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Fire Navy ships
The Independent Campaign
General information

Hundred Year War


Unified Independent Territories


Fall 107 AG-Winter 108 AG


Independent Territory reclaimed, cease fire ends

The Independent Campaign, also known as The Second Invasion was a massive offensive conducted by The Fire Nation in an effort to reclaim what ground they had lost after their withdraw following The Winter Deadlock. It began with a sudden and massive attack on Yue City, the capital of the Unified Independent Territories. Within three months, all of The Independents had been reclaimed, the government dissolved, and The Hundred Year War restarted.


After the withdraw in 102 AG, many of the top Fire Nation Generals discussed how to take back what had been lost. Over the next few years, The Fire Nation developed new technologies, trying to find a match to the fire arm that the Earth Kingdom had developed.

As a result, troops were armed with firearms instead of spears. Early Biplanes were developed after studying what was left of the Air Fleet. A few ships in the navy were converted in order to launch the biplanes during the attack.

By 107 AG, many of the Generals held the belief that they could finally match the Earth Kingdom.


In Fall 107 AG, the Offensive began when the Fire Navy blockaded Yue Bay. Soon other locations such as Pat To were attacked and blocked off as well. The Biplanes were field tested for the first time, dropping bombs on the ship yards in Yue City. Many of the ships in the harbor were sunk as well before troops were landed in the city.

The local militia was no match for the Fire Nation Army and the city quickly fell to the Invasion forces. Only one ship managed to escape, an old Fire Navy freighter named the Dauntless. One by one, the cities and villages fell to the advancing Fire Nation Forces. By Early 108 AG, the whole of the Territores had been reclaimbed by the Fire Nation. The Confederacy was broken up and a majority of the land placed under martal law.

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