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The great escape
Chapter information

Avatar: Aftermath





Written by

501st avatar fan


501st avatar fan

Release date

March 16 2011

Last chapter

Return to Ba-Sing-Se

The great escape is the 6th chapter of Avatar: Aftermath.


A medium-sized fleet of Fire Nation ships was sailing southward.

-"You sent for me princess?" asked a Fire Nation general in full armor.

-"I told you, it's Fire Lord Azula," said Azula as she kneeled on the port railing.

-"But your brother..."

-"Don't talk to me about that traitor."

-"Of course, your majesty."

-"How is our assassin doing?" she said, changing the subject.

-"He got a tip where the Avatar and your brother are, and will be able to intercept them soon."

-"General Mung, how is our current count of troops?"

-"Well, we have over a thousand troops in total."

-"That should be enough for the invasion, very well, tell the helmsman to continue his present course. You are dismissed."

-"Before I go, might I ask how you got out of the Fire Nation prison?"

-"Since you are the second in command of the fleet, I suppose you should know," Azula exhaled. "After my defeat in the capital, I was transported to a mental health facility. About 2 months and a half ago, I was transported to the Fire Nation prison."

-"A little more than two months ago, I sent a message to a bounty hunter to eliminate Mai and Ty-Lee."

-"You mean the one who turned against you, even after one of our agents paid him?" asked Mung.

-"Unfortunately, yes, but back to the point. 2 months ago, I saw my chance to escape. When no one was in my cell, I faked a heart attack. When a guard came in, he panicked. In all the confusion the door to my cell was left open. So, I slipped out without being spotted. I managed to track down the traitor, who was allied with the Avatar and my brother. But when I attacked them, they eluded me. Then, I began rounding up generals, such as you. And now, I need to muster one more group of fighters, the Southern Raiders."

-"So this bounty hunter; is he a worthy opponent?"

-"I'm not so sure."

-"Do you at least know how old he is?"

-"Around my age."

-"A fifteen year old bounty hunter?" Mung scoffed. "Doesn't sound very menacing."

-"I suppose so; but he does have a reputation."

-"A reputation of what?"

-"Of finishing the job, by any means necessary. I did hear a rumor about him never lacking weapons."

-"Do at least know what he looked like?" asked Mung, assuming a serious tone again.

-"Well, from what I saw of him, he had Earth Kingdom clothes, but something Fire Nation in his face," Azula paused. "Well, I believe you are now dismissed general," she finished

-"Of course," said Mung as he walked below deck.


This chapter is extremely short due to it being just a filler.

Elements in this chapter explain several previous events.

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