Senlin destroyed
The Hunt Begins
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Avatar: Guardian





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The Bos


The Bos

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March 26, 2010

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Counterstrike (Book 1)

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Like Old Times

The Hunt Begins is the twenty first chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


After a few days of relaxing after their massive battle at the South Pole, Team Avatar realizes that they must move on and stop the Dai Li.


Aang inhales and exhales, raising his hands and closing his eyes. His tattoos glow briefly and when he forces his hands even higher, raising the walls of the Southern Water Tribe again. "You know, it seems like yesterday when I did this the first time. And now onto some more important business..." He spins around while crouching down to the ground and then stands up, covered by snow. "Look guys, I'm a snowman!"

Zuko, who was nearby, laughed and shot a small fireball around his feet, forcing him to jump and fall over. Sokka also laughed while looking over his plan for rebuilding the tribe. "I wish we didn't have to keep doing this. It's been what, a few months?"

Katara was in the distance, sparring with her new grandfather. "You have improved greatly, Pupil Katara. I was right to declare you a master." He dodged a water whip and sent it back to her as a jet of water. She stopped the jet before it hit her and vaporized it.

"Thank you..." She had a slight smirk on her face "Master Gramp-Gramp!" The two laughed and went to help with the rebuilding of the tribe.

Aang and Sokka had started a snowball fight, and were incorporating battling into it, with Aang creating the snowballs with Waterbending and Sokka stopping those thrown at him with his sword. Aang picked up a few snowballs in one hand, created an air scooter and sped towards Sokka. Sokka kept trying to hit him, but would always miss. Eventually he was knocked down by snowballs thrown at him by Aang and then covered by the snow knocked up by Aang's air scooter.

"I win Sokka!" Aang is standing over him, triumphantly before being knocked over by a snowball that hit him in the back of the head. Aang got up and looked around, only to see Katara standing over him.

"Actually, I win."

Hakoda walked up to the three, closely followed by Zuko, Toph, and Pakku. Toph is clinging to Zuko's arm, trying to keep her balance. Hakoda begins in a serious tone while holding up a letter. "I hate to break up the fun, but we just got a message from Ba Sing Se. It seems that a lot of towns in the Earth Kingdom have been complaining of being attacked by Earthbenders in long robes and wearing rock gloves. The Council of Five has no authority to send troops to search for an indefinite period with out the approval of the Earth King, who they have still been unable to find. They are asking for your help."

Aang's eyes opened wide at this. "I totally forgot about the Dai Li! Ever since they attacked us, they've stayed away. I guess we know what they're up to now. It looks like we're going back to the Earth Kingdom guys."

Another's Search

Senlin destroyed

The village is destroyed

In a village far away from the South Pole, a small village is captured by numerous Earthbenders. The townspeople who were outside were encased in earthen shells, rendering them unable to move. One by one, they were visited by a man with a large ponytail. Another man, unaware of the danger outside, walked out of his house near where Long Feng was standing. Long Feng quickly stomped the ground, and encased the man in an earth shell.

"Hello, best wishes to you. Do not be alarmed, I am only a concerned citizen looking for someone. Have you seen the Earth King anywhere near here?" Long Feng asks coolly.

"I have no idea what you're talking about!" The man was obviously scared for his life.

"That's exactly what someone who is hiding something would say. Agents! Search his house!"

"Please let me go! I have nothing to hide!"

"I don't know why, but I don't believe you. We have a certain need to find the Earth King, and this is the fastest way to find him."

"I've never even seen the Earth King in my life!" the man exclaimed.

"All the information in the Earth Kingdom says that he is traveling the world in poverty." Long Feng says quietly to himself. "Seen a man with a bear lately?" Long Feng looked in closely, waiting for a response with a smirk passing his face.

"Yes, one passed through almost 6 months ago; but I don't know where he went but he headed south. Just don't hurt me! Please!"

"Perfect. Your assistance to the Earth Kingdom has been appreciated." Long Feng turned and walked away, the dark grin on his face growing ever more present.


  • Aang forming himself into a snowman is a reference to his actions in The Siege of the North, Part 1.

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