By The Snowbold Part of the The Rise of Lirin continuity.

  The Great Fall was a war that occurred in 398 AG between the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom.


Tensions between the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom increased when the Avatar was revealed to be the son of the Fire Lord. Lirin went to Ba Sing Se to learn Earthbending. After arriving, he was arrested by the Royal Guard in order to use him as a hostage. Luei revealed that he believes that as a royal, Lirin will become Fire Lord and then spread his power as both Avatar and ruler to create a worldwide kingdom. He intends to stop this by holding Lirin hostage.


After the failure to use Lirin as a pawn, Earth King Luei ordered Crown Prince Qon to attack the Fire Nation. This was primarily a naval war involving the blockade of the seas for the Fire Nation to be cut off from Republic City.


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