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The Healer and the Patient
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Fire Lord's Mansion, Republic City

Kenji slowly opened his eyes; so he was alive after that blast. He stared at the blue ceiling for several minutes before realizing where he was.

"How did I get here?" he asked no one in particular.

He slowly got up but was rewarded with sharp pains around his side and waist. He then realized that he had been bandaged all over his body.

"Don't move around too much or you might re-open the wounds." The voice had come from his right; he turned to see Xue seated at her reading table with a book in hand.

"Xue..." was all he could say as he grunted from the pain in his back.

"You're lucky I found you, you had lost a lot of blood and would have died if you weren't treated in time." She placed a bookmark in her book and turned to face Kenji.

"Thanks, I really owe you one."

"Don't mention it."

A long silence followed, and there was an air of awkwardness in the room as the two could not look at each other's faces.

"So," Kenji started casually, "does anyone else know I'm here?"

"My cousin does. He's the most level-headed one in our family. He helped remove your blood stained clothes and didn't object to you staying here without getting any funny ideas." Kenji's perverted grin returned.

"What type of funny ideas?" Xue glanced at him with a serious look on her face.

"What'd I say? This isn't the time to be joking around, you were almost killed! I expected you to say something by now." She was serious and addressed Kenji sternly.

Kenji took in a huge breath and then exhaled slowly. "I don't need to tell you, what you don't know won't hurt you" he attempted to get up only to re-open the wound at his shoulder.

"Damn it." he endured the pain and rose firmly to his feet and began searching around for his clothes.

"Where are you going? You can't move around in that condition!" she yelled as she also got up to her feet but Kenji ignored her. Suddenly, he realized something - his most beloved possession was gone.

"Where are my clothes? Where is my locket?" he began moving as fast as his injured legs could carry him. He walked around the room and opened up most of the wounds Xue had already healed. His bandages were now red from blood.

"You can't move around any longer, stay still!" She moved towards him trying to lead him to sit on the chair, but he abruptly pushed her unto the bed.

"Where is my locket!?" he shouted once again. His body had taken enough and finally betrayed him. He fell on his knees before landing flat on the cold floor.

Fire Lord's Airship Port, Republic City

The giant airship slowly descended on the skyscraper until it landed on the appropriate spot. The welcoming committee consisted of Lu Ten, the Governor-General of Republic City and his Council of Advisers. Fire Lord Zuko, Fire Lady Mai and Saru, their only daughter, came out from the airship followed by six Imperial Firebenders.

"Welcome to the city, Fire Lord Zuko. All is prepared for for the summit, and the Avatar should be here soon," Governor General Roshak informed Zuko, who simply nodded. The summit was an biannual meet of the world's leaders, but there was nothing of importance that would be discussed in an era of peace.

"Mom!" Lu Ten ran forward and cheerfully hugged his mother, the Fire Lady.

"Lu Ten dear," she smiled as she stroked his head. "Now I hope you haven't been up to anything while you've been here?" Lu Ten moved away from his mother and smirked almost mischievously.

"Nothing much, except I had an Agni Kai with this kid..."

"Heh, I'm pretty sure you lost with you're level of skill." Saru said, cutting off her brother. She was a beautiful young lady, dressed in a black long-sleeved garb which was designed with red flora petals. She stroked her black hair as she looked at her brother's angered face; she had missed him, well more exactly, she had missed annoying him.

Her brother glared at her, with rage in his eyes. You couldn't exactly say that he missed her. The cook approached the family and bowed before the Fire Lord.

"Sir, the banquet is ready, there is a hot meal waiting for you at-" Zuko did not let him finish.

"Has my uncle arrived?"

"No, your highness."

Zuko grunted. He needed to speak with his uncle about something and it would be a very long trip from the Fire Nation capital to Ba Sing Se.

"Very well," he said, addressing the cook. "Lead the way."

Xue's Room

Kenji regained consciousness on the bed, realizing what had just happened. Without that amulet he felt as though he had lost his reason to live.

"Hey, Ken." Kenji almost sprang up until he realized it was Xue, who sat beside him on the soft sheepskin bed. "Mind if I call you Ken?"

"No," he replied with a sigh. "Only my sister calls me that, for the last six years no one else has called me that."

"Oh, I didn't know."

"No problem, simple mistake."

"So, why are you so intent on finding that amulet?"

"It's more valuable than gold to me, it's practically the only reason I live."

"Really? Then what would you say if I told you that I found it on the ground a few miles from where you were knocked out." She waved the gold amulet in front of him and his eyes lit up. He grabbed it hastily and stared at it for several minutes before turning to look at Xue.

"You're an angel!" He moved forward and hugged her closely. Her cheeks lit up and she could feel them reddening.

"Thanks, I try" she managed to whisper. Kenji grunted from the sharp pain in his back which Xue had not fully healed.

"Let me help you with that."

Kenji sat up straight and Xue bended some water out of a nearby cup. As he removed his bandages, Xue held her breath. She would be with him, alone with his shirt off. She wasn't the least bit worried. He was someone who was injured and could barely move, while she was a waterbending master.

Wow. Xue said to herself. She had never noticed it before but Kenji was totally ripped. She could feel her entire face getting red and she thanked the heavens that he was looking in the other direction. However, something else caught her attention. On his back, was a tattoo of a green dragon breathing a rainbow of flames. This was the finest tattoo she had ever seen but yet it was eerie in a sort of way she could not explain. She moved her hands and bended the water to heal the wounds around his back and the gash at his side.

"You sure work out a lot" The words slipped out of her mouth almost without her consent.

"Xue..." he whispered.

"Yeah?" she replied as she went to the wounds on his neck.

"Why did you save me? I mean I'm almost a total stranger to you, yet you found me, healed me, gave me food and a place to sleep, all for free. Just why exactly?" Xue smiled.

"Well, why don't I answer your question with one of my own. Why did you save me from the Equalists on that day?" Kenji smirked. "You reminded me of my sister, you're a waterbender, young beautiful, smart, and you have an air of grace, sweetness and kindness around you."

"Stop it, don't flatter me!" Her face was as red Lu Ten's fireballs. Kenji laughed audibly.

"And you're both easily embarrassed." Xue's face cooled down and she spoke as calmly as she always did.

"Very funny, for a moment there I believed you..."

Kenji turned around and stared at her straight in the face with the distance so very close.

"Xue, believe me when I say that you are the most beautiful, smart and courageous girl I have ever met." Xue's face heated up faster than someone who had munched down a bowl of flaming fire flakes. She tilted her head down and tried to say something but she fumbled up words.

"Uh, that is... I..." Kenji let out a slight giggle.

"What's so funny?" Xue asked. The red on her face had vanished except for her cheeks.

"Oh, nothing, just that you look cute when you're all flustered like that."

I'll show you cute! Xue was about to bend some water and use it to slap him across the face but instead, she found herself leaning closer to him, and he was doing the same. They moved closer and closer, their lips pursed for a warm kiss, however fate would not allow it, at least not yet. Someone knocked on Xue's door, bringing her back from her fantasy. However, once she saw Kenji drawing back also she realized it was no fantasy, she was one second away from kissing Kenji if not for the sudden interruption.

"Uh, I've got to see who's at the door," she said softly in a shaken voice.

"You do that, I'll just take a short nap."

Xue sighed as she opened the door to her cousin Li Yong. He stood reading a book in front of her doorstep.

"What is it now?" she asked in an annoyed tone.

"Saru is in the building, thought you might want to go see her before she pops up unannounced in your room" Xue almost laughed, but she knew he was right. Saru had a very bad habit of entering a room without knocking. Many were the time when Saru "accidentally" entered Li Yong's room right after he had finished taking a bath. If she was around, Xue would have to lock her door every day and every night.

She turned her head to see Kenji, just as he had said, he was taking a nap. Xue left her room and locked it securely before going with Li Yong. She took the key along with her, just to be sure.

The truth was, she wanted to see her old friend again but she was more interested in spending time with Kenji. She was getting closer to him with every passing moment. She wasn't sure what to feel, but she was sure she could describe it.

Back in Xue's Room

"There you are my darling, my true love" Kenji walked down the stairs of his mansion on Ember Island.

"Kenji, my brave husband, one who defeated ten thousand men, the slayer of the dark dragon, no, you are my true love!" Xue embraced Kenji and kissed him passionately on his lips. They stood and stared deeply through each other's eyes. Suddenly, a vicious whirlwind came from the west and along with it came a black dragon.

"Stand behind me Xue, I will protect you" He heard no reply and turned around to see no one there but himself. The dragon laughed despicably.

"Do you remember who you are? You are a black cat destined for misfortune! Those who you love will be ripped away from you, like your ancestor several years ago."

"I deny that destiny you file beast from the ashes! You are nothing but an overgrown salamander who has had one fire flake too many!"

The black dragon smirked and laughed even more diabolically, "We shall see, boy, and I will prove to you that destiny can only be delayed and never denied!" With that, the perilous beast shot a stream of fire which engulfed him.

Kenji woke up, sweating profusely. He had never had a nightmare like this in his life. It seemed so real.

"That was no ordinary nightmare, you were having a vision of the future." Sai stood at the window with his arms crossed.

"Sai, so you're a talking falconbat?"

"I'm no ordinary falconbat, I am a seven hundred year old spirit guardian."

"Say what?"

Central Park, Republic City

Fire Lady Mai strolled through the park; with five Imperial Firebenders following her everywhere she went, she had nothing else to do and was hoping to find something of interest.

"This city is so dull, and I thought the Fire Nation was boring."

However, excitement was just around the corner. Five shirshu spit darts soared through the air and struck down each of the Imperial Firebenders. A sixth was aimed at her, but the Fire Lady dodged it in time. Suddenly, three hooded figures appeared out of nowhere and faced the Fire Lady.

"Finally, something to do," she said with a smile on her lips.

Fire Lord's Mansion, Republic City

Xue doubled her steps; her instincts told her that something was terribly wrong in her room. She was not fond of listening to "instincts" as sometimes they're right, while other times they're wrong. She inserted her key and opened the door. Her fears were confirmed. Kenji was gone.

Author's Note

I have been out with the flu for almost two weeks so my sister helped me out with the typing of this chapter along with the romance scenes. I hope you enjoy it!

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