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Fanon:Team Avatar and Zuko

They quickly entered the prison area of the headquarters. Aang lead the group through dozens of long halls. At the end of all these halls, the group finds prison cells. The prison was very similar to the Boiling Rock. It had 4 floors, and a courtyard for the prisoners. The route to leave was the entrance. As they entered with there guard uniforms, a large gate closed shot and a gang of Saviors guarded the gate. There was many people in the courtyard, "This means that somehow all these people found out of the Savior's plans" whispered Toph as they walked around the court.

Suddenly they noticed that Azula was not following with them. But Aang acted like Azula was there and kept searching. That was when Azula ran up to them and said, " We need to find Mai and Ty Lee fast becuase I overheard some prison guards saying that the prisoners are going to be transferred and brainwashed at the former Dai Li HQ in Ba Sing Se. " Lake Laoigi!" said Katara.

They all looked at each other in disapointment, if the Dai Li are operating at Lake Laoigi then they were sure to kidnapp Earth King Kuei. They need to act fast. They also need Sokka for there long-journey. So they'd need to go to the Southern Water Tribe.

Suddenly the group heard a loud scream " THE AVATAR, TOPH, AND KATARA! " It was Mai and Ty Lee. They quickly met up with the group and thanked them for coming to rescue them. They then looked at Azula angrily. Since no guards were watching, Mai took out one of her sharp knives and threw it at Azula, causing her to slam into the wall.

"This is for you wanting us to rot!" Ty Lee quickly paralized Azula. Azula, collapsing on the ground begged Mai and Ty Lee for forgiveness. Katara advised them to forgive Azula because she has now made amends. " I'm very sorry, I promise that If you forgive me then I'll show you that I changed" cried Azula.

Ty Lee and Mai agreed. But the only problem left was that they had to escape. So the group took their uniforms off, the battle was on!!!!

Suddenly, they were all surrounded by the Dai Li! Long Feng walked up to them. He was wearing a Dai Li agent uniform so the group didn't recognize him. " It's me, and I'm to be a player Princess Azula," he said. "As Am I, Azula, you might of thought that you got rid of me, but I'm BACK!". This time not even Long Feng could recognize that voice. Azula knew who it was. It was............. Inda! "And I'm back to fight you, you're friends and the Avatar!" said Inda.

"Oh! Yes, Madame Inda. You see children, Inda is the daughter of TIROKU! And you must know that Tiroku is the leader and founder of the Saviors of Fire. Everyone here, the Dai Li, Inda, and I are Saviors of Fire. And tomorrow Inda and I will fight in the Capital," explained Long Feng.

Team Avatar quickly took out there weapons and stared at Long Feng, Inda, and the Dai Li!

Then they.............. battled!

Long Feng quickly unleashed his newly learned skill and attacked Toph. The rest of the Dai Li and Inda focused on attacking Azula. Aang, Katara, Mai, and Ty Lee focused on everyone!

Toph created an earth ball and threw it at Long Feng. Inda shot red fire blasts that spread around the entire court. Azula's powerful and deadly blue fire mixed with Inda's red fire and created beautiful purple fire blasts. The prisoners hurried into their cells for shelter. The Dai Li shot earth gloves at Katara. However Katara shot ice at them and froze the Dai Li agents.

Long Feng was slamed into the hard metal wall by Toph's earthbending. Azula finished off Inda with a fire flast. Azula's blast was so powerful that Inda flew and slamed into the Wall of Zu Singe.

Team Avatar used each of there bending skills to create a hole through the iron and steel prison walls. Forgetting about the Dai Li, Long Feng, and Inda they all climbed onto Appa and flew to the Southern Water Tribe. At the Southern Water Tribe, Team Avatar slept and explained the situation to Sokka, Hakoda, and Pakku. They all agreed to leave and defend the Fire Lord that same evening.

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