The Glory Of The Old Nation
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Book 1 : "A New Era Of Love And Peace"



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17 October 2011

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Previously, On Next Generations

Hinku: "Cool... Very cool. In like five years the Earth Kingdom will rule the world."

Hing-Lu: "What are you thinking of?"

Hinku: "We have Minji, we can invent alone and with him many inventions, including the balloon, we won't sell anything, we will keep them for one year as 'testing' and then nations will beg for inventions and raise the price. Our technology is the most powerful in the world, but let's keep that private and wait, but our main aim at the moment is to destroy the new Fire Nation, or should I say the old Fire Nation which was born recently."

Hing-Lu: "Hinku you're a genius."

While back at Zuko's place, behind the Old Glory Nation walls... Zuko ran to see what's happening, and he saw bending.. He saw bending like never before. It was massive. Earthbenders from the Old Glory Nation line were increasing the height of the wall, and curving it, forming a ball-like ceiling for the whole nation. As they stepped back, the ceiling was getting built more and more, Zuko quickly flew in a balloon to see what's happening, Earthbenders also built walls to keep it standing. People located Zuko in the balloon and reported to Zhao. "Leave him," he said, "continue with the plan."

Chapter 14: The Glory Of The Old Nation

Zuko and his forces, waterbenders, and forces from Omashu watched the walls grow around the whole Old Glory Nation in shock, in horror, it was nearly impossible to believe. When the earthbenders from the Old Glory Nation nearly completed the earth-ball, they left a hole in the top, which was about 12,000 feet high, a height that even balloons and airships were flying a bit bellow it.

Zhao, Jong Kong, and Roy Dest ran quickly with the walls burning them, causing them to get unbend-able. They were so fast, an earthbender was driving each of them on an fast-moving earth rock, while they were only pointing at the walls. Because of their speed of readying an their speed of moving, they could burn all the sides of the wall before Omashu earthbenders even tried to bend. It was really huges, it was really massive, like their earthbending was enhanced. A firebender tried to bend the fire in the wall, but he couldn't, the fire got so deep in the earth wall, so deep that a firebender can't bend it.

Of course, they have guards guarding the whole on the top, Zuko thought, We need to have enough army of earthbenders to destroy the whole wall firing rocks at it. We need a line like the line of Zhao.

A Water Tribe man: "Aang! Come and see what's happening!"

Aang: "Okay okay!"

Aang flew out of the submarine to see the wall, he was surprised of the power. He thought, We do need tunnels to reach that nation, and I'm sure Zhao have prepared a line of earthbender guards to guard the edges of the wall.

Both Zuko's and Aang's thoughts were right, Zhao had three guards guarding the top whole from the bottom of it, and the line of earthbenders was kept, it was planned to be never broken.

Zuko announced to Earth King Hinku, Omashu King Hing-Lu, Chief Arnook, Chief Hakoda, Mayor Sokka, Mayor Katara, Avatar Aang, and the Fire Nation's war ministers and high-ranking generals that a meeting is to be held in a month. He also asked to keep rounding the Old Glory Nation.

After a week have passed, and the Old Glory Nation was still surrounded and sieged, Hinku traveled to the Northern Air Temple. Of course he couldn't go to the temple, but he found some friends of Minji around the temple, he asked them to go up and they took him to the temple with their gliders.

Hinku: "Minji, I want to see you alone."

Minji: "Hello your majesty, welcome to this temple.. Er.. okay.. Erm, lets go!"

They went to a room alone.

Hinku: "Minji, if you don't want to get your head cut off, you'll have to listen to me carefully, and do what I say. Deal?"

Minji: "Er.. Your majesty, I'm not sure.."

Hinku: "Of course you don't like your head to be my dinner tonight right?"

Minji: "Eh, eh.. Yes of course! Deal!"

Hinku: "Good" he paused, then continued, "You need to create weapons for myself only, I'll need you to inform everybody else that you got sick because of your age. And do pretend you're sick, and if anybody asks you about what we talked about tell them that I want it private. I'll take you now with me to take care of your deadly sickness while I supply you with metal and everything to create weapons for me in Ba Sing Se. I would like to inform you that Mr. World Peace decided to end the Dai Li, and the organization is no more."

Minji: "I am very good at pretending, I'll tell them now!"

Minji went out and did as Hinku told him, as he was taken with Hinku and his guards and servants who were waiting around the temple.

The scene changes to a nearly completely dark room, seemingly underground, and two tunnels go from it to the same direction, while another one heads to the opposite direction. In that room there was what looked like a throne made of earth, which Zhao was sitting on it, while around him were Jong Kong, Roy Dest, Fu Gan, Hinku, or in other words: the Old Glory Gang.

An earthbender popped out of one of the two same-direction tunnels, he said: "Old Glory Gang leader Zhao, this tunnel is perfect now, I could go to New ZeaZhao, it's destination, safely and perfectly."

Zhao: "Great."

Another earthbender popped out of the other tunnel of the two same-direction ones and said: "Old Glory Gang leader Zhao, this tunnel is perfect now, I could go to Gaoling, it's destination, safely and perfectly."

Zhao: "Exceptional."

Fu Gan: "Yes! Exceptional!!"

Zhao: "Now both of you will stay here with me in this room, supply me with whatever I order from the cities, or more simply? Follow all orders. I may also want reports of what does the nation need, you go and make them, get my permission, and go out of the third tunnel to buy these things for the nation. Okay?"

Both of the earthbenders said in unison: "Okay!"

In Gaoling, particularly in Jimg's house, Jimg sat on the floor, cross-legged, he closed his eyes, then he said in a deep, quiet voice: "Whita Jinga Zanta Limba Lai Laitussa Jinga Zanta". As soon as he started repeating the words quietly, fast energy lines went through the ground to every member of the Order of the White Lotus where the member got a signal and sat alone then repeated the same words.

Iroh: "What is it, Jimg?"

Jimg: "Old Glory Nation. It is surrounded by the other nations, they can't stop them."

Pakku: "Then are you ready for what we agreed on before?"

Jeong Jeong: "Yes, are you?"

Jimg: "I think I am."

Iroh: "Then lets do it."


  • The chapter's name is a mix coming from "The Glory Of The Old Glory Nation"
  • Do remember the conversation between Hinku and Minji, it plays a major role in the 17-year suspended animation between this book and book 2 (which will be explained in book 2)

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