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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Corruption and Redemption.

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The Guardian is the spirit of good that resides inside of Azula's psyche, as it represents the good within Azula, opposed to The Devil, who represents the evil within Azula.


Creation and Early Life

The Guardian and the Devil were both created when Azula was born, for several years they did not mingle with each other as Azula had no emotional turmoil at the time. When Azula felt that Ursa did not love her the way she did Zuko, Azula decided to stay with Ozai more of the time. Because Ozai corrupted her into obeying and serving him, the Devil began to grow stronger as she turned towards evil. At the time, Azula had only a little bit of good within herself, barely keeping the Guardian existing, while the Devil was nearly invincible.

When Azula started to become mentally insane due to her "friends" Mai and Ty Lee betraying her, the Guardian tried to calm her and delay her insanity by appearing to her. The Guardian decided to use it's Ursa form in order to appear more appealing to the mentally frail Azula. It's plan backfired, however, and it just drove Azula more unstable.

Battling The Devil

Roku's death

The Guardian's red dragon form

When Azula was traveling in the Earth Kingdom, she started to have a more humble life as she lived in poverty. As she started to grow more good in personality, the Guardian was slowly growing stronger and the Devil grew weaker. When Azula stopped to get a drink of water from a pond, the Guardian again tried to show her redemption by talking to her in its Ursa form. When the Devil tried to bring her closer to corruption, the Guardian took it's form of Avatar Roku and began to fight the Devil, who was in the form of Fire Lord Sozin. After launching large amounts of red fire at the Devil, it then took the form of a red dragon and continued to duel the Devil in a blue dragon's form. Azula eventually wished to leave this scene and the two spirits continued to fight for supremacy of Azula's mind.


  • The Guardian will later appear in the story as long as Azula is in mental turmoil.
  • The Guardian's original name was supposed to The Redeemer, but the author felt that that would be too much of a cliché.

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