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"This is not your World to have, Darkness shall rise again!"
— The Grandmaster.

Ethan Alexander is a character from the Avatar Fanon The Gunfighter He is one of the main antagonist in the story.


Ethan Alexander is the paranoid, power hungry leader of the Gunslinger Loyalists. He ordered the killing of John Rider, demanding the return of his head.

His means of rising to power and the cloudy events surrounding the previous Grandmaster's death has caused the Gunslingers to splinter into two factions. At some point, he discovered the ability to travel between worlds. Using this power, he led a small invasion force of Gunslinger Loyalists to Whaletail Island. Once there, however, the group was discovered and the camp wiped out by an atomic blast created by John Rider and Dante.

Alexander himself survived the explosion, making his way to the Northern Water Tribe despite the fact that he was suffering from an advanced case of radiation poisoning. After arriving in the tribe, he used water from the spirit oasis to cure himself. He then used his knowledge of technology and various worlds to impress Unalaq to the point that he was made the Chief's top advisor and second in command.

Using the resources now available to him, Alexander began to build the Columbia, an airship with the ability to travel between worlds.

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