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The Great Maw is the main antagonist in MightyBrit's fanon Child of Destiny. Despite this, he has still yet to appear in the story, only ominously referenced. He is known by many other names, including The Devouring Dark and He Who Consumes.

Before the story

Little is known about who or what the Great Maw is or what his actions or motives are. However, The Great Maw is responsible for freeing Zhao from his imprisonment by La in the Spirit World unleashing him onto the world to create unbalance within it.

To further this goal, Zhao created the Cult of Sozin in order to push the world to the brink of war for the same reasons as before. The Cult believed they were fighting for Fire Nation supremacy; however, Zhao manipulated the group for the purposes of The Great Maw. Zhao also freed Azula under The Great Maw's orders to create further unbalance in the world.


The Great Maw will be appearing as the main villain during Book Three of Child of Destiny.


  • Diyi has heard of The Great Maw, but has not met him directly.
  • Diyi also believed Enma (Pathik) knew more about The Great Maw than he was letting on.
  • Koh talked of The Great Maw during his conversation with Aang. Koh is terrified of him.
  • Yue seemed to be aware of Zhao's true motives before she died, meaning she may have known or at least known of The Great Maw.
  • When Zhao attacked Azula in the Asylum and forced her soul into the Spirit World, Azula saw "rows of sharp, pointed teeth - too many to count - coming closer and closer..." This is a brief cameo appearance of the Great Maw.

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