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The Great War
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Our World




Liam Rider, Isabella Rider


Benders recognized worldwide. Untied States and other nations dissolved

Oh we where never truly against each other, for no man ever is. We learned that the ability to control the elements is a natural as the elements themselves. We learned that we shed each others blood for nothing. Hope is the only thing that keeps us together now, as we hope that our children don't make our mistakes. -The Great War Memorial.

World War Three, also known as The Great War was a massive conflict that took place in our world. Despite the fact that Benders are considered the victors of the war, many of them are still hunted and killed for their abilities.


Not much of the course of the war is actually known, as only Liam Rider's service is shown. What is known is that the United States, Korea, Russia, China, and other nations participated in the war. Many of them, however, did not emerge from the war intact. The Gunslingers were driven to the very edge of extinction by the fighting, as many of the members were simply overwhelmed.

It is known that a certain degree of child soldiers where used, as can be seen in the case of Liam and Isabella. There is also the possibility that nuclear weapons where used to a certain degree, as large portions of land within the world are known to be uninhabitable at the end of the war.


Many battles took place in the war, but a few are the most outstanding.

The Battle of the Great Library: otherwise known as the Battle of Washington D.C. was the final battle Liam participated in. It resulted in the annihilation of The Gunslingers.

The Battle of Belfast: One of only two battles to take place in Ireland, a skirmish on the outskirts of the city resulted in Avatar Isabella's death.


As stated by Liam, the death of the Avatar and severing of the Avatar Cycle resulted in natural disasters occurring around the world on a daily basis. Earthquakes were said to have rocked most of the continents. Even the Earth's rotation was effected, as the sun was said to have rose and sat in a different horizon almost every day.

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