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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The House of Angkara in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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The House of Angkara
Friends call her Shen, enemies call her deadly.
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The House of Angkara is an adventure fanon series by Omashu Rocks and illustrated by Firebender896. The tale will be divided into books.

Backstory Edit

Once, a glorious city was built on a Fire Nation island designed to be inhabited by peoples from all four nations. This city, known as Kisah, was to be ruled by whomever the people elected, and a Firebending man named Wang Chao of the Angkara family was placed into power. A power-hungry leader, Wang Chao immediately established a dynasty by appointing his son, Zhang as governor of the Kisah. This act also resulted in Zhang becoming the de facto ruler of the city. On the night of the family's ascendance to power, an Airbending monk named Ohk discovered a newborn child abandoned on the front steps of his monastery.

Plot Edit

Book One: Kisah Edit

Shen doesn't know who her parents are or where she came from, but she is certain of her purpose. For too long people of Kisah have been oppressed by the Angkara family. An orphan, Shen decides to leave her home and Ohk, whom she views as a father, to fulfill her destiny to rid the city of the tyrannical Angkara's. While she is not a bender, her skills with knives make her a deadly foe. She joins the Iluna Rebels, a team of orphans with one thing in common: they are all determined to free Kisah once and for all.

Book Two: The Pendant of Souls Edit

The identity of the Avatar is revealed, and the gang must take on the biggest threat in history. A wicket medallion is found that bestows upon its carrier a power so overwhelming that it gives them control over the Spirt World. An epic battle good vs evil and spirits vs humans erupts in both the physical and spiritual dimensions.

Main Characters (Introduced in Book One) Edit

There will be several other characters that are not considered main because they will have no flashbacks and therefore, less history will be revealed about them.

Iluna Rebels Edit

  • Shen: She is kind and sweet in person, but will not hesitate to kill if necessary to liberate her city.
  • Komin: An aggressive, confident Waterbender who views himself as a leader.
  • Tenang: Very quiet and reserved, Tenang is a master of the Earthbending concept of waiting and listening
  • Hu Li: A clever and cunning Firebender who acts as the group's idea guy.
  • Amber: Hu Li's twin and equally as skilled Firebender. She is the most practical member of the group, with possibly the darkest past.

Allies Edit

  • Ohk: A wise, protective, old Airbending Monk who raised Shen and lives at a nearby monastery in Kisah.
  • Tark: The middle-aged, corky yet brilliant inventor whose devices often aide the Iluna Rebels.
  • Dasna: The strict yet generous Sister Superior of the Kisah Abbey.
  • Jen: The youngest nun at the Kisah Abbey.
  • Hong: The local baker with a fun, easy-going attitude.
  • Mian: Hong's hopeful, brave, and inspiring wife.

Angkara Family Edit

Other Citizens of Kisah Edit

  • Bair: The paranoid and misanthropic supervisor of Kisah's 6th district appointed by Zhang Angkara.
  • Pajak: The lazy, cowardly royal tax collector of Kisah's 6th district.
  • Angkara Sentires: These men in silver armor are "guards" of the city. In reality they enforce the Angkara family's cruel policies.
  • Red-shirts: Elite guards in red dedicated solely to the protection of Wang Chao and Zhang Angkara. They are rumored to fight in unison.
  • Red-skirts: Kriyel's all-female guard force, consisting of three women each of a different bending discipline

Main Characters (Introduced in Book 2) Edit

  • Koh - The ancient "face stealer" is unleashed upon the physical world.
  • The Painted Lady - Pure and kind-hearted spirit that protects the people of her realm
  • Vishi - Demented beast of the Spirit World eager to wreak havoc on humans
  • Tui and La - The Moon and Ocean spirits represented as koi fish
  • Bumbo - Brutal yet clumsy giant from the Spirit World tasked with defeating the forces of good

Chapters Edit

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Production Edit

Firebender896 is the illustrator of the fanon.


An example of Firebender's art.


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