The Guru in Omashu
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Warring Planet



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December 23, 2011

Warring Planet

The Guru in Omashu

Chapter one of the fanon series, Warring Planet

Aang's Death

Times are tough, my family is barely scratching bye. With my mom dying last month, we lost our largest source of income. My mom was a doctor, a darn good one. Best in Omashu, great with medicine. My dad didn't get the best income, he was a miner in the Omashu Mine. Not a lot of money there. But now my seven brothers have to get temporary jobs at the mail service because of a mining accident. A mining cart crashed into some dynamite which set some coal dust on fire. It broke my dad's leg, so we have to get job's. But I'm too young to work at the mail service, so I'm working at the Gardeners Club Shop. I'm working for three silver coins an hour. But that's no the bad part, the bad part is what Aang's death caused.

He was assassinated ten years ago. Since then all has gotten worse. He was killed by the Fire Militia. He was in Zuko's palace with Zuko when an assassin jumped through the window. He shot Aang with a crossbow and then escaped. Never to be seen again after that quick meeting.

The era of peace ended the month he died. The New Dai Le assassinated the Earth King, and took over Ba Sing Se. A large of army of Firebenders who call themselves the Fire Militia have promised to wage the past war on the other nations that Ozai envisioned. They have already conquered Gaoling. Also The New Dai Le and The Southern Water Tribe waged war on The Northern Water Tribe. But no one knows who the next Avatar is. But all of Aangs friends are alive

The Guru's Announcement

"There is a two in one deal that if you but the Venus Fly Trap you get panda lily Flowers free." Takoshi said to a customer in a flower hat.

The man replied," How much for the Venus Fly Trap?"

Takoshi said," Three golden coins."

The man happily replied," That would be great! I would like 5!"

Takoshi quickly went to the storage room searched for the Venus Fly Trap. He found a shelf labeled 'Venus Fly Traps, caution, may attempted to bite you'. It was not a very encouraging label, but he wasn't paid to do nothing. He forced the fly traps into a little sack along with 5 other panda lilies. He rushed from the storage room to the cash register. The nice man gave him 15 gold coins of the Venus Fly Traps and panda lilies. The man left the shop with the closing of the door, a large sack hitting the wall, and the jingle of the bell on the door.

Takoshi looked at sundial next to the Time Shop, it was noon. It was his lunch break. He left the depressing shop and into the magnificent land of Omashu. He sprinted down the street shouting 'Freedom! Freedom!'. He was very happy for he was no longer condemned in the small cramped gardening shop. He ran through the streets directly to his house. He had promised his dad he will visit him on his lunch break.

He burst into his little cottage next to the small diner. He inhaled the beautiful scent of home. Dirty clothes, vegetables, meat, blood (long story), and brotherhood. It was beautiful, getting out of work for one hour! It was amazing, he had to give one thing to Mr. Ho (and elderly gardener, and owner of the store he works at), that he's a nice guy.

He could hear his dad calling," Is that you at the door Takoshi?" with a faint voice.

"Yeah dad! It's me!" He shouted back with such love towards his father. He sprinted down to his fathers room and leapt into the seat next to his dad. He asked his dad," How was your day? Need anything?"

His dad laughed," Always the considerate one aren't you. Hahoohoo... I've been doing good, bored though. I don't need anything, though Assak has been waiting for you."

And with that Assak their pet Saber-Tooth-Moose-Lion ran into the room after he heard Takoshi. He crashed through the door and whinnied with glee when he saw Takoshi. Takoshi ran up to his violent pet and ruffled it's fur and tapped it's giant horns. Because for one hour he was at home. But not for long, for Guru Pathik was advancing onto the household.

Soon enough Takoshi and his dad heard a knock on the door. Assak accompanied Takoshi on his way to the door. He opened the door to find Guru Pathik, the wise man was sipping on some onion and banana juice. He took a gulp of his delectable juice and began telling Takoshi the words that word alter his normal Earthbending boy legacy.

For Guru Pathik said to Takoshi," I have been given a message from the Spirit World to tell you that you are the next Avatar! You must train to bring balance to the world by, creating peace between the two Water Tribes, kill the New Dai Lee, and destroy the Fire Militia."

Takoshi said,' Wait... I'm the long awaited Avatar! Me! I'm just a boy from Omashu! I can never bring peace!"

Guru Pathik said," Yes you can boy! Now wheres your father I must tell him. I've been meaning to meet my old disciple all these years!" With that Guru Pathik entered Takoshi's house to try to find his father.

Guru Pathik entered his fathers room and shouted," Edward my apprentice! Haven't seen you in a while! What happened to your foot." The Guru accidentally hit his drink against his fathers leg and spilt it all over the floor. Pathik wore a sorry look on his face, for he did not mean to do that.

Edward (Takoshi's father) said," It's okay you spilt, accidents happen, so master I haven't seen you in a bit! Why do come around, shouldn't you be in the Southern Air Temple."

Pathik said with a happy shout," I have great news! Your sons the Avatar! He will bring peace to the planet! And I wil train him to master Energybending!"

Edward took what he said in a totally different Takoshi did, he said," That's great! When are you going to take him!"

Takoshi shouted," I don't want to be the Avatar! All it brings is labor, labor, and more labor!"

Pathik looked at Takoshi," Think of it this way... Have the world destroyed because you don't want to be Avatar, or have the world saved and be praised by mankind itself. Your choice..."

Takoshi said," Do I get to bring Assak with me?" He added a smiling face, Pathik nodded with a smile at Assak. They both- hybrid animal and Avatar- left to Takoshi's room. Takoshi needed to pack up for the trip. He filled his bag with all his possessions. Then hopped on Assak's back. They left the room with the trot of Assak's hooves.

Guru Pathik saw his backpack and said," You wouldn't be needing that. You have to give up all earthly possessions." Takoshi threw his bag unto the floor with reluctance. He was going to miss his bronze statue of Zuko. Guru Pathik clapped and stated," Time to go to the Southern Air Temple. You will learn how to Energybend. After that you will begin your quest. I will accompany you, for wisdom and to practice Energybending. But you will also need some friends to help you after the training. Now lets go!"

With that Guru Pathik forced Takoshi onto Assak with some resistance. The group of Assak, Guru Pathik, and Takoshi fled down the streets of Omashu and through the exit. Takoshi was sure he saw Bumi waving from his palace and Guru Pathik winking like it was his old friend. How many people does Pathik know was what Takoshi wondered.

The group then trotted down the open road. Till next chapter!

Author's Note

This is the shortest chapter, I apologize for the inconvenience of such a short chapter. But next chapter you get to see Avatar Takoshi learn how to Energybend! Woohoo!

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