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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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The Hunter's Gem
The Hunter's Gem
What risks come with harboring the Hunter's Gem?
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The Hunter's Gem is a fanon by PreservationsWings. It is based on Theavatardemotivator's upcoming Avatar|Future. It focuses on the conflict between the Northern and Southern Water Tribes.

Remember, all things published for this fanon happen in the canon of Avatar Future.


So, WAY back, early 2012, January, to be precise, I was looking at something called Avatar|Future, a AU fanon about Aang, the AU side of it being that Aang was stuck for 1000 years, instead of 100. And, as soon as I closed the page, that lazy mind of mine woke up: bang. An idea. Followed by a developing tale. Now, what follows this, my dedicated friends of the fanon portal? Yes you, raising your hand in the back! A fanon! A story! And so, a few days later, with the author of Avatar|Future's permission, I created this. The Hunter's Gem.

Important Things to Know Before Reading

As Avatar|Future is different from the original series, this section will serve as a guide for things you need to know.


It all began in the Southern Water Tribe, in a valley far off on a scarcely known part of the continent, when the chieftain of Atalla Valley mysteriously dissapeared. His son, Kallik, was left to maintain the tribe, and to lead them as the new chieftain.

4 years passed. The valley is slowly starving, bandits frequently pillage the many settlements of the valley, and the capital, New Atalla, is in chaos because of political unrest. Kallik continues to investigate his father's death, but strange kidnappings begin, and in a quick turn of events, Kallik's life is turned over because of one mythical object:

A small blue gem.

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Characters may be added at any time.

  • Kallik - The main character. He is a hunter, and prides himself on being one of the best in the Southern Water Tribe. After his father's death, he inherited the role of Chieftain.
  • Surgik - Kallik's uncle. He was born in the Northern Water Tribe, but later moved down to the Southern Water Tribe. He pretends to be a disabled man, but actually is one of the most capable warriors to ever live.
  • Kia - Kallik's mother. She is grief-stricken because of the death of Kallik's father.
  • Kallik's Father - Kallik's father. He was thought to be the greatest warrior in the world, but despite this, he hated violence and wished he could have been a philosopher. It is unknown how, but he got killed 4 years before the start of the story.
  • Nukka - Kallik's little sister. She is cute and bubbly, and often gets into sticky situations that Kallik has to get her out of.


Book 1: South

Special Thanks

Thank you to Theavatardemotivator, for letting me use Avatar|Future's world as the setting for my story.

Thanks to my editors, Lady Lostris and The Ultimate Waterbender, for patching up my work, and really making it shine.

Thank you to Kugumi and Firebender896, for adding that glimmer and shimmer with your art.

And thank you, Avatar Wiki, for supporting me!

Trivia and Inspiration

  • As THG is set in the world of Avatar|Future, Aang was in the iceberg 1000 years. THG happens during Aang's adventures.
  • TAD came up with the main character, Kallik's, name.
  • I draw inspiration from many different fanon's on this wiki for page designs.
  • At many points, you will find references to other popular books in my writing.



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News and Updates

Stay up to date with everything regarding The Hunter's Gem here. Check often for a preview of the next chapter.



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