This page contains a small plot outline and a table of contents for Book One: Escape of the series, The Gunfighter.


John Rider, betrayed and hunted, is running for his life. While hiding in Nepal, he is found by a small group of gunmen led by his old friend Leon. Leon revels that he is not there to kill John like he was ordered to, but rather he was there to insure that John could escape his fate by traveling to another world. He is then presented with the device that John's father used to travel between worlds.

Arriving at the Southern Water Tribe, John meets Avatar Korra while she is out riding her polar bear dog Naga. Soon afterwards, John agrees to travel to Republic City with Korra, hopping to achieve some sort of peace and sense of normality. Instead, they find a city on the verge of civil war.


  1. Nepal
  2. Meeting the Avatar
  3. Planned Escape
  4. Welcome to Republic City
  5. The Fire Ferrets
  6. An Assassination Attempt
  7. The Refugees Part One
  8. The Refugees Part Two
  9. Confrontations
  10. The Devil's Dance Floor
  11. Demons Amongst Us
  12. Central City Station Part 1
  13. Central City Station Part 2

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