formed from

Early 102 AG

Date of fragmentation

Winter 107 AG

Date of dissolution

Early 108 AG

Succeeded by

Hundred Year War

The Unified Independent Territories, more often referred to as The Independents or sometimes The Independent Territories was a loose confederacy formed from the remains of the Fire Nation Colonies after Fire Lord Ozai's master plan went into effect. The country's existence lasted for no more than six years, as the Fire Nation Invasion in late 107 AG reclaimed much of the land and dissolved the government by early 108 AG.



Cut off from the Earth Kingdom and abandoned by the Fire Nation, the bitter residents of the former Fire Nation colonies formed the Unified Independent Territories. While proposals for this had been around since late 100 AG, it wasn't until the Fire Nation withdraw in early 102 AG that the plans finally went into action.

With a central capital established along the coast of Yue Bay, the rest of the cities and towns each had their own leader and set of territory. This collection of city states was planned to exist for the next ten years before everything was devoted to the central government, which by that time would have been fully established.

Over the next six years, The Independents set up trade with both the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribe. With this the capital, now named Yue, became a major trading and ship building hub.

Invasion and Fall

In 107 AG, the Fire Nation restarted the war with a massive and sudden invasion of the Independents. With no central army, the Independents were left confused and scattered. Later named the Independent Offensive, many of the cities including the capital were attacked and occupied by Fire Nation troops.

By early 108 AG, the Fire Nation had fully occupied the Independent Territories, dissolving the central government.


With the End of the War, Avatar Aang, Fire Lord Zuko, and The Earth King met in the ruins of Yue City. They agreed that attempting to readmit the former territories into the Earth Kingdom would only result in more bloodshed as the Independents would continue to fight against any outside ruler. Rather than fight against the Independents, the three allowed them to rule themselves by forming the United Republic of Nations and rebuilding the capital, renaming it Republic City.  

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