The Green Crystal
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The Dark Rain



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January 29, 2012

Thunder sounded throughout out Republic City and dark clouds seemed to slowly moved their way over the vast city. Many of the people that were walking on out on the streets began to make their way to shelter in fear of the coming storm. Many of the shop owners and business still carried on in hopes of making a few extra Yuans before the storm hit. One could still hear the street vendors selling their wares over the sounds of the thunder. A small boy ran down the main street carrying a stack of newspapers. As the boy ran passed a small tea shop which was packed full of customers that were escaping the soon to come rain. The new model Satomobile rumbled past the tea shop. The driver honking her horn at a cart being drawn by an ostrich horse. The older couple that was riding in the cart steadied the ostrich horse as the Satomobile flew past down the main street of the city.
All this noise and commotion did not bother Li Fong most of the time. Being used to the noises of the city he slept soundly through the morning before taking his shift at work. However this morning Li Fong was awake because he had not slept at all throughout the night. Li was having trouble slept because of the dreams that came to him. Being an ex-soldier of Ba Sing Se Li had seem a lot of troubling things during the 8 years of service he had with the Earth Kingdom military. Li tried to rub the tiredness out of his green eyes and then he yawned. He ran his hand through his brown shaggy hair and stood up to his five foot ten inch frame. Li then shook his head trying to get the terrible images out of his head. He kept dreaming about the mission he and his regiment had that ended in the deaths of 20 firebending separatists. Li could never get the faces of those men and women who died at his hand. Though he and his regiment were exonerated and only his captain was found guilty of war crimes. Li still felt the guilty and shameful. Now, he could not figure out why these images were coming back to him.

Li tried to think when were started having these vivid dreams. Must have started right after that new section Foreman Ting wanted done. Li remember this because of the hard time he and his crew had in removed the stones and earth from the hillside. The area which Li was working on was North of the city in near the mountains. From Li's understanding the Council wanted to expand Republic City to accommodate the Cabbage Corp and other smaller manufacturing business so that they do not flood the city with pollution. Also Cabbage Corp's facility did tend to smell bad. Li got up out of his bed and walked over to his small kitchen. Li then lit his stove and put on some water for his morning tea before getting ready for work. Tea always calms me, Li thought. The smell of tea and jasmine fill his small room.

After drinking his tea and getting his work clothes on Li set out to the work site. Living on the second floor of his apartment building Li took the stairs down and walked toward through the small hallway that lead out to main floor of the building. Li went throughout the hallway doors that lead to the main floor as he walked across Li noticed Mrs. Chen trying open the main entrance door to the apartment building. Li could see that Mrs Chen had her hands full of groceries and her little fire ferret Bo-Bo was squeaking at her heels. Li stopped and focused his chi by dropping into a horse stance. He then thrust his arm out and his palm up. A wave of earth bending energy flowed through Li and snaked its way to the door metal. The door gave a shutter and it opened banging against the wall. "Thank you Mr. Fong" Mrs Chen said. "You are always the proper gentlemen" With that Mrs Chen smiled at Li and continued her journey to her third floor apartment with Bo-Bo trotting behind her. Li considered offering to carry the groceries but that would make him late for work and getting on Foreman Ting's bad side was not a pleasant thing to. He then briskly walk out of the apartment building and turn down the street which would lead him to the taxi cart service that ferried all the city workers. Lightning streaked across the darken sky making Li look up. He noticed the dark clouds and thinking that it was going to rain soon he picked up his pace. Ten minutes later Li was on the taxi cart along with a couple follow workers on their way to the work site.

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