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Oma and Shu Great Escape
The Historical Escape
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Omashu Tales





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The Young Tales

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First Kiss

The night... They are planning to escape and leave their parents with no one knows. They are still thinking about what happen at the noon.

"I hate them..." Shu said.

"I got to escape." Oma said.

"I can't stand it..." Shu said.

"I'll escape!" They both together said.

They escaped from the house using their window in their rooms. When they're out from the house, they met someone...

"Hah! A boy!" Oma said in surprise.

"What? A girl!" Shu said in surprise too.

"Egh!" They both said in pain because they hit each other.

"Shu?" Oma asked.

"Oma?" Shu asked.

"It is you!" Oma said excitedly. They hugged each other and say sorry for what they did. Shu forgets about the necklace and forgets to bring it.

"What are you doing?" Shu asked.

"Escaping..." Oma said.

"Same! It's because of my parents." Shu said.

"That's the same too!" Oma said.

"People can recognize us!" Shu said.

"I got an idea.." Oma said.

Oma picked up 4 woods near the mountain. She asked Shu to wear it. They wore it and become taller.

"This is the way so people won't recognize us, Shu," Oma said.

"Yes. Smart..." Shu said.

"Look at that river!" Oma said.

"How can we pass through?" Shu asked Oma.

"Well, we wear wood, so I think we can float?" Oma said.

"Let's try..." Shu said.

"Hey, it works!" Oma said.

"Where is Oma?" Oma's mother asked.

"What?" Oma's father asked.

"Oma!" Oma's mother said.

"What did you do to my little girl, honey?" Oma's father said. Oma's mother cried and began to tell the story. Oma's father is shocked.

"Shu!" Shu's father yelled.

"Where is Shu?" Shu's mother asked.

"I don't know..." Shu's father said.

"Shu! My boy! What did you do to my little boy?" Shu's mother asked. Shu's father feels guilty. He began to tell the story as well.

Meanwhile in a forest where Oma and Shu are there...

"Look at that shooting star! Some people said that the person that says that the first person that wish to the star, it will come true." Shu said.

"I wish..." Oma said.

"I wish you little girl will fall to the waterfall!" A strange man said.

"What!?" Shu asked.

"Ah!!!" Oma screamed.

"Oma!!" Shu screamed in horror.

Oma Fall to the Waterfall

Oma fell to the waterfall.

"Goodbye little girl..." The strange man said. Shu attacked the man and hurried off to Oma. The ground is so slippery and Shu almost fall. But Shu manage to catch Oma up.

Who am I? Am I Oma? Or am I just a weak girl. Will I die here? The stream is too big. I can't hold it. Goodbye world. I wish I can be the person that wish from the shooting star.

"Oma!!!" Shu screamed.

"Sorry Shu... Please shooting star... Just this time..."

"Oma!" Shu screamed. Oma suddenly woke up and see Shu running to her attempting to save her.

"Shu! You're here?" Oma asked.

"Yes. We are 8 years old and we are the greatest partner that ever have this adventure. I love you..." Shu said.

"I love you too..." Oma said.

"Oma..." Shu said..

"Stop it... This is a historical escape, Shu." Oma said.

"So historical..." Shu said...

"Let's go..." Oma said.

Oma and Shu traveled the world to escape from their villages. From the war between the two villages to the heart of the North-western Earth Kingdom. They laughed together and through so many journey.

"Shu, where are we?" Oma asked.

"We are in the most beautiful waterfall in the entire Earth Kingdom..." Shu said.

"What? What is the name?" Oma asked.

"Ba Sing Se Waterfall..." Shu replied, "The most beautiful waterfall in the world..."

"That's a nice name, Shu. You learned a lot didn't you?" Oma said.

"Yes. My teacher, Master Xinyu, taught me well about history and geography..." Shu replied proudly.

"That's amazing, Shu..." Oma said.

"Let's take that boat... Will you go on a date with me, Oma?" Shu asked.

"Yes, I am honored to do that..." Oma said.

Ba Sing Se Waterfall Oma and Shu

Oma and Shu dating at Ba Sing Se Waterfall.

"This is so beautiful, Shu..." Oma said.

"We will meditate here. Clear your mind. And, think that you are ready to face dangers..." Shu said.

"Okay, Shu." Oma said.

They meditate. Oma is better in meditating than Shu. She understands the ways to fight correctly and patiently...

"I am ready to face dangers..." Shu said.

"But are you ready to face death?" Oma asked. Shu stay still and be quiet and scared.

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