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Sokka turns Suki down
The Great Separation
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Princess Yue's Second Chance



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May 30, 2013

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Fight Between Two Flowers

Suki's anger at Yue made her more fierce than ever. She ran towards the gates of the park and didn't care if she bumped at a person, she just wanted to find Sokka fast. The park is a huge one. The place was abundant in greenery and is landscaped with small hills, deciduous trees, and impeccably kept grass. A pond stretches along the park's entirety, with stone arched bridges built over the surface to allow easy passage. Suki's brash search was attracting attention from the locales. It seemed so hard to find one person on such a huge place, but Suki doesn't give up too easily. Unlike Yue, Suki is a strong warrior. She was almost like Sokka minus the jokes. After what seemed to be days, she finally saw them. Sokka and Yue sat together on a wide blanket facing the river. Suki was on their backs but they did not see her as they were busy talking and laughing.

They were getting food from a-

"-That's the handmade basket I gave Sokka months ago!" Suki, her face now red, pulled out her fans and was ready to attack Yue any moment. "Hey, Patience!!!". Both of them faced their backs and saw Suki's anguished face facing upon Yue's. Suki threw one of her metal fans at her and unconsciously, Yue shielded herself by covering her face with her arms. She did not know that by doing so, she waterbent the water on the riverbank unto Suki.

"Ahhh!" Suki was thrown backwards by the force of the water. Sokka, on the other hand was dumbfounded and at a loss for words as two femme fatales battled. He did not expect the "friendly" picnic to end up in this mess. Sokka said to Suki who was standing up after being thrown down, "Suki, stop this! We-we were just doing a friendly picnic!" Suki heard him but did not face him, "Shut up!" Yue then spoke to the angry Kyoshi Warrior, "I-I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-"

"Look I don't know who you are lady! Just shut up and fight!"

But Yue didn't want to fight. Suki on the other hand, drew out her Kyoshi sword and headed towards her. Yue defended herself and made an ice shield but Suki managed to shatter it. Suki once again flung her sword towards Yue. The Tribal Princess tried to dodge but the sword successfully hit a small section of her shoulder, she was bleeding a little bit. Sokka who was just recovering from his loss-of-words episode, took his boomerang and threw it at Suki's sword. The sword flew out of her hand. "Suki, don't be so brash! I-I'm sure we can talk about this!" Suki then again replied without facing him, "What's there to talk about?! It's perfectly clear to me what's going on here!" She took out another fan and threw it to Yue. But Yue, being an inexperienced waterbender, threw the blob of water on the wrong person, she shot it at Sokka and froze him. Now, it's only Suki and Yue. The two did not realize how they were attracting so much attention. Yue, with no choice but to defend herself, waterbent the whole river unto Suki while Suki jumped and was ready to punch Yue when suddenly-

"-Suki, Yue stop this fight right now!" It was Aang up above riding Appa. Katara was also there. Aang went to the Avatar State briefly and restored the river's water. and the damaged landscape. Appa landed on the grassy land. Katara jumped down and saw the wound on Yue's shoulder. Katara was a master of the healing arts. She took out her water pouch and waterbent the liquid around her hands. The water glowed with a bluish light and place them upon the wound. Yue breathed out a sigh of relief as the feeling of her chi being restored rejuvenated her tired body. Aang saw the frozen body of Sokka and waterbent the water to liquid form. He was again able to breathe. Sokka was confused to what just happened. He missed the epilogue of the fight between the two flowers. "Alright tell me exactly what happened here." Aang demanded, his Avatar authority made the whole park so silent. Only the breeze were audible. "Suki attacked us suddenly like some angry platypus bear!" Sokka said, sitting on the grassy land facing Aang. Suki then said, "You can't blame me Sokka, after what I just witnessed!" Suki then faced the peace-making Avatar. "Aang, this woman here who claims she's the dead Princess, is taking advantage of her charms to get to Sokka! It's clearly evident!" Next she faced the master healer. "Katara, look at the woman you're healing, she doesn't even look like Yue!" Yue then responded, "Suki please. I know what you're thinking, and it's wrong! We were not doing anything, we were just having a picnic. But I can't really blame you, I'm so sorry Suki." Suki didn't respond. The Gaang was silent. Finally, Suki broke the silence.

"I want out."

Sokka, Katara and Aang together said, "What?!" Sokka then stood up and approached Suki. "What do you mean out Suki?" The Kyoshi Warrior responded, "It means I'm returning to Kyoshi Island. I want out of the Gaang." Suki then ran away from them. She reached the front gate of the park, opening it and went on her way. Suki was gone. Sokka was now teary-eyed and red-faced, "Errr, this is all your fault Yue! If you haven't returned, this wouldn't have happened!" Sokka then ran away from them and went to the back gate of the park. Katara then said to Aang, "I'll go get Sokka. I'll try to find Suki. You just stay here with Yue." Katara ran to the direction of the back gate where Sokka went off.

Aang then went near Yue. Yue was crying, "This is all my fault Aang. I should have known better to understand I'm no longer needed in this world."

Separate Ways

Aang, Katara and Yue were inside the Air Temple Island. Katara was the first one to speak, "Aang, Yue, I have something important to tell you. Sokka decided to return to the South Pole and since I'm his sister, it's just right for me to accompany him. I do hope you understand my reasons." Aang and Yue nodded to imply We understand. "Just take care sweetie" Aang said to Katara. The pair kissed their goodbyes and after that she went on her way. Next thing they know, Katara and Sokka were now all away from Republic City. They still did not know where Suki was but Aang assumed she had already went on her way back to Kyoshi Island. Only Aang and Yue were left behind. "Aang, would you mind if I return to my apartment?" Yue asked. Aang then responded, "Of course, I'll understand. I know what you're going through is hard."

Yue returned to her apartment, went to her bedroom and laid down. She had enough conflicts for one day.

A Plan After All

"Much as I expected!" The Spirit of the Mystic said, facing the crystal ball. "Now that the Avatar's friends are away, we can further push our plans."

A voice in the crystal ball then replied, "Just a week left, Mystic, and the world shall be ours!"


  • This is the first chapter to have battle/fight scenes.

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