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The Global Summit
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Finally after a long ride on Appa, Team Avatar and I arrived in Republic City, in time for the Global Summit. From there on out, I explored what appeared to be the Cty's darkest.


We rode on Appa for the next two days, before arriving back in Republic City. There, the world leaders met up, and stayed at the Republic City's Four Elements Hotel, named in honour of the Avatar. As we walked into the hotel, cheers came from all directions, but one woman stood in the middle of the crowd nearby us, the former Chief of Police, Toph Beifong.

"Toph!" Sokka called cheerfully.

"Sokka, Zuko, Katara, Twinkle Toes! You are all here. Who's that other person with you?" Toph questioned.

"This is a friend of mine from Kyoshi Island, Noatak. He wanted to move to Republic City, to start a new life. Noatak, this is Toph, Republic City's former Chief of Police." He introduced Toph to me.

"It's an honour to meet you, Toph Beifong," I told her.

"So are all the World leaders here?" Aang asked Toph.

"So far, we have both Chiefs from the Northern Water Tribe, the Fire Lord, the Avatar, and the representatives from the United Republic Council, the King of Omashu, and the head of the White Lotus, but I haven't heard word from the new Earth Queen," Toph told him.

"Maybe she doesn't want to get to get involved with United Republic affairs, but why?" Zuko told the group.

"But this is important, not just for the United Republic, but for the World. Let's talk to her over the radio," Katara suggested.

So all of us then headed over to the radio room, where Katara rung Earth Queen Hou-Ting.

"Hello, Queen Hou-Ting, are you there?" Katara asked.

"Yes I am here. I do not want to come to the Global Summit, with you and your world leaders. Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko stole Earth Kingdom land! Why should I help you make the United Republic a better place to live in?" Hou-Ting spat in disgust.

"Well, your majesty, some citizens of the United Republic are from the Earth Kingdom, so I thought --"

"I don't think you're in the position to argue with me! If you want to make the United Republic a better place, then at least return it to Earth Kingdom territory!" Hou-Ting interrupted.

"Well, I'm sorry, but we can't do that. That would cause an uprising in the United Republic --"

"But you already have one --" Katara and Hou-Ting argued.

"I can't believe that snooty Earth Queen wouldn't want to help us, like her father did. At least we have the rest of the world leaders gathered," Katara told the group.

"Alright, for the meantime, could you tour around the city, while we are having our meeting Noatak?" Sokka asked me.

"Of course. I will just tour around the city first, to find a place to stay. Thanks for all your help for the past few weeks, Team Avatar. So I guess we will be splitting ways," I told the group.

"Yeah, we'll miss you," Sokka spoke on behalf of the group.

So after that, I never saw the old Team Avatar again. I began my search for a place to stay, then suddenly...

"I know you're fresh off the boat, so put you hands behind your back, and we won't harm you," an Agni Kai Triad member told me.

"Don't make me fight back!" I told them.

Before I could take an opportunity to strike, a man with a black mustache came to my rescue and struck down the triad member, with a kali stick. He later fought furiously against the other members, taking all the other members down. I fought single handedly against the then Agni Kai Triad leader, blocked his chi, and took his bending away.

"Thank you so much. May I know your name?" I questioned the other man.

"That, you don't need to know now, but in due time, I will tell you. However, that was some amazing skills you have as a non-bender. If you're looking for a place to stay, I have a spare room," The mustache man said.

"If you wouldn't mind, that would be great," I told him.

So we took a walk to his apartment, down in Dragon Flats Borough. The apartment was really run down, nearly as bad as a slum. As I walked in with the man, there were many homeless non-benders in here. I then asked the man if the triad members always harassed non-benders. He told me that was life for them. I had to do something, so I offered to teach them chi-blocking. But before we did so, the man took me to his room, and asked:

"Do you want to listen to the radio?" The man asked.

"Sure. I know there's going to be a Global Summit," I told the man.

"Well, I hope they will change our lives for the better," the man said.

The setting then shifts into the meeting hall, in City Hall. All the world leaders sat in silence, as Avatar Aang addressed the meeting.

"Thank you all for being here, despite your busy plans. In recent years, the world has been facing much conflict, especially in Republic City. That is why I gathered you all here today. I will overlook the meeting, Chief and former Chairman Sokka will begin," Aang addressed the leaders.

"Thank you Avatar Aang. After the Hundred Year War ended, Fire Lord Zuko and Avatar Aang created the United Republic, to become the centre of peace and prosperity, filled with people from the four nations. But in recent years, criminal activity has risen, in not just Republic City, but the Earth Kingdom. Terrorist groups are shaping, as the numbers rise by the minute. We need to put an end to this. Any suggestions?" Sokka questioned.

All the leaders looked at each other, and suddenly Fire Lord Zuko stood up, and began speaking.

"The United Forces have done a decent job keeping peace, and stability in the United Republic, as threats from terrorists group have decreased. However, there has been a recent increase in the number of abused non-benders throughout the city. Is there any suggestions we can make to that?" Zuko presented.

"Look, I say we need to take down the bending triad, as they are getting stronger by the day," Councilman Tarrlok said.

"Brother?" I asked myself in disbelief.

"Toph Beifong, along with the Metalbending Police Force, can raid the triad's headquarters," The Earth Kingdom Councilman suggested.

"No! I won't help you do that. This wouldn't make life better for the non-benders, it would pose a huge threat--" Toph Beifong said, before the radio's reception was cut off.

"What happened?" I asked the man.

"Firebenders have cut down our power line!" The man said.

"Everyone get out of here. I'll hold them off," I told the group of non-benders.

Everyone ran, except for that man I met earlier today. The two of us held the firebenders off, and defeated them, before heading into the maze of tunnels, below Republic City, our new home, and hideout.

"Can you teach us how to defend ourselves like that?" A woman asked.

"If they are going to abuse us like that again, then we need your help, sir," a man asked.

"Count me in to help," the man said.

"Talon?" A man said.

"So that's his name," I told myself.

With my leftover Water Tribe money, I converted them into Yuans, before buying some groceries for a big feast.

"Thank you all for gathering here tonight, because I'll need all the help I can from you. We all need to look out for each other, as there's no turning back now. Join me my brothers and sisters, as we are about to make history in this lifetime! Where non-benders can live peacefully, without getting abused by free loaders, and oppressors of the high bending bias society of Republic City! We are the Equalists, and we would stop at nothing to make our revolution a reality, a new Republic City!" I announced to the non-benders at the feast.

I can't believe it, but they all joined together, applauding for my cause, celebrating my ethos. The non-benders danced around the melody from the musical instruments. Tables were set up for arm wrestling matches. All of them were like one big family, one I never had before.

"That was me in the Council, but I bribed all of them, except for Tenzin, because he was impossible to get through to," my brother told me.

"So that was why everyone followed your suggestions. You really did it big time, brother," I told him.

"Yep, I shouldn't have manipulated them to my cause, and screw the United Republic up," my brother replied.

"Anyway, all of us discussed about the debate at the Global Summit, and how some of the leaders, and all of us agreed to your suggestion, that's why we made you Chairman of the United Republic, but instead you betrayed us," I told my brother.

All he did then was put his head down in disgrace, before looking back up.

"I know I have made some terrible mistakes, and betrayed many innocent lives, but can we move on from that?" My brother asked me.

"Sure, can I carry on with the story now?" I replied to my brother.

Then the big event finally came, a bonfire, underneath a tunnel, ridiculous, but we pulled it off. The people there just danced around like no thin ice is beneath them. They sang till their heart's content, till their breath died out. It was amazing to see the homeless happy, and the rich angry, wanting more for themselves.


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