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The Impenetrable City: Part One
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Chapter Two: Plot

Kahra was running. Fast. Our camp had been invaded by a Kai assassin shortly after we woke up. She pulled some water out of a nearby tree and whirled it around her body before cascading it down upon him. Fang landed next to me and I jumped on his neck. Fang shot out a fire stream from his mouth that hit the assassin. He pulled out five throwing knives from his pocket and threw them at Kahra. She dodged most of them, but one grazed her torso. She yelled in agony, yet kept fighting strong. Ursa came up behind the assassin and beheaded him. His head rolled towards Fang, who promptly lit it on fire.

"This guy...........was nothing," Ursa said as she breathed heavily.

"Kahra are you okay?" I knelt beside her.

"Kuzon, I can heal myself. I'm fine," she showed me the "gash" in her torso. It was gone.

"You can heal?" I exclaimed. "That's helpful."

"I was the main healer back in the NWT," she boasted.

"Hold that thought," I said, looking over her shoulder. "There's more."

Thirty or more Kai members came over the hill to our little camp. Fang flew up. I readied my mind, and shot a huge bolt of white lightning towards them. It exploded right on one, and then several more fell beside him. Ursa readied her swords. Kahra took her stance. Fang landed behind the crowd and used him breath of fire on the group. Unfortunately, several earthbenders blocked the fire. Fang flew up again. The first line of Kai archers shot a barrage of arrows our way. Kahra raised an ice wall that blocked most of them. The ones she missed were immediately incinerated. Kahra, with a flurry of quick punches and kicks, shot many ice shards at the Kai. More fell, but more still stood. I used a couple fire balls on more of them. Then they reached us, where Ursa started slashing left and right. I got hit with a boulder fired at minimum velocity, but it still hurt.

More Kai members began to come over the hill.

"There's too many!" I yelled. "We need to get in the sky!"

Fang flew down, and in the midst of all the fighting and fire and water and earth, Ursa, Kahra, and I all managed to get on his neck. He flew in a circle above the mob, dodging fire and ice and rocks. I shot my signature white lightning at the group several times. Fang shot fire, and Kahra masterfully shot ice spikes. We killed all of them in about five minutes. We landed.

"Okay," I sighed. "They're gone. Is everyone okay?"

I looked around. Everyone seemed okay. Fang was breathing heavily, as was Ursa. Her swords were covered in blood, but Kahra bended it off. I took some breaths. If I learned anything from my time in firebending training, it's to always take deep breaths after prolonged fighting. Kahra tried to bend water out of her pouches, but then looked distraught.

"I need more water for my pouches," she said. "I'm going down by that river over there."

She pointed towards a river about 200 yards away.

"Okay," Ursa said. "Would you mind filling my canteen up also?"

"Not a problem!"

"I'll come with you, if you don't mind," I said. I needed to make a move on her, with the Kai chasing us, who knows how much longer we'll both be alive.

"I don't mind at all!" she smiled.

We walked down by the river. She bent water into her pouches, then into Ursa's canteen. I filled my canteen the old fashioned way, letting the river water flow into its open end.

"So what was your brother like?" I asked.

"He was wonderful. He was the only person that treated me like a woman, not just a kid. He taught me everything I know about waterbending. I remember one time our father told him to stop teaching me advanced techniques. Tolahk said that I was ready for them. He stood up for me. No one else ever had. I miss him a lot." she told me.

"I'm sorry. Truly," I said. I gazed into her perfect eyes. She leaned up against me.

"Kuzon, you seem like a really nice kid. If we ever get some free time in the big city," she played with her hair. "Would you maybe like to go out for some tea?"

"I would love to," I smiled back.

"I hate to interrupt but we should probably get going," Ursa said.

We climbed on Fang after I fed him some wolf-bat and gave him a drink.

"Fang! Up!" I exclaimed.

We flew to Ba Sing Se.

One Hour Later...

"Holy shit," I said. Ba Sing Se was enormous. We were all taken aback by it. There was no way we were going to find Lee in this metropolis.

"Where is Fang going to stay?" Ursa asked me.

"I don't know yet." I said.

"Probably not a good idea to bring him into the city."

"No, I know. I will probably tell him to stay in the Agrarian Zone. That seems safest."

Fang dropped us off in the city center. He flew away.

"Fang is awesome," Kahra said.

"I know," I replied.

"How are we ever going to find Lee here?" Ursa asked.

"Lee once told me about a friend of his here. This friend will know where Lee is. The problem is getting to the friend."

"Why? Who's his friend?" Kahra asked.

I took a long pause before saying, "The head of the Dai Li."

Kahra and Ursa shared a gasp.

"Well this sucks. How do we talk to the head of the Dai Li?" Kahra asked.

"Beats me," I said.

We all pondered this thought.

"I know!" Ursa exclaimed. Kahra and I looked at her. "All we have to do is get in trouble with the Dai Li! Then hopefully we can talk to him."

"That's a clever idea, but it seems dangerous. If he doesn't know about Lee, then we just get thrown in jail. And I bet the Kai has very strong connections within inmates. We wouldn't survive two days," I said.

"Okay so how do we get in trouble with the Dai Li? And who are we sending to get in trouble?" Ursa asked.

"I'll do it. I've broken out of jail once and I'll do it again if I need to," Kahra said.

"No way," I said rather harshly. "I'm going in. You're too important to us to lose. If I don't come out, Ursa knows what to do. You and Ursa have to carry on the mission."

"Hmph," Kahra pouted. "I suppose that's better."

"Okay. I have an idea..." I said.

Thirty Minutes Later

"Ouch! Easy!" I yelled. My hands were tied behind my back with earth gloves, and I was blindfolded.

I burned very small holes in the blindfold with my mind so I could see where I was going. The people who captured me had no intention of having me bend, so they were very rough with me. They didn't even let me walk; I was being dragged.

We passed by Dai Li torture rooms, with prisoners getting hot lava dripped on their wrists or prisoners just getting beaten ferociously with whips. I was placed in an insulated cooler, so I couldn't bend. I knew how to keep my heat though, I had been kept in one of these before. They slammed the door.

For what seemed like several hours they just kept me in there. Waiting. Then finally one of them opened the door.

"He will see you know," the guard mumbled. He dragged me to the leader's room. He whispered to me:

"I know who you are, Kuzon. After this meeting, prepare to die."

Subtle. I thought. Then the door opened. The leader's back was turned towards me. I was sat down. The door was slammed shut.

"Kuzon. You know better than to assault a lady, let alone a Northern Water Tribe nobleman's daughter," he said.

That was the plan. I "assaulted" Kahra to get locked up in here.

"Your punishment awaits. But first, do you know who I am?" his backed still was turned.

"No," I said.

He turned.

It was the man who we saw back in the cave.

It was the man who pretended to be Lee.

It was the leader of the Kai.

It was the leader of the Dai Li.

It was The One.


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