The Great Storm
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Long Feng



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November 4, 2009

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Sweethearts and Friends

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Bad Dreams, Good news

The Great Storm is the sixth chapter of Long Feng.


Ember Island was blasted by a terrible storm.

A Earth Kingdom sailing ship ran aground. There was no sign of life aboard, except for a huge dog that leapt ashore and ran away.

Once the storm had died down, Ember Island sailors explored the wreck. They found the captain at the wheel, clutching a cross.

There was not much cargo, just big boxes of earth. But the ship's logbook told an extraordinary story. After sailing from Chameleon Bay, the crew complained that an evil presence was haunting them.

The weather was awful, and sailors mysteriously vanished in the night. One night, one of the sailors saw a ghostly figure.

The mate attacked it with his knife, but his hand passed straight through. What kind of creature could it have been? Mad with fear, the mate jumped overboard.

By now, only the captain was left alive. He said his prayers, tied his hands to the wheel, and died in the storm.

Meanwhile... Oyaji had been found dead in Ember Island churchyard, his neck broken.

Everyone was shocked to see the look of horror on his face, it was as if he had seen Death with his own eyes. "Poor dear old man!" exclaimed Katara.

Katara woke in the night to find Yue missing. Sleepwalking again! Katara hurried after her. She found her in the churchyard, stretched out on a tomb, with a ghostly shape bending over her.

Its face was white, its eyes glowed green.

When Katara reached Yue, the creature had gone. Yue was clutching her throat, trying to catch her breath. Katara put her shawl around Yue's shoulders.

The girls walked home together.

The next day, Yue said she was fine, but Katara saw two little wounds on her neck. Perhaps Katara pricked her accidentally with the pin of her shawl?

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