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The Girl in the Library
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Written by

Bonzu Pippinpaddleopsicopolis, Tercero

Release date

January 24, 2014

The Girl in the Library is a one-shot fanon written by Bonzu Pippinpaddleopsicopolis, Tercero.


In Wan Shi Tong Library rests the body of Professor Zei, a great explorer who sought this library for years, but during his travels, he saw and discovered much more...


Having decided to stay in the library, Professor Zei wasted no time and plunged into an infinite reading, however while in the library began to wonder if he would talk to another human someday.

The only creatures who accompanied him were the knowledge seekers, these adorable spirits even were good, did not replace human contact.

One day, Zei, exploring the library and between the myriad of old scrolls, found a doll, it could just know that it was very old. After appreciate for a moment, finally stopped where he was and continued on his way. When you spend hours and return to, the doll was gone. Zei thought that one of the knowledge seekers had moved, so I sat around reading one of the many scrolls that I find interesting.

Absorbed in reading, Zei not notice a little girl sat in front of him. So was the whole time, watching, Zei finally noticed her presence and trying not to scare him speak:

"Hi, what's your name?" he asked calmly.

The girl was limited only to smile.

"How did you get here?"

Without speaking she said one of the many corridors of the library. She started walking in the direction indicated and Zei quickly followed.

They walked through a lot of passages and finally reached a room. within this Zei found two bodies, one of them looked like that of a child, then realized all, that girl was a spirit. Next to the bodies, he found an old portrait in which the girl appeared with his father and some old scores, "Finally found the great Wan Shi Tong Library, our work was rewarded, I would like my wife to be on our side now...." continued what had been deleted over the years.

The girl indicated portrait and Zei noticed it, the girl holding a doll, then he realized that for some reason the girl had lost her precious doll and wandered the library search.

"The strange truth?" He said and she nodded "I'll find it for you."

For days, Zei, sought throughout the library doll when he was about to lose hope, one of the knowledge seekers appeared before him with doll, thank after he returned to the room and handed the doll to little girl.

With a big smile, the girl began to disappear, discouraged thinking that nevertheless could not talk to her, Zei, left the room.

"Thanks" hear behind him "My name is Kina."

Quickly, Zei, turned to where the voice came, but only saw two knowledge seekers.

"This is what we are now, we humans die in the library we become knowledge seekers."

Astonished, Zei, I ask:

"Then your father?"

"Yes, it is he who helped you find my doll."

Zei just smiled, now knew that this would not be alone for eternity and in due course, also became a knowledge seekers.

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