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The Bison and the Merchant (Poem)

The Hunger Games is the first one-shot from Avatar: The Mini-Adventures. The one-shot is about Sokka's food being stolen by pygmy pumas and then goes around the streets of a Ba Sing Se to try and get it back. It is a homage to An Unlucky Event in Ba Sing Se.


The one-shot takes place during Tales of Ba Sing Se and features references to all of the tales. The main character in this one-shot is Sokka.

Sokka in the Hunger Games

Sokka walked back toward his apartment, carrying a large dish with meat and vegetables. The warrior hummed to his favorite tune as he strolled the streets. Suddenly, something pounced on the warrior's back. Sokka screamed as he hit the cold, hard, rocky floor. The dish slipped from his hands and slid away. The warrior grumbled as he struggled to get up but something jumped on his head, knocking him back down. Sokka looked up to see three pygmy pumas. They screeched at him as one grabbed the meat and ran off.

"Hey, that's my meat!" Sokka yelled, getting up and chasing after them.

The pumas led Sokka down an alley. Two went down a crowded street while the one with the meat ran toward another alley. Sokka screeched to a halt and smiled. The puma was on a barrel. Sokka yelled as he dove toward the animal. The puma jumped. Sokka screamed as he dove head-first into the barrel. Sokka got up, struggling to maintain his balance, with a barrel on his head. The puma watched when Sokka stepped on its tail. The cat screeched as Sokka tripped and rolled down the alley and into a crowded street. Sokka screamed as he rolled into an alley. An armadillo lion yawned.

"Ah!" Sokka screamed as he rolled into the lion's mouth. SNAP! Sokka hit the ground headfirst. He got up, rubbing his sore head. "Thanks." Sokka said and turned around. The armadillo lion licked its lips. "Uh-oh." Sokka said. The warrior broke into a run with the beast chasing after him. Sokka ran into a road. He looked around and gasped. Aang was riding his Air Scooter, blowing the bison whistle. "Aang!" Sokka shouted. Aang didn't hear and ran over his friend. Sokka screamed as he rolled into a ball and hit the wall of building, landing upside down. The armadillo lion licked its lips as it moved closer to its prey.

Sokka braced himself for what was to happen but the lion stopped and ran after something else. The warrior sighed and stood. He looked at the sky. The pygmy pumas jumped from roof to roof. "You guys!" Sokka shouted and crawled up the side of the building. He made it to the roof and saw the pumas sitting a few feet away. Sokka screamed and broke into a run. He ran down the roof and gasped. There was a huge gap between the two houses. The warrior screamed as he flew toward the opposite building and hit the wall. He fell onto the ground. Sokka got up, looking at three soaking ladies walking by.

"Give me all your money!" A man said.

Sokka turned to find himself face-to-face with a mugger. He had a good stance. Sokka walked back. "Um, look something to distract you!" The man turned as Sokka ran away.

"Just my luck." Sokka mumbled as he roamed the streets of Ba Sing Se. Soon, it turned night. The warrior wandered the streets when he saw a lychee nut on the floor. "Might as well, eat something." Sokka said and reached out to grab it when a pygmy puma popped into view. It licked Sokka's nose, grab the nut, and ran off joining the others.

Sokka screamed and ran after them, but tripped over a lychee nut and rolled into a ball. He shouted as he knocked the pumas over. Sokka got up and looked around. A fountain with many lights was in the middle of a courtyard.

"Oh, are you okay?" A girl asked.

"I'm not okay!" Sokka shouted. "I've been chasing pygmy pumas all day long!" He sighed and noticed the girl. "By the way, you're cute."

The girl laughed. "My name is Jin." She picked up Sokka's hot meal. "And I take it this is yours?"

Sokka grabbed the meal, twirling around in delight. He extended his hand, eyes closed. Screech! Swoop! In a second, a hawk grabbed the meal. Sokka opened his eyes as the hawk vanished in the darkness. The warrior got on his knees and screamed at the top of his lungs, "Nooooooooooo!"

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