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The Idea of a Lifetime
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The Final Avatar


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18 December, 2010

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Zaru's Rescue Operation

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A New Way to Train


Zaru and the Kyoshi Warriors were successful in their infiltration, but they're being followed. After a huge fight, Zaru and Erus realize something very important.


They were all running. They were running away from Boli's Palace. Behind them were about a hundred Earth soldiers. They were all out of breath, but they kept running. Their group consisted of: the Avatar Zaru, his mother, his great uncle Erus, and three Kyoshi Warriors. They ran for hours until they reached a beach. They got in their boat, and sailed all the way back to Erus' House.

"That was too close," said Erus.

"You think?" Zaru asked sarcastically.

His mother shot him a dirty look, and he became silent.

"That's quite a skill Kyoh. I can never shut him up." Erus said.

They all went inside to talk strategy. The only problem was, someone was already in there. Head General Voe was waiting for them.

"I will enjoy killing you!"

He took pebbles off of the ground, and shot them at Zaru like guns. The Kyoshi Warrior Paal shot a mound of earth up in front of them to block it. Voe walked forward, and caused the earth to shatter with a single punch. Then down out of his sleeves, he drew two knives. But these weren't just any knives, they were made entirely of crystals.

"The crystal knives. I've heard legends of those. One cut can kill the victim in minutes," said Paal, as her face paled.

"Correct. And you're all about to see proof. Starting with the kid here," said the general.

"I'm, not, a, KID!" Zaru shouted.

The knives shot through air right at him. He jumped out of the way, but they curved around and tried to get him again. "Perfect!" he thought, "He's Earthbending with the knives!" He swung his fist, and a fireball shot one of the knives out of the air. But it got right back up. While Zaru was playing with knives, The rest of them were trying to get Voe. Erus stepped forward, and Voe paled. It took a hundred earth soldiers to capture him before, and that's while he was sleeping! Voe experimentally shot a rock at Erus. Erus kicked the rock, so it exploded. He then shot a gigantic wall of flame at Voe, and followed up with a well placed kick. Voe started to lift a boulder, but Paal made it crumble right as Erus shot Voe about a mile away with fire. The crystal knives fell to the ground.

"Well, that was fun," Zaru said.

"I'm not sure if I would describe that as fun," said Paal.

Just then, an army of earth soldiers came to them. Erus shot wave after wave of fire at them, but they didn't stop coming.

"They must have brought the entire army!" said Zaru.

"No. I've seen the army. This is way too small." Paal said.

"I don't really think of this as small."

Then, they were surrounded.


The Avatar State was set off again. This time, he saw a woman in Water Tribe clothes.

"I, am Korra."

One moment, Zaru didn't know what to say. Then he knew exactly what he needed to do.

"I must see Avatar Aang."

"I see. Just remember. Restraint."

Then she vanished, and in her place, was a mighty looking man.

"Avatar Aang."

"Yes child. I am Aang."

Zaru obviously did not like being called child, but he tried not to show it.

"I can help you. Are you ready?"


"This reminds me of when I was a child, fighting in a war of my own. Now, let's get to business."

He was back on earth, and he was in a different body. Aang's body.


He swept his arms, but fire did not come out. Air did. Massive gusts of air. He blew all of the earth soldiers miles away. He also destroyed half of the neighborhood. Zaru saw his friends flying away as well.


He flew after them. He blew a big gust of wind that caught, Erus, the three Kyoshi Warriors, and, where was his mother? She was in a big crater on the ground. He shrunk (or fell) back into Zaru.


He looked into the crater. She wasn't moving. He sobbed over it. He sobbed so much, he fell in, and landed right on top of her.

"Ouch," she muttered.

"MOM!" He grabbed her.

"Ouch! That's my broken arm," she said.

He dropped her.

"Ouch! That's my other broken arm."

"Come. We must get her help," Erus said.

Once they got back to what's left of Erus' house, they talked about that power.

"Tell me about that Airbending," Erus said.

"I talked to Aang. He helped me channel Airbending through my body."

"Interesting. I think we can use this power to our advantage."

"As long as we can get me into the Avatar State."


Behind the Scenes

The name of this chapter if a reference to the Avatar having many lifetimes.

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