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Sokka meets Yue
The Haunting Past
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Princess Yue's Second Chance



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May 28, 2013

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Revelation through Water

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Fifth Chapter...:)


Yue keeps having dreams of her past. She wonders how this was so. Meanwhile, Aang is expecting a visitor to help him with political matters.


Distant Beginning

Pakku and two students bend significant blobs of water, captivating Aang and Katara. They merge the three blobs into one stream, bending it around each other. Yue then approaches Sokka. Sokka, in turn, spoke to Yue. "Hi there. Sokka, Southern Water Tribe." Keep calm Yue. Just...respond to him. Keep it simple. "Very nice to meet you."

"So... uhhh... you're a princess, huh?" the South guy said nervously. "You know, back in my tribe, I'm kind of like a prince, myself." Katara was just beside Sokka all this time. "Ha, prince of what?" she said, teasingly. "A lot of things!" Sokka said, now facing his sister with shut-up-okay? expression. "Do you mind? I'm trying to have a conversation here." "My apologies, Prince Sokka." Katara said sarcastically.

Then Sokka turned to Yue. Oh no, he's going to talk to me now. Just relax Yue, he's not gonna bite. "So, it looks like I'm going to be in town for a while. I'm thinking... maybe we could... do an activity, together?" Yue was glad to what he just said. "Do an activity?" Ha! It seems he's as nervous as me.

Embarrassed, Sokka stuffs food in his mouth.

Yue awakened

"Just a dream. Oh what I would give to live those moments again."

Mysterious Master

"My Lord." The Spirit of the Mystic said, facing the crystal ball. "My plan to send her to the mortal realm has been accomplished."

"Good," said a voice coming from the ball "We have an agreement then? I give you the Earth, I have my revenge."

"Yes, but I fear we have a complication. I just spoke with Wan Shi Tong and he said to me a group of meddling kids have-"

"I don't have time for them! I want you to focus and give me news on the matter of Yue's foolish humanity!"

"My apologies your maliciousness. Right then, I've just been to spy on her and part of her wants to stay there. I gave her dreams on her first love to motivate her, thus fulfilling again our plan."

"Very good Mystic! You keep doing what you are doing and surely the world will be yours, forever."

A Formal Meeting

The Avatar and the rest were having breakfast. The rectangular table was full of different sorts of meals. The Aang ordered so because Aang was expecting a visitor from the Ba Sing Se University to talk on the matters of Unitary Republic Politics. "Well, he's twenty minutes late I'll tell you that." Aang said. He airbended a roasted chicken to his plate. "Might as well eat first?" Before even biting it, Sokka exclaimed. "Ugh yuck! Katara, are you letting us eat this garbage?!" Katara was still cooking the last of the food they had to prepare for their visitor in the kitchen, but even though with all the smoke from her face, she still heard what her complaining brother had just said. After adding a little onion, she brought her stew out of the stove and opened the door. Now that Sokka can clearly see how sweaty she was, she intentionally replied, "You should be grateful I'm cooking food otherwise we would be starving to death!" Katara angrily replied. "And besides, this is much better than your stink bombs." Katara just hit a nerve. "Hey, don't you insult my inventions in a bad way. They're for protection against enemies." Sokka proudly said. Katara, who was filled with anger, said, "Ugh yeah right. Well waterbending's a much more useful ability than those smelly things." Aang tried to hop in on the silly and random conflict. "Err guys..."

"Why don't you cook better than this?!"

"Why don't you COOK then?!"

"Enough! I'm tired of both of your weekly sibling fights." Aang said.

Both of them look at him and said, "We're not fighting!!!"

"Well, I was hoping you'll side with me Aang!" Katara shouted. She then proceeded outside to the balcony of Air Temple Island. Sokka then faced Aang, his face etched with disappointment said, "Next time, I vote for Suki to cook." He then proceeded to his room. "Hey, don't include me in this." Suki said.

And so only Aang and Suki were left at the table. Suki was the first one to speak. "You know what, I have an idea," Suki suggested. "You go get Katara..." Aang then continued what Suki had to say "...and you get Sokka."

Aang proceeded outside and saw Katara watching idly by to the sea.


"Hey Aang."

"Wanna talk about it?"

"I can't believe how immature Sokka is! How can he shout in front of the table and criticize my cooking?!" As the pacifist and, most importantly, the Avatar, Aang tried to ease the anger that was in her love. "But Katara, that's just it, criticism. You should learn from it no matter how ruthless it sounds. It makes you a better person...or in this case, a better cook?" Katara's face turned more red than before. "So you're insulting me now?! Ugh! Doesn't he realize I'm a bender?! Heck, he only has stink bombs and boomerang for combat. A-and he-"

"Katara, relax. Listen to yourself."

Silence was present. Katara turned to Aang with tearful eyes. She was astounded over the most silly and random fight she had ever had with his brother. Katara wasn't sure why that happened. It just did. "I'm sorry Aang. Oh darn it, I sounded so immature too." Aang then said to her, "So why don't we end up this silly dispute then?" Aang smiled to his love, now only inches apart. Katara replied, "Agreed."

Lips met.

Breakfast Again

"Why don't we try this again, breakfast I mean." Suki said. "Sokka, remember what I told you?"

"Oh yeah right? Uhmm..." Sokka turned to face at Katara who was beside Aang. "Katara, hey. I'm sorry for acting so childish. I have always been the goofy one and...I-I let it hold on me for one silly problem."

"I'm sorry too Sokka. I have acted so immature I felt like it wasn't me."

The two Water Tribe siblings hugged.

"Alright, now that's out of the way, I wanna ask you something Aang." Suki said. "Where is that blonde-haired girl, Patience? Do you know where she is?"

"I lend her some money so that she can stay at one of the apartments there at the city."

"And-and Aang," Sokka intervened. "Why does she know me?"

"Uhmm, well..."

Suddenly the door opened.

"Greetings Avatar. It's me, Redentoris. Professor of International Relations at Ba Sing Se University."

"Welcome Mister Redentoris. Come have breakfast with us."

"Oh no need, no need. I've just ate. So let's get right on business."

"Oh of course Mister Redentoris sir. Right this way."

Aang led Redentoris to a private meeting room.


Yue was inside her apartment room. It was simple. It had a powder room, a bathroom, a living room with a fireplace in it, a bedroom and a little terrace. She smelled herself. By the moon, I've never smelled like this since I had white hair! So she went to the bathroom to wash up. It felt so strange to be here, as if she was out of time. She watched her reflection in the medicine cabinet mirror.

...A blur passed by...

Wait, what was that?

She turned to her back. Nothing was there. Nothing. Yet it feels as though someone was watching her just a while ago. Someone or...something. She wasn't quite sure what it was so Yue tried to forget it. She dried her hair and changed clothes. Aang bought her some clothes this morning. Yue looked at it and noticed how different it was from the clothes worn during War times. It looked so modern, free and liberated. A sign on how the world has truly changed. She wore it and went to her bedroom.

It was nighttime again. She closed her eyelids and drifted off to sleep.

She dreamt...

In another part of the city. Sokka catches up with Princess Yue.

"Princess Yue, good morning! How about that picnic last night? Boy, your dad sure does know how to throw a party."

"I'm happy you enjoyed yourself."

"Well, it wasn't as much fun after you left." Did he really said that? Both blushed. "So, I'm still hoping we could see more of each other."

"Do an activity, you mean?"

"Yes... at a place... for some time. Yue laughed. Oh, he made me laugh. No one's done that before. "I'd love to. I'll meet you on that bridge tonight." She pointed at a bridge.

"Great! I'll see you– Ah!" Sokka fell into the water.

Yue laughed again.


Sokka climbed out of the water.

"That's okay, it was worth it. See you tonight."

Yue awakened.

It was still midnight. Why do I keep having these dreams?

Stay tuned for chapter six, coming soon.

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