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Under the Si Wong Sun

The tavern was quite noisy. The loud music combined with the loud chatter was giving some people headaches. In the midst of all of this, Suki and her friends stood before the Si Guan Lian. "What exactly do you want our help with?" Gahno questioned.

"The Zhimings are back," Ling explained. The Si Guan Lian members' expressions shifted to ones of surprise.

"We think they are getting ready for something big," Rong said.

"Like what? Do you think they might raid another island; or maybe a city?" Ren wondered.

"No, they are going to Ba Sing Se," said Bo.

After exchanging glances with his teammates, Gahno let out a hearty laugh. "Oh, come on now, kids! No one has ever successfully broken through to Ba Sing Se! It's impossible!" he said.

"What about General Iroh?" asked Suki.

"Yes, well, um-" Gahno started.

"And what about Azula?" Ty Lee brought up.

"Well, um-"

"And that freaky Jun guy with the mask!" said Bo.

"Well, I-"

"And didn't that creepy Joo Dee lady let in the Sons of Ozai?" asked Ling.

"Alright, I get it!" Gahno yelled. "It looks like we have a problem on our hands."

"Come with us and we can take him down together," Suki offered.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get out there!" said Kuong.

"You are always so anxious for adventure, Kuong!" Otaka scolded. "You need to think before you act!"

"Sorry, Ota, but you know me! I'm one of those leap first, look second kind of guys," Kuong responded.

"Yes, and it's one of the things I can't stand about you! And please do not call me that!"

"Ah, come on. You know you like it." Kuong said.

"Ugh! You are such a child sometimes!" Otaka scoffed.

"If you two are done, we should get going," said Rong.

"Right, we are coming," Otaka replied.

It only took about a minute for Team Suki to load up on Feng and for the Si Guan Lian to mount Wen. In moments, they were off.

It had been about six hours since the two groups of heroes had departed from the tavern, but now they had reached the area known as the Si Wong Desert. As the sun mercilessly beat down on them, Feng and Wen were getting tired. After a while, Suki and Gahno ordered their pets to stop and rest.

"Okay, I think we should all stop and rest," Suki decided.

"Yeah, I need to get up and stretch my legs," Bo agreed. Everyone hopped off of their respective pets and started conversing amongst each other.

"Hey, Rong, check this out! I can finally practice my Sandbending!" Ling said, excitedly. As the two were focused on that, Suki noticed something else.

"Hey, Suki, what are you looking at?" asked Ty Lee.

"Am I the only one who sees the giant crater over there?" asked Suki. Ty Lee and Bo gazed over to where Suki was pointing and saw it too.

"Whoa! I wonder how that was formed!" Bo said.

"Maybe we should go check it out," Ren suggested.

"Alright, let's go," said Ling in a rather downcast way. Everyone else could see that he was covered in sand.

"How did-" Ty Lee started.

"Don't ask," said Rong.

Team Suki and the Si Guan Lian walked several hundred meters over to the crater and saw it was empty. "It looks like something used to be here, but what?" Ling wondered.

While looking at her map, Otaka's expression suddenly became one of shock. "I know what was here! Wan Shi Tong's library!" she said. "I have always wanted to find this place! They say there is no other collection of knowledge like it on Earth! But, wait, it is buried?!" she said, alarmed.

Ty Lee was pondering how the building could have possibly sunk when she noticed something running towards them in the distance. "Hey, Ty Lee, are you okay? What is wrong?" asked Bo.

"Is that a fox?" Ty Lee asked. As the creature came closer, everyone could clearly see it was a fox and the small creature had a book in its mouth, nonetheless! The fox gently deposited the book on the ground and ran away.

Suki leaned over and picked up the tome. "The Great Earth War, the true story of what led up to the day Avatar Kyoshi slayed Chin the Conqueror," she said, reading what was on the cover.

"Maybe we should read it," Rong suggested. "If Tai Kun really is Chin's descendant, then maybe something in here can be useful to us."

Suki nodded, opened the book and began reading. "Back in the days before the Great Earth War there was a time when two people were great friends."

On the area known as the Bandao Peninsula, there was a sixteen-year-old girl who was walking along through her village, taking in the beauty of nature around her as she entered the woods. She walked further and further until she was sure she was alone. Once she was sure, she drew her fans out from her kimono and began waving her arms through the air, making sure her moves were perfect. She finished her moves and closed her tessens, putting them back into her kimono. "I thought I might find you out here," a voice said. A boy with blonde hair approached the girl casually. "You know, I can never figure out why you wear that face paint," he added. "It looks a little goofy."

"Hey, Teman," the girl said, greeting her friend. "What are you doing out here?"

"The elders want you to come back to the temple," Teman answered.

"What do the elders want with me?" the girl asked.

"I don't know, but they told me to retrieve you immediately."

The girl nodded and walked with Teman back to the village. Once they arrived, a group of five people was waiting for them. "Come with us, young lady," the head of the group ordered. He was a stern, elderly man with a thin gray beard. The girl followed, leaving Teman behind. She walked with the elders all the way to the ancient stone temple.

"What do you want with me?" she asked.

"Young lady, are you not aware of what day it is?" asked one of the elders, an elderly woman with short, gray hair.

The girl did not respond and instead shook her head.

"It is your sixteenth birthday," the lead elder said.

"Oh, right! I forgot!" the girl admitted. "But why does that matter?"

"It matters, because you are now ready to know that you are the new Avatar," the lead elder said. The girl's eyes widened in shock as she processed this news.

"It is an honor to serve you, Avatar Kyoshi," the lead elder said as he and the others bowed down before her.

The girl known as Kyoshi was stunned. "I-I can't believe it!" she spoke. "I'm the Avatar!" After the words escaped Kyoshi's lips, the door behind her slammed open.

"Well? Have you figured out who it is?" asked a rather short man Kyoshi and the elders knew all too well.

"Yes, sir, we have identified this girl as the new Avatar," the lead elder said.

The short man known as Chin looked at Kyoshi. "Very well, she could be very useful to us," Chin said.

"Useful? What do you mean?" Kyoshi asked, still in shock.

"You are going to help me achieve a new world order!" Chin spoke. "I have a vision for the future of the Earth Kingdom! One in which the inhabitants are all happy under the rule of a new leader, one who will usher in a new way of life that will bring peace and prosperity to this great kingdom of ours. However, I cannot do this without your help. Now that you know you are the Avatar, you must master the four elements and return here. Once you have done so, you will be used to help me complete my goal of achieving peace."

Kyoshi was silent for a moment. "Yes, of course. It will be an honor to bring peace and prosperity to the Earth Kingdom, but if you will excuse me, I think I need a moment to take this in," she said.

"Very well, but be quick about it!" Chin ordered.

"Thank you, sir," Kyoshi said. She got up and ran out of the room.

"Forgive me, sir, but are you sure you can convince her that is really what you want long enough for her to help?" one of the elders asked.

"Come here, old man," Chin ordered. The elder walked towards Chin, frightful of what he might do. The elder was blown back by an earth column as Chin stood up. "Does anyone else want to question me?!" All of the remaining elders stood still and shook their heads. "Good!"

Kyoshi sat at the edge of the peninsula, staring out into the sea. The Avatar; I am the Avatar. She thought. Suddenly, she felt a presence next to her. "Hey, I heard about what happened," Teman said. "It must be so cool to be the Avatar," he said. "How does it feel?"

"I just found out I was the Avatar ten minutes ago; I don't think I can tell you that yet," Kyoshi responded.

"What is wrong? I thought you would be excited?" Teman said.

"I am excited, but I guess I'm also a bit confused," Kyoshi admitted. "I don't know what to expect now, but I know that I cannot do what I had originally planned to do with my life."

Teman put his hand on his best friend's shoulder. "Look, just because you are the Avatar does not mean you are going to have to give up your life. It just means you will have to put it on hold for a while." Kyoshi turned her head to look at her best friend. "And when you get back I know you will have not only mastered the elements, but you will have mastered tessenjutsu as well."

Kyoshi arose from her spot on the ground, a new confidence brewing within her. "Thanks, Teman."

"No problem, Avatar Kyoshi," Teman said, bowing in respect to his friend. "And I will be waiting for you right here when you get back."

Kyoshi smiled as she embraced her friend in a hug and left to collect her things.

"So far this book is only telling us about Kyoshi," Bo said, now in the present day.

"What is so wrong with that? By learning about her we can learn about how she stopped Chin," said Ling.

"Plus this story is really interesting!" said Ty Lee. "Keep going, Suki."

"Alright," she agreed. "After Kyoshi learned of her identity, she journeyed to the Fire Nation to begin training."

Kyoshi was just arriving in the Fire Nation. She had met with one of the Fire Sages on the shores of Kyoshi and had ridden his dragon all the way to the Fire Sages Temple. "Wow! This place is pretty neat!" Kyoshi said as she witnessed the temple.

"Yes, it is quite impressive," the Fire Sage known as Sheji stated. "But you will not be sight-seeing while here. Once we land you are to go upstairs and meet Master Laoshi immediately," the sage instructed. Kyoshi nodded and in moments, Sheji's dragon landed at the temple. Kyoshi and Sheji dismounted and walked into the building at once. Once they entered the temple, they climbed the stairs to the highest floor of the structure. "Master Laoshi, I have brought your newest student, the Avatar," Sheji announced. Laoshi looked down on Kyoshi and seemed impressed.

"Yes, I can see this one will be a great warrior in her future," Laoshi stated. "Leave us, Sheji. We have much work to do." Sheji obliged and left the room at once. "Now, what is your name, young Avatar?" Laoshi asked.

"My name is Kyoshi."

"Alright, Kyoshi, if you want to learn anything about Firebending you must learn that fire comes from the breath. Take a stance," the sage ordered.

Kyoshi took a horse stance and closed her eyes.

"You must breathe. Your breath becomes energy; once you feel the energy inside of you, it extends past your limbs and becomes fire. Now, breathe, Kyoshi."

Kyoshi took several deep breaths while still in her stance.

"Good. Can you feel the energy building up inside of you?"

"Yes, Master, I can feel it."

"Good, now I want you to try and produce fire. It does not matter how much."

Kyoshi took one more deep breath and extended her arm, only to be blown back onto her backside. The young Avatar got up and groaned as she held her arm.

"No, that was wrong!" Laoshi said, angrily. "Fire does not come from the muscles! It is not at all about strength! You must use your breath, not your muscles. Do it again."

Kyoshi got back in her horse stance and took several deep breaths, this time making sure she did not repeat the same mistake. She extended her arm and produced a bright, orange flame. The Avatar smiled as she witnessed what she had done.

"Very good, my pupil," Laoshi said, commending his student. "But you still have much to learn.

Four years later, Kyoshi stood before Laoshi, unleashing many different styles of Firebending. Once she finished, she was applauded by her mentor. "Very good, Kyoshi. You have come far ever since you came here. You are now ready to begin your Airbending training."

Kyoshi and Laoshi exchanged bows. "Thank you for everything, Master Laoshi," Kyoshi said. She collected her things and left the temple.

"Are you ready, Kyoshi?" Sheji asked.

"Yep; set a course for the Eastern Air Temple!" Kyoshi responded. She and Sheji got on the sage's dragon and took off. In just a few hours' time, the two finally arrived at the Eastern Air Temple. "Well, here we are," Sheji said. "Farewell, Kyoshi. I assure you Laoshi will not be the only one to miss you when you are gone," Sheji said.

"Bye, Sheji. I will miss you too." The dragon landed and Kyoshi hopped off onto the temple ground. Right after she got off, Sheji and his dragon flew away.

Kyoshi turned around and found an Air Nomad there to greet her. "Hello, young Avatar. I am Sister Saudara. I look forward to teaching you Airbending," she said.

Kyoshi bowed to her new instructor and followed her into the temple. Once inside, the two found a quiet chamber to practice in. "Alright, young Avatar. Since you are from the Earth Kingdom, Airbending will obviously be the most difficult element for you to learn, but do not worry; we will train until you are an Airbending master.

"Alright, I am ready when you are," Kyoshi informed her teacher.

"First of all, in order to Airbend you must clear your mind. Let everything you are thinking about exit your mind."

Kyoshi stood still and tried to let her mind go blank. Once she believed she had done so, she opened her eyes. "Okay, Sister. I have rid my mind of all thoughts."

"Good, now do you feel relaxed?" Saudara inquired.

"Um, no I just feel the same."

"Then you have clearly not emptied your mind. You must let your mind and spirit be free in order to become a true Airbender."

Kyoshi concentrated for several more minutes, but accomplished nothing. "I'm sorry, Sister, but I just cannot do it."

Sister Saudara let out a sigh at this statement. "Then you will continue to practice until you learn how to ease up and relax." Several hours passed and Kyoshi was still having problems. Finally, she sat up straight and started to clear her mind. For the first time since her arrival to the Eastern Air Temple, Kyoshi felt calm and relaxed.

"Sister, I feel relaxed," she said.

"How does it feel, Kyoshi?"

"It feels so serene. It is like all of my stress has disappeared.

"Then you truly have learned how to relax, but now we must take it even further. Are you willing to do so?"

Kyoshi nodded in response. "Absolutely!"

Four years had passed and Kyoshi stood in the same chamber she had trained in every day for the past four years. "Alright, Kyoshi. Show me what you can do," Saudara ordered.

Kyoshi cleared her mind and felt the serenity of the world all around her. She extended her arm and out came a gust of air. She repeated this move with her other arm and released a blast of wind from her fans.

"Very well done, my student. You have the abilities of an Airbending master," Saudara said.

The two exchanged bows. "Thank you so much, Sister Saudara," Kyoshi said. "I guess this means I am going to be headed to the Northern Water Tribe now."

"Indeed," Saudara confirmed. "I have confidence you will be a great Waterbender."

Kyoshi smiled. "I am going to miss you, Sister," she admitted.

"And I will miss you as well, Kyoshi, but you must not let your attachment to this place get in the way of you learning Waterbending," Saudara said.

"Oh, come on! You taught me better than that!" Kyoshi said.

Saudara chuckled at this. "I know. Farewell, Kyoshi. There is a sister on a Sky Bison awaiting you at the area where you arrived four years ago."

Kyoshi nodded and left the chamber, not looking back at her Airbending master.

In about two days, Kyoshi and her Air Nomad guide had arrived at the North Pole. "Well, I guess this is my next stop," said Kyoshi.

"Indeed. I wish you a safe journey, Avatar Kyoshi," the sister said.

"Thank you, sister," Kyoshi said. As the two got closer, they soon found what they were looking for. A giant city made of ice. They had found the Northern Water Tribe. The Waterbenders lowered the gates and let the two in. Once they were inside the city, Kyoshi dismounted the sky bison and watched as it flew away.

A man approached Kyoshi with a casual look on his face. "Greetings, Avatar. I am Master Korek. I will be your Waterbending instructor while you are here," the man said. Kyoshi bowed and followed the man to a place that was obviously used for training. It was a large circular area with nothing but snow and ice in sight.

"Alright, Avatar, it is important when Waterbending to feel the push and pull of the water. You cannot just simply move it around," Korek explained. "First of all, I want you to take the water from that basket over there and just move it around." Kyoshi did as she was instructed and attempted to move the water out of the basket, but to no avail. "Alright, it looks like this will be harder than I thought." Korek stated.

Four years later and Avatar Kyoshi was not the sixteen-year-old girl who had once been confused about her role as the Avatar. She was now a twenty-eight-year-old woman who had now mastered the elements. She closed her eyes and concentrated on her final task in order to become a fully-realized Avatar. She opened her eyes again and shot a stream of water in front of her. She then blew a gust of air to her left. Just seconds later, she unleashed a blaze of fire to her right. Finally, she turned around and bent the small amount of earth Master Korek had placed there. After witnessing this display, Korek came over to Kyoshi and placed his hand on her shoulder. "Well done, my student. You are now not only a Waterbending master, but a fully realized Avatar as well. I am so proud of you."

Kyoshi bowed with a pleased look on her face. "Now I can finally return home and fulfill my promise to Chin," she said.

"Chin?" Korek asked. The Waterbending master recalled where Kyoshi was from. "You do not mean Chin the Conqueror, do you?"

Kyoshi was confused. "The Chin I know is not a conqueror; he said he had a vision for a new Earth Kingdom where everyone lived in peace. He said I was supposed to help him complete his goal."

Korek was horrified to hear this. "Chin the Conqueror has absolutely no interest in peace! He is a ruthless warlord who has been dominating the Earth Kingdom for the past twelve years and stopping whoever has opposed him."

Kyoshi's eyes widened. "He lied to me!" she shouted. "I must return home immediately!"

"Don't worry, you can take one of the boats," Korek said. Kyoshi nodded and ran off for the bay. "And Kyoshi," Korek called out. Kyoshi turned around to look at her instructor. "It has been an honor to teach you," he said. Kyoshi nodded and ran off.

Once she got to the bay, she boarded a ship and told the captain where to go.

"Warriors, my destiny awaits me!" Chin shouted. All of his soldiers cheered in response. "After we conquer this peninsula which I once ruled so long ago, we will go to Ba Sing Se and tear down it's walls! Then the Earth Kingdom will be mine!" All of the warriors cheered once again.

"Chin!" a woman shouted. Chin and his soldiers all saw a woman wearing face paint and a kimono that she had not worn in twelve years. She also had her tessens at her side. "I will not let you take this peninsula! You may have fooled me before, but I will not back down now!" Kyoshi yelled.

Chin let out a hearty laugh. "You think you can stop my army?! I do not care whether you are the Avatar or not! You will never last against my thousands of soldiers!" Chin hollered, his voice echoing across the peninsula. "You shall meet the same fate as your friend Teman!"

Kyoshi's eyes widened and she felt an awful feeling inside of her. "What did you do to him?!" she bellowed.

"The foolish boy thought he was brave! He thought he could challenge me! However, I quickly proved him wrong!" Chin explained.

Kyoshi had an enraged look on her face. "You monster!" she screamed.

"What are you going to do about it?" Chin taunted. "You might as well get out of my way and spare yourself the humiliation!"

Kyoshi locked eyes with Chin. "I promise you, Chin; I will not sit by passively while you take my home! I will make you pay for all of the lives you have destroyed!"

Chin took a fighting stance as he glared up at Kyoshi. The Avatar drew her fans and pointed them at Chin, releasing a powerful blast of air. The wind was so strong, it blew Chin's clothes right off of his body except for his underwear. For the first time, Kyoshi's eyes glowed and she entered the Avatar State. She jumped up, stretched one of her fans to the left, and landed. She repeated the same move with her right fan. She then closed her fans and slammed them into the ground, causing the entire peninsula to shake. In the midst of this, Chin held his stance and did not move. He and the others then realized that she had split the peninsula in half! In just a few moments, the Avatar bent the magma from beneath the landmass, severing it completely. Kyoshi then spun around and created a powerful gale, blowing away half of Chin's army. The other soldiers witnessed this and fled the scene.

I will not back down! Chin thought. She is nothing compared to me! I will not flee from her like a coward!

What Kyoshi did next was astonishing. She blew another gust of air in front of her, causing the newly formed island to move away into the sea.

Chin watched as Kyoshi and her island moved out of side. No! No! I have lost! Chin let out a fierce scream of anger just before the ground gave way. The once great conqueror then plunged into the sea and died immediately.

"After Chin's death, Avatar Kyoshi dubbed her newly formed island Kyoshi Island, naming it after herself," Suki read, now in the present day. "With Chin gone, the Earth Kingdom was returned to a free and peaceful state once again. Kyoshi eventually assembled a fierce group of fighters known as the Kyoshi Warriors, training them in the art of tessenjutsu. At the age of two-hundred-thirty Avatar Kyoshi passed away, but she will always be remembered as the amazing Avatar she was. The end," Suki finished.

"Wow, that story was amazing!" Ty Lee said.

"Yeah, I had no idea that was how it all happened," said Rong.

"So, what exactly did we learn here?" Kuong spoke up.

"I think the lesson here was no matter how bad the odds seem, you can't give up," Suki replied. "Each time Kyoshi faced a new challenge, she never gave up, no matter how impossible it seemed. She always overcame it at came out victorious."

The two groups of heroes smiled at this. "Good lesson, Suki," said Bo.

"Yes, but now that we are done here we must get out of this desert," Gahno noted.

"Well, then what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Suki said.

"It looks like she learned her lesson well, Kyoshi," said a man wearing Fire Nation attire and a long, gray beard.

"Yes, Roku; and I am very proud," said Kyoshi. "Thank you for allowing us to use one of your knowledge seekers, Wan Shi Tong."

The giant owl spirit scoffed. "All she did was use that information to gain the advantage on her enemy," he said.

"I'm sorry, but you are wrong," Kyoshi stated. "They all used it as an inspiration as well. They used it as a way of motivating themselves."

"Well, regardless of how motivated they are, they certainly have a big battle ahead of them," stated an Avatar wearing a bearskin pelt.

"Yes, Kuruk, but I have confidence that they will win that battle," Kyoshi replied. "I know they will."

Author's Notes

This is currently the longest fanon chapter I have ever written.

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