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"Blood has been spilt in the desert sands."

Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Hunt: Survivors of the Air Nomad Genocide in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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The Hunt: Survivors of the Air Nomad Genocide
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Original run
  • Dec 1, 2012 (Reddit, first rough outline) - ongoing
  • May 7, 2013 (Deviantart, incomplete) - ongoing
  • Jun 23, 2013 (Avatar Wiki, incomplete)- ongoing





Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Hunt

Two lost souls collide; a dying airbender and a troubled Water Tribesman. One witnessed the death of her entire culture, the other blames himself for the loss of his sister. Both must endure the Fire Nation's relentless hunt for surviving Air Nomads and overcome their traumatic past.


  • Atka (Inuit for Guardian): Haunted by the death of his sister, Sura, Atka spends his days living isolated and alone in the far northeastern reaches of the South Pole. A nonbender and proficient hunter, Atka prefers the solitude brought about by his harsh, barren surroundings. He appears haggard and disheveled, plagued by guilt over his sister's death.
  • When he was a boy, Atka encountered a lone wolf that had been separated from its pack. Starving and feral, the wolf savagely attacked Atka. Sura, a waterbender, heard Atka's cries of pain and ran to save her brother. She managed to fight off and kill the wolf, but not before it left Atka's face, chest, and forearms heavily scarred. (Male, late 20s/early 30, nonbender, Southern Water Tribe)
  • Sura (Inuit for new life): Atka's elder sister, a waterbender. She always looked out for Atka as only a loving sister can. She would regularly head out to the coast and practice waterbending for hours at a time. One night, Sura failed to return. What was once a light snowfall had turned into a whiteout blizzard without warning. Atka desperately ran out into the storm searching for her, but panicked when he lost sight of home. He turned back, giving up the search for the safety of the igloo. When the storm passed, Sura's body was never found. Atka blames himself for his sister's death. What if he had kept going, pushed a little bit further into the storm? What if Sura was just out of sight when he left her? The thought of his sister trapped alone in the storm, cold, scared, and dying tortures Atka's mind on a daily basis. Sura once saved Atka from a wolf, yet he failed to save her.
  • Jin: Before Sozin's Comet, Jin enjoyed life as an airbender at the Eastern Air Temple. She recently earned her tattoos and is dedicated to the Air Nomad lifestyle. However, that doesn't stop her from cutting loose and goofing off with Tami. Although Jin is not related to Tami by blood, she plays the role of Tami's big sister. Jin is the sole survivor of the Eastern Air Temple genocide. She was badly burned during the attack as she tried to bring Tami to safety. Atka later finds her on the brink of death and takes her in. She is scarred both physically and emotionally, rarely eating or speaking. Over time, Atka shares his own grief with her and, in doing so, helps them both regain some semblance of their former selves. (Teen, 16-18 years old)
  • Tami: A young Air Nomad girl around eight years of age. Lighthearted and playful, she looks up to and aspires to be Jin. She is still learning basic airbending forms, but is a bit overeager to earn her tattoos. When she was born, Jin cared for her and they soon developed a strong sisterly bond.
  • Admiral Zheng: Admiral of the Fire Navy, Zheng commanded the fleets in charge of blockading the Air Temples. It was his duty to ensure that no Air Nomad escaped. The sights and sounds of the raid forever changed him. The brutality of his actions weighs heavily on his mind. He resigned soon afterwards and turned to drink. His wife, who has bought into Sozin's propaganda wholeheartedly, believes he is troubled by the loss of so many of his men. He yearns to confess his sins to her, but for her sake, he cannot. To reveal the monster he had become on the night of the temple raids would only break her heart.
  • Fire Nation Zealots: A division of Fire Nation soldiers hand picked by Sozin to hunt down and kill any surviving Air Nomads by any means. These men must dedicate their lives to the task. Some have even shaved their heads and given themselves airbender tattoos in order to bait Air Nomads into revealing themselves. Their chest is branded with the Fire Nation symbol so that other Fire Nation soldiers do not mistakenly kill them.


Sections marked with *asterisks* around the name are still very, very rough and unpolished. Published chapters are currently under development and subject to major changes/improvements/re-writes. I'd greatly appreciate if you took the time to read this story and provide feedback. Also, be sure to check out the News and updates for my planned additions to the story.

As it stands, I've written the first two chapters and the penultimate chapter to near completion. If you wish to follow the story without spoiling the ending, I'd suggest reading everything but chapter 9. However, it may be a very long time before I develop, write, and release the intermediate (and most important) chapters. It'll be worth the wait, though, as (hopefully) you'll have a deeper connection to the characters. The chaotic nature of my chapter updates is explained in the 'story development' section of the news page above.

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"This is awesome. This is better than a ton of fanfiction I've read. You write well-- very well. And clearly you've thought long and hard about this. My advice, for what its worth, is that you write out this story from start to finish. IMO, the fanfiction site could use a gem like this. Seriously, I think this has the potential to be really cool."
— SearScare, Reddit.
"If you have the time and inclination, I think that people might like to see the whole thing written out. The parts that you have written out more verbosely are great, very engaging. Also, lots of people seem to be posting comics, the change of pace is nice. Kudos for an awesome story."
— ThouMayest, Reddit.
"Very good, I enjoyed the way you wrote the story. The way you describe it is very unique."
— BayDear,

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