Meeting of the Council of Five
The Four Nation Council
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February 24, 2011

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The Four Nation Council is the 16th chapter in Azula's Revenge


"Ouch, that hurt!" Jet moaned as he stood up and cracked his back.

"We just fell about 55 stories on a flying bison. No kidding that hurt!" Tenzin said angrily.

"Okay, just calm down," Katara said sternly. "Where's Aang?"

"Over here," Aang yelled. "I'm with Appa, he doesn't look so good."

Katara, Jet and Tenzin ran over to Aang. Appa's tail was burned and there was blood running down his head.

"Aang, oh my God!" Katara looked at Appa, shocked. Appa moaned because he was in severe pain. Aang looked at Tenzin. "Go up to the temple and get the attention of those airships up there."

"Okay," Tenzin replied then ran up to the temple. About a half-hour later, Tenzin came back with a large airship.

Katara walked over to Aang, "Let's go, we need to get Appa up to the ship so he can get some help."

Back on the silver ship, Zulan walked through the dozens of decks to get to the uppermost deck where Azula was. When Zulan entered the ship, he was surprised to see her bodyguard draped over her, hugging and kissing her passionately. Zulan really didn't know what to do.

"Azula?" he said cautioned.

Azula looked up as if nothing was going on. "What do you want?" Her words rolled of her tongue, dripping menace with each word.

"The air fleet is prepared to land on your command. We are going to attack the mainland island and the other island to the south. By doing this, we will isolate the Fire Lord and cut him off. He will then be forced into surrendering. After than the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom shall be under our control. And revenge shall be yours!"

Azula looked pleased, more pleased than she had ever looked since Zulan met her. "Excellent!" She exclaimed. "Prepare the troops for invasion."

Zulan bowed and walked out. Azula stopped him, "Oh and one more thing."

Zulan stopped, "Yes, master?"

"You saw nothing!"

"Yes, master."

Two men greeted Aang when he walked on the ship; the first was the senior member of the four nation military council, the second was the chief vet of the Air Nation. He was the one that Aang wanted to see.

"Well Aang, the good news is that Appa is going to be alright."

Aang took a breath of relief.

"However, Appa won't be able to fly for a few more weeks. Also, we need to get him to a special animal hospital in the Earth Kingdom or he won't be able to fly. And as you know a flying bison not being able to fly is like a horse not standing."

"I understand."

"Okay, I'll tell the captain to chart a course for the hospital."

"Can it wait until we get to the Northern Air Temple? I need to get back to there and lead the armies."

"Well, I don't know. Luckily the hospital is in the northern part of the Earth Kingdom. So we can wait until the last moment to make a decision."

"Well, I guess that's okay."

"Anything else you need?"

"No, thank you. I just need to talk to my military advisor now."

The doctor walked away and over to Appa's cell. The General of the Erath Kingdom's forces not controlled by Azula and Zulan and Aang's personal military advisor stepped up to talk.

"Avatar Aang, Azula has invaded the main Fire Nation Island and has captured the capital," he said in a militaristic tone.

"And the Fire Lord?" Aang said hopefully.

"We don't know. All information was cut off by the blockade."

"A blockade?" Aang said depressed.

"Yes. Avatar Aang we must have a decision. What do you want to do?"

Aang thought for a moment, and then finally replied. "I don't think this should be up to just to me, I hereby call a meeting of the Four Nations Council."

"Yes sir, I will contact the Earth King, The Queen of Omashu and the two Water Tribe Chiefs."

"No, no." Aang said. "We need everyone to know about this decision. This will be a full meeting, the ambassadors, the military leaders, everyone, like the one we have had every other year."

"Yes, Sir. But this will take some time." The General replied.

"I understand." Aang said.

Two weeks had passed since the meeting the military leader and they still hadn't gotten the meeting underway. Aang was running around all the time, trying to get each of the members to an airship anywhere in the world. But it was hard, especially with Azula controlling most of the world. But then, after twenty days all the members of the Four Nations Council arrived.

Aang was preparing his speech to the Four Nations Council when Katara walked in. "Why have you been so mad at me lately?" She asked calmly but aggressively.

"What do you mean?" Aang replied confused.

"I mean, why have you been so mad at me since Zuko died."

"Sweetie, I never been mad at you, I've been mad at myself. Ever since Zuko died, I don't feel myself. I failed. I'm the Avatar, I'm not supposed to fail, and I have, several times."

"But that's part of life experience. Every time you fail, you become stronger."

"Okay," Aang said assured.

"Now go address the council."

When Aang returned, he was really happy. He informed Katara that the council decided to re-conquer the Earth Kingdom with the troops the general convinced to join them. And Aang had decided to take some benders to take back Kyoshi Island and some other islands. But little did they know, that something was going to affect all of their plans.

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