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The Gunslinger Civil War
General information

Our World, United Republic, Southern Water Tribe


170 AG - 171 AG


Gunslinger Loyalists, Gunslinger Rebels.


Rebel Victory

The Gunslinger Civil War was a primary conflict in the Avatar Fanon The Gunfighter. It began shortly after Ethan Alexander gave the order to kill John Rider, the son of the late grandmaster Liam Rider. A group of Gunslingers, still loyal to The Rider Family broke away from the order as a result, and fighting quickly broke out.


Sometime between the events of The Unknown and The Gunfighter, Liam Rider was ambushed and killed under mysterious circumstances. The New Grandmaster of the Order's first order was to declare Liam's son, John, a traitor. John, who had been an up-and-coming member of The Order, quickly went into hiding in order to avoid being killed.

The resulting outcry against the kill order shocked many high-ranking members. Many of the angered members claimed that The Grandmaster had no proof of John being a traitor at all.


Shortly after John used a device his father had used to flee to the Avatar World, the support group for The Rider Family broke away from The Gunslingers, forming The Gunslinger Rebels. The remaining members, The Gunslinger Loyalists, held fast to the thought that The Grandmaster's word was law.

Fighting quickly broke out between the two groups all over the world. In some areas, the fighting got so bad that it threatened to plunge The World, which was still recovering from The Great War, back into war. After a short time however, the tables began to turn against The Rebels.

Leon, a commander of the Rebels, sent a plea to John for help. Using his device, John opened a doorway on Air Temple Island and allowed around two hundred or so refugees to make the crossing. By doing this however, he brought the war into Republic City, which was already tittering on the edge of war itself.

By the end of the Anti Bender Revolution, Gunslinger Loyalist forces had located a means to visit other worlds and arrived on Whaletail Island. They quickly sent out scouts to lean more about the world around them.

The Loyalists set up a base on Whaletail Island and began pooling their resources in order to launch an invasion of the Avatar World. Using matterbending, John Rider was able to destroy the force(and rendering the island unusable for several years) with an atomic explosion.

Two months after the Whaletail Island Incident, the Battle of Tam River brought an end to the fighting with the wiping out of the Equalist Remnant, although survivors from both factions continued to remain hostile to one another in the months that followed.

Spirit Crisis

The events of the Spirit Crisis saw a resurgent of combat between the Loyalist Remnant and Rebel Units. A major point during this period was the defection of Commander Leon Reynolds to the Loyalist side. Together with Ethan Alexander, the Loyalists allied themselves with Chief Unalaq and secured military backing from the Northern Water Tribe.

Despite having a numerical disadvantage, the remaining Rebels had the backing of the United Republic and full support of the United Forces. It was these alliances that sparked the Republic's intervention in the Water Tribe Civil War. After the Battle of the Sothern Port, during which Commander Reynolds was killed and events of Harmonic Convergence the war was finally brought to an end.


Confrontation at Central City Station

Attack on the Pro-Bending Arena

Raid on Equalist Underground Bases

Battle of Republic City

Battle of Tam River

Whale Tail Island Incident

Battle of the Southern Port

Duel aboard the Columbia


-The Gunslinger Civil War is the first war in the over all trilogy to be fought in more than one world.

-Although the two began for vastly different reasons, both the Anti Bender Revolution and The Gunslinger Civil War merged into the same conflict, forming a three way war.

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