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The Generals
The Origins of the Raging Badgermole
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Action, Background


The Bos




American English

Original run

October 31, 2011 - December 25, 2011


The Bos


Dragon of The West


The Charade, Part 3 - The Fool


The Breakthrough


The Generals is a background story centering around the leader of the Council of Five, General How written by The Bos. Set in the 'Wanted' universe, the story includes details from the spin-off series as well, including My Own Savior and Honor Thy Father. The story seeks to elaborate on his origins in becoming the famed 'Raging Badgermole' as well as his relationship with General Beipan.

Production History

Following the publication of the three-part 'The Charade' chapter for Honor Thy Father, Dragon of The West contacted The Bos about doing a possible one-shot How's background with Beipan. Liking How as a character and up for a challenge, The Bos accepted. As he began writing How's experiences, however, The Bos realized that there was too much information to be contained in a one-shot. At Dragon's urging, he decided to split the story into two pieces, but he continued writing. With each additional scene, the chapter increased in length.

After finally completing the project, The Bos saw that the single 'chapter', in its entirety, was 32 pages and over 17,000 words. He debated for a while whether or not to post it as a single chapter, as it was intended, or to break it up into several serials. Unable to pick the series' format, he posted a poll in order to allow the community to decide the format. After the vote came up 6-4 for a serial series over a one-shot, The Bos divided the series up into various parts that kept as much continuity as possible.


In the Wanted continuity, General How is a hardened man. Having experienced a great deal of suffering at the hands of the Fire Nation, he is determined not to let that nation, or anyone for that matter, trample over him again. He knows too well to "never give up without a fight;" a philosophy he takes seriously.

With this information, The Bos set out to elaborate on how How became the tough man he was in the later Wanted series by expanding on his relationship with General Beipan. The Bos hopes to make the series into a story of redemption, where all known details about How's life, rise to power, his story at the Siege, and his current situation during the War of the Lotuses.


The Generals is intended to be a unified storyline. The story begins following The Charade, Part 3 and concludes before The Breakthrough. The story employs frequent flashbacks to earlier points in How's lifetime, yet, when it leaves the flashback, always returns to the same point. Due to this form, The Bos remained unsure for a while publish it as a one shot or a series of serials. After the community vote, the chapter took on the form of a serial series.

Required Reading

In order to understand the premise of The Generals, readers must understand the following:

  • Background knowledge of Avatar: Wanted: The reader must understand the War against the Black Lotus.
  • Knowledge of Honor Thy Father: The reader must have a background in understanding Aang's struggle in bringing balance to the world during the Lotus' War.
  • Certain aspects of My Own Savior: Particular focus must be brought to The Wall chapters, as they overlap with part of the series. Daedalus, Icarus, Apollo, and Minos all cover the battle at the Wall of Ba Sing Se.

Resolved Plotlines

  • The character of Shu is expanded.
  • How How got the nickname 'Raging Badgermole'.
  • Origin of the "Abandon Hope" marking on the entrance to the Serpent's Pass.
  • Story of How's promotion to head of the Council of Five.
  • Story of Beipan's promotion to the Council of Five.
  • Origins of Zuko's dagger.

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