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A fanon about Guru Pathik's life
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Guru Pathik is one of the most mysterious characters presented throughout the series (also includes LOK). All we know about his background is that he's a very spiritual person, was a 'spiritual brother' to the Air Nomads and is old (born in 50 BG). Well that is about to change. The Guru, named after the episode in TLA, follows Pathik's life since his early days and shows a lot of the Avatar world's unfolding of events along the way. It also follows the story of an old friend of Pathik called Ton Rha, who joins the Fire Nation navy.

Bahjy1, author of this upcoming fanon is not a very popular person around here so this fanon might or might not have many readers, but I am pretty sure that Pathik is very interesting.


The main plot is set around the time of the Air Nomad Genocide, but it will include many flashbacks and might also continue to Korra's era if the first book gain acceptance from the Avatar Wiki community.

Pathik flees the Fire Nation searching for knowledge and enlightenment. He learns about the genocide on his way, meets new friends and makes enemies, as he travels the world. He does learn a lot, sometimes by studying, sometimes by experience, but danger is always around him. His old friend Ton Rha joins the Fire Nation military, while Pathik's thoughts are totally against the war. Pathik is always in a conflict between friends, love, and spirituality. What will he do?


News and Updates

I won't be making a special news and updates page, this chapter will serve as the status of the fanon. Book 1's whole story is already planned out, but still needs final writing. Book 1 will include 15 chapters, I will request the Fanon Review Squad to review this fanon when I release the tenth chapter.

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  • Pathik
  • Ton Rha
  • Lunia
  • Lu the librarian


  • Captain Jiao
  • Governor Shiro
  • Bu Jing
  • Lee
  • Chief Luni
  • Master Kiro

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