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"You are more than just a gifted waterbender..."

The Gunfighter
How far would you go to stop Injustice?
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Action/Adventure, Romance







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July 11th, 2012 - July 19th, 2015


Jack Cross, Jacob13Kyle




The Unknown



"Doors are doors, no matter where they lead."
Jacob Kyle

Plot Edit

After being betrayed by his allies and sentenced to death, John Rider begins a life on the run. But when he can only run so far when his old Order has a reach that covers the whole globe. With his back against the wall, John follows in his father's footsteps and escapes to the World of the Avatar.

But rather than the peaceful life he had hoped to achieve, John finds himself in a world on the brink of war.

With his bending at risk, he allies himself with Avatar Korra against the growing Equalist threat. However Amon and his followers are looking for something beneath the city, something that could be the saving grace of bending, or its extermination.

Summoning his remaining friends and allies, the young firebender begins his quest to stop the Revolution, and save bending as we know it.

But as he goes on, John slowly uncovers a darker reason behind his betrayal and his father's murder. A dark, ancient evil that has slumbered for ten thousand years and is a threat to not only the Avatar World, but the boundaries between all worlds. Chaos and darkness threatens to bring about the collapse of all creation, and only John and Korra stand in its way.

Characters Edit

John Rider: The Leader of the Refugees and main character of the story, John is a powerful Firebender who's skill rivals that of Korra or Mako. He is far less serious then his father Liam was and is willing to enjoy a joke or two. However he still maintains a great amount of respect for his elders and peers.

Leon Reynolds: John's best friend and Second in Command. He is the leader of an infiltration group known as The Hellraisers and is self described as an Airbender in a Firebender's World.

Roland: A crafty young Earthbender, Roland is a young man who likes to play tricks on his friends as well as enemies. He is one of the best engineers in the Refugees.

Eve Collins: The younger sister of Kyle Collins and love interest of John Rider. She is a medic for the Refugees and is on bad terms with her brother.

Kyle Collins: A young commander and Waterbender who is quickly rising through the ranks of the Refugees, Kyle is a somewhat troubled young man who has his own plans for the Avatar World and the Refugees.

Ethan Alexander: One of the main antagonists of the story, Ethan Alexander is a powerful bender who wants to control of John's Artifact for his own reasons.

Factions Edit

The Gunslingers: Our world's version of the Order of the White Lotus. An old and powerful organization that has recently suffered numerous scandals and has led the Order to split into two factions: The Gunslinger Rebels and The Gunslinger Loyalists.

Gunslinger Rebels: Otherwise known as The Refugees, this faction is a break away group from the Order that supports John Rider and seeks to overthrow the current Grandmaster. In order to escape extermination, they journey to Republic City so as to rebuild their might and travel home.

Gunslinger Loyalists: The faction that supports The Grandmaster and his teachings. They are currently stronger in both firepower and numbers then the Rebels.

The Blackkettles: A Sandbender tribe from North America. This is the home tribe of Roland.

Books Edit


Book 2: War Edit

  1. The Dawn: During the aftermath of the confrontation, non benders all over the city rally against the Refugees.
  2. Stand Together: John struggles to keep the Refugees united.
  3. The Tournament: The Attack on the Pro Bending Tournament is viewed as the final straw from many of the Refugees.
  4. A Declaration: In the aftermath of the attack on the Tournament, John openly declares war on the Equalists.
  5. Stories of Home: Flashbacks tell the stories of how John and his friends met.
  6. Twists in the Heart: John confronts Korra about her feelings.
  7. The Sixth Element: An intercepted Equalist package reveals something that has been lost for thousands of years.
  8. The Fallen Remembered: A loss within the Refugees causes John to question himself.
  9. All or Nothing: John, Leon, and others prove to be the tipping point in the Equalist Factory.
  10. The Avatar and The Gunfighter: After Korra is kidnapped, true feelings are discovered as John searchs for her.
  11. A Rider in Full Part 1: The Equalists launch their attack against the city.
  12. A Rider in Full Part 2: John and his allies begin to strike back.
  13. A Rider in Full Part 3: The Gunslinger Rebels confront Amon during the final attack.

Book 3: Doorways Edit

  1. Eight Second Ride: In a desperate act, John unleashes the full power of matterbending on the Gunslinger Loyalists.
  2. The South: With the war ended, John begins to seak a peaceful life.
  3. Into the Dark: John and Korra journey to the South Pole.
  4. Patriots and Tyrants: Tensions rise as the Northern Army occupies the Southern Water Tribe.
  5. Trenches: John debates on abandoning his hard fought peace.
  6. Homefront: Korra's search for aid results in a new turn of events.
  7. The Fifth World: Korra discovers what life is like in John's world.
  8. Forgotten Land: Korra and John discover more about what is to come.
  9. The Book: John solves a puzzle with his father's journal.
  10. Doorways: The Gates are opened.
  11. Heaven and Hell: Korra and Unalaq battle.
  12. Born to Rise: The battle for all existence heats up.
  13. Paradise: John locates what he's looking for.

Sequel Edit

Although still in the planning stages, a sequel known as The Invasion is planned to be released.

A Special Thanks Edit

The Gunfighter was awarded the featured fanon story of the month for February 2014. The Author would like to thank Henryjh98 for the nomination and anyone else who voted in favor of the story.

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