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"For Knowledge! For Wisdom! For Peace! "
— A Gunslinger Battlecry.
Four nations' symbols drawing
Order of The Gunslingers
General information

Liam Rider (formally), Ethan Alexander (formally), Leon Reynolds (current)

Notable members

Liam Rider, John Rider




Refugee Borough(Known Rebel HQ)




Promote peace between Nonbenders and Benders

The Order of The Gunslingers or just The Gunslingers for short is an organization shown in the Avatar Fanons The Unknown and The Gunfighter. It is Our World's version of The Order of the White Lotus and is composed largely of Benders.


Not much is known of the history of The Order as it has remained a secret society for a majority of its existence. What is known is told through speech done by Liam Rider and his son John. According to Liam, The Order was ancient, powerful and had three major objectives in its existence: To seek out and protect knowledge from destruction, To use the wisdom gained from the knowledge in order to better mankind, and to establish peace between Benders and Non Benders.

The Order faced many problems however. Often it found itself fighting against the very people it sought to protect. During the Crusades, the Order suffered a split in ideology and experienced a civil war so bloody that it came to public attention. The two sides later made peace and reunified before slipping underground again. Before the Great War, knowledge that could help mankind advance to a better state of peace was often destroyed by arrogant Elders that believed nothing new was good.

The Unknown

Prior to the events of The Unknown, The Order found itself engaged in a massive conflict known as The Great War. According to Liam, while many groups fought for land or resources, The Gunslingers fought for survival. Overtime, The Order found itself battered and bloodied, loosing many members in battles all over the World. Roughly a year after the War began, Avatar Isabella was cut down and killed while in the Avatar State, severing the Avatar Cycle.

Things continued to go down hill as The Order was beaten back again and again throughout the conflict. After another year had passed, The Grandmaster gave an order to defend The Great Library, as it was the largest collection of knowledge in the World. However The Order was betrayed by a Firebender named Jeremiah. Due to this betrayal, members making their stand where cut down on the Library steps, effectively wiping out the Order. Only one member survived, a sixteen year old Airbender named Liam Rider.

Another year passed and the War's effects began to show upon the Planet, leaving large swath's of territory uninhabitable. Seeing this, Liam discovered a way to travel between worlds and landed in The World of the Avatar. There he recovered an object known as the Ritcherdson Orb, and returned to our World. He used the power of the Artifact to not only end the War and start to reverse its effects, but bring Avatar Isabella back to life and re-establish the Avatar Cycle.

The Gunfighter

Years after Liam's return, The Order had since regrown to a good portion of its prewar glory. But the events of Grandmaster Rider's Death, coupled with the new Grandmaster's order to exterminate John Rider had shaken The Order to its very core. Many members, fed up with The Grandmaster's actions, banded together and formed a separatist group within The Order, effectively dividing the organisation in half.

The conflict that followed, collectively known as The Gunslinger Civil War, threatened to plunge The World back into conflict. In order to avoid this and the extermination of the rebels, John Rider brought them to Republic City to repair, rebuild, and re-engage the loyalists more effectively. However, they found themselves caught up in the events of the Anti-Bender Revolution.

At first, the rebels maintained a stance of strict non interference, refusing to become involved with a new war while they were attempting to rearm for the civil war. However the events of the Raid on the Pro-Bending Finals ended this stance. Rebel Guards, which had been commissioned by the Republic City Police Force as means of beefing the thinly stretched police ranks, were attacked by Equalists.

The following morning, the Rebels openly declared war on the Equalists. While vastly outnumbered, the rebels decimated their enemy in every engagement. This led to the Battle of Republic City, an all out offensive by the Equalists to capture the city. The Rebels held off the Equalist assault for two days before being forced to retreat underground by sheer numbers.

Sub factions

  • Gunslinger Rebels.
  • Gunslinger Loyalists.
  • The Hellraisers.


Although all known members speak English, Many Gunslingers have been seen speaking other languages. John Rider was seen greeting Korra using a proper Gunslinger greeting, speaking a phrase in Latin.

Leon has been mentioned to ramble on in Irish from time to time, often confusing other members of The Order.

Roland has been seen speaking in Blackkettle, the language of his native tribe. This language appears to be a combination of English and Spanish.

The Order itself appears to have its own language as well as a few members have been seen communicating in it. Although no actual speech has been reviled, the language has been described as 'strange sounding'. Weather this was used before Liam's time as Grandmaster is unknown.


According to John Rider, the Order has experienced times in its past in which members lost control of their emotions. One of these times happened about a year before John was born. A small town that composed of a majority of non benders were discriminating against benders. When a shot was fired at the Gunslingers that were there to keep the peace, Liam lost all control and watched helplessly as the members massacred a large portion of the population and set fire to the town.

John also warned Tenzin to not let Tarrlok's laws against non benders go into place, or else Republic City would be the next site of rampancy.

Various characters have experienced episodes of rampancy from time to time. In the events of The Sixth Element and The Fallen Remembered, Eve's death throws John into a state of Rampancy, causing him to mercilessly kill the Equalists involved. In the climax of Book Three, both Leon and John battle in a state of Rampancy, destroying most of the town they were near in the process.

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