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Lean On Me (Not the Glee Version)

"Because Appa can't just fly around all the time," Aang irritably explained to Sokka. "That's why."

"But he's a Flying Bison!" he exclaimed, clearly outraged about having to walk. "That's what he was made to do."

"Made to do?" asked Katara. "Appa's a living being, Sokka, Right Appa?"

Appa let out an audible growl and the Water Tribians looked to the Air Nomad for a translation.

"Oh, he wasn't speaking; that was just a yawn."

Katara sighed. "How come Appa never responds to me when I talk to him?"

"Maybe he just didn't hear you," Aang said hopefully.

"Or maybe he just doesn't like you," Sokka contributed.

"Nice one," commented Aang.

Katara walked up to her brother and, in a fit of rage, stomped on his foot hard.

"Even better one."

As they became acquainted with their wooded surroundings Katara noticed something of deathly importance.

"Bill's missing!" she exclaimed.

"Let him stay lost," Aang commented.

"Let him stay lost?! You're the Avatar!"

"That's old news, sister."

"You're supposed to love and protect everyone."

"That's right, but he ran off of his own free will."

"What if he's in danger?"

"If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it's yours forever. If it doesn't, it was never meant to be."

"What do you have against him?" asked Sokka.

"Lots of things. I wrote a forty page poem about it if you're interested in reading it."

"Uh... No thanks. Just, like, what's so bad about him?"

"Of course you wouldn't... Anyway, he's just really annoying. Like, he'll try to talk about anything and he'll suddenly bring up the Tea Party and how great they are. I can only consider their faults."

"And what are they?"

"They're a bunch of racist idiots, but that's not what's important. What is is that whenever he brings them up he proves he's a hypocrite and never admits to it."

"Surely they can't all be racist."

Aang sighed. "I know; I just say that to prove his hypocrisy. You see, he'll say that all Occupy Wall Street protesters are all rapist drug addicts either still in or just out of college with massive debt, so I'll say that the Teabaggers are all illiterate, racist homophobes. His response is always in defense saying that those that are racist don't speak for the entire party so I reply that the same goes for the hippies and that not only do they not speak for the entire movement but that they're just hanger-ons who use the crowds to hide their crimes... Then he loses his marbles and starts yelling at me to get off of his phone and calls me a pinhead."

The siblings stared at him, Sokka's mouth agape.

"What's a phone?" asked Katara.

Aang though really hard about his answer then shrugged. "Some sort of... Communication device?"

Eek! the heard from far off in the distance.

"It's Bill!" said Katara.

Aang sighed. "I guess we've gotta go help him."

"Weren't you just saying that you hate him?"

"That was a squeal of fear; he's in trouble."

Suddenly they were off in the direction that the shouts were coming from. Aang was impatient and barely kept in Katara and Sokka's sight.

They found Bill hanging in a cage at the top of a tree along with two other animals. Sokka instantly freed them all with a throw of his boomerang. The other two animals ran off quickly.

"So I guess Bill's gonna be yours forever," said Katara to Aang.

"Not quite," he explained. "You see, I returned to him."

"Well... Maybe he released you."

Aang's eyes went wide at the realization of this possibility.

Sokka soon realized that the cages were created by the Fire Nation, so they continued on foot.

"So since there are potentially Fire Nation soldiers surrounding us as we speak," said Aang, dumbfounded, "our best bet to survive is to stay right here with them?"

"Of course not," said Sokka. "They'd spot us immediately.

Aang stared at him a way that said, "What sort of fuckery is this before me?" before speaking.

"But if we fly away it won't matter if they spot us! We'll be gone!"

"Ya wanna know what's ironic?" asked Katara.

"Hipsters?" Aang replied.

Katara stared at him in confusion.

"Nevermind; continue."

"I actually meant that just a few minutes ago you both had completely opposite opinions on flying, but you still disagree."

"You're right..." Aang said, clearly deep in thought. "That'd make a great a great premise for a Fox show to get canceled after half a season."

Sokka burst into laughter and Aang got fake offended.

"Don't laugh; you didn't get it."

"But... It sounded funny," he explained.

Aang got even more fake offended.

"Don't say that about my jokes. People like Dane Cook and Chris Rock depend on sounding funny."

Then they stopped dead in their tracks, for before them stood an entire camp of Fire Nation soldiers.

"Run!" exclaimed Sokka, ready to speed off in a hasty retreat.

"No," said Aang in a threatening stance. "I won't back down, just like that Tom Petty song."

One soldier shot a fire ball at Aang's head, but he just moved his head slightly to the left to dodge it, thereby setting the bushes behind them ablaze.

"I guess we don't have much of a choice now," said Katara.

"You guys are crazy!" Sokka yelled at the soldiers. "What'd we do?!" That gave Aang an idea.

"Okay, okay," he said as he walked up toward the benders. "Back off. You creeps lay one slimy fingernail on one of us kids and you'll have a lot of explaining to do."

"Stop where you stand!" ordered one firebender.

"Or else what? You'll set me, a child, on fire? Ha! The newspapers would eat that up. I can see it now: Fire Nations Soldiers Burn Young Dude Alive. Now back the fuck off!"

The soldiers resounded in a celestial hymn of laughter.

"More like, Young Nigger Spontaneously Combusted Before Fire Nation Soldiers !" one said as he held back laughter.

"Yeah," said another. "What newspaper would make you look like a victim?"

Suddenly a Robin Hood type character swooped down from the trees and he and his Band of Merry Men ambushed the soldiers

Katara asked Aang if they should help, but he assured her that the treetop gymnasts had it under control. They did; it was a total annihilation.

Katara was clearly head-over-heels for this guy, but his intrigue was aroused by Aang.

"The name's Jet," he explained. "I saw what you did back there, standing up to those soldiers. That took a lot of guts... Or stupidity."

"Is that a twig sticking out of your mouth?" Aang asked as he reached out a yanked it from his mouth. He studied it meaninglessly for a few seconds before continuing. "Perhaps with age will come the realization of how severely pathetic you look right now." He dropped it on the ground, turned, and walked away. "See ya around, Peter Pan."

"Hey Jet," he heard The Duke call out. "These barrels are filled with blasting jelly!"

"That's a great score," Jet responded.

"I'm walkin' down the street," he sang as a signal for the Autobots to roll out. "Ang I'm talkin' 'bout you and me, and I'm hopin' that you'll come back to me-"

"Aang!" Katara shouted. "Jet offered us a tour of his hideout."

Aang's usual dry expression returned. "... So much for walkin'..."

Then they went to the base, Aang more reluctantly than the rest of the party."

"He sure does know how to charm," Sokka commented on Katara and Jet's going into the base together.

Aang scoffed at him. "Maybe a snake."

Aang, bewildered by Jet and his composure, felt that he needed to interrogate him, so he ran up to him and Katara to conduct the investigation.

"I gotta know," he said. "What are you guys all about?"

Jet pointed toward a grouping of trees. "Beyond those trees rests a town, full of peaceful, nonhostile people. A couple years back the Fire Nation took it captive and we've been messing with them ever since."

"Messing with them you say?" Jet nodded in response. "How so?"

"Cutting off their supplies, punishing their soldiers, etc, etc, etc."

"Fantastic," he said sarcastically. "You're a regular Che Guevara. How about you throw eggs at the soldiers and T.P. their houses while you're at it?"

Aang walked off, considering the things Jet had just revealed to him.

Something doesn't add up, he thought as he walked with his head down and his hands in his pockets. If they only ever do menial acts of crime then why would it turn out to be such a score to have captured all of that blasting jelly? Further investigation is required...


"Now, the Fire Nation doesn't think they have to worry about a couple kids hiding in the trees," said Jet atop the table at mealtime. "Maybe they're right." The kids booed at that. "Or maybe... They're dead wrong." Everyone cheered in response except for Sokka and Aang who swapped worrisome looks.

Jet sat down and Aang considered it do be an appropriate time to question him.

"Hey Jet," Aang said as Jet tried to walk away. "You got a minute?"

"Anything for the Avatar."

Damn, Aang thought. Is everyone picking up on that?

"So, your little group only ever does small crimes?"

"Yeah," he replied, "but they really add up to do some serious damage." Jet seemed to be watching something behind Aang, but he didn't feel like checking.

"I'm certain that they do. So just to be clear, only small time jobs?"

"He just said yes," said Katara defensively. "Don't antagonize him. He's not a criminal."

"Oh, I know," said Aang. "Quite strange of you to defend something I didn't even bring up. Tell me; does your conscience bother you?" Katara fell silent and Aang pressed on. "You said that you've been messing with the firebenders who govern that captured town over yonder for the past few years, did you not?"

"I did."

"Are you certain?"

"... Yes."

Aang nodded and sipped his tea. "Over those years did you ever consider just going in and liberating those people?"

"Too many firebenders and not enough Freedom Fighters. You understand, right?"

"Are you sure about that last statement?"

"Yes!" he shouted, his eyes darting between Aang and whatever terror l0oomed behind him.

"I see... Jet, I feel it is my duty to inform you that you've begun to perspire." Jet wiped the sweat from his forehead and Aang continued. "Anyway, I don't understand. You see, I paid a little visit to that town. There can't be over fifty soldiers maximum. Sokka and Bill could emancipate that town with no more than a boomerang and a beer bottle."

"I don't need to take this!" Jet yelled as he stood up to get away.

"You're not getting off that easy," said Aang as he sat him back down. "Riddle me this; if you guys only ever do small time crimes then why did you have a conniption at the sight of the blasting jelly?" Jet was twitching violently at this point.

"Maybe he was happy to get it away from the Fire Nation," Katara said.

"Uh... Y-yeah," Jet agreed, now just staring at nothing.

"I didn't ask you, Katara, but trust me. Jet wasn't happy about that. He had an odd smirk on his face. I should know about it; I've seen it before. The only time that face comes along is when a nefarious misdeed is being processed in some sad maniacs mind. In fact, I've got a hunch that Jet is planning to do some malevolent acts with those explosives-" he made a point of poking Jet in the chest several times, "and I will get to the bottom of it!"

"Who are you to make these assumptions?" asked Smellerbee as she approached.

"My most sincere apologies, my dear," Aang said graciously. "Please, do enlighten me as to what you plan to do with the jelly."

"I can't reveal that kind of information."

"I see... Well you can surely assure me that it won't be used for any type of violence or destruction, can you not?" Jet shook his head and she did the same.

"This interrogation is over," said Jet, again trying to escape.

"Not quite, pretty boy," Aang said as he grabbed Jet by the shoulder and turned him around to face him. "What the hell were you staring at back there?"

Jet stared at him strangely, as if he could see everything except for Aang then. When Aang had first met him he shone like the sun. Now there was a look in his eyes like black holes in the sky.

"Can't you see him?!" he shouted insanely as he pointed a shaky finger into oblivion.

"Wow," said Sokka between bites of bread. "And you guys call me crazy!"

"Let's go, Jet," said Smellerbee as she led him away. "You see him, right?!"

"Of course I do, Jet. Now breath into this bag and drink some water."

Aang, scratching his head in confusion, looked to the astonished faces of the kids for an answer to what had just occurred. They had none.

"Case closed," he said after finishing his tea.

"What case?!" Katara shouted like a battle-axe. "That proves nothing.

"Right, right," said Sokka. "It's perfectly normal to have a near seizure and hallucinate."

"Smellerbee said he needed a drink. Clearly he was dehydrated and it caused him to hallucinate and have a freak out."

"His cup was right in front of him the whole time!"

"I can't believe you would accuse Jet like that, Aang," she said, shifting her focus to Aang as she had no response for Sokka.

"It's not my fault that I can spot bullshit from a mile away," he replied as he poured himself a cup of water.

"You got so angry at Sokka for expecting you to be a terrorist before he even knew you and now you're doing the same to Jet!"

"It's not the same. I investigated the operation and found the facts. Sokka just has a phobia of black people that he's never met before or something."

"Yeah! ...H-hey!"

Katara, angered at not having any response to the argument, stormed off.

"Great detective work," said Sokka to Aang.

"I try my best," Aang replied, pouring another glass of water. "We have to stick together, though. Jet will definitely try to pull us away from each other. Just remember that he can't be trusted."

"No problem," said Sokka.

"Sokka," said The Duke as he approached. "Jet was wondering if you'd like to help out in a mission tomorrow."

His face lit up. "I'll go sharpen my boomerang right now!" He tried to run off, but Aang stopped him.

"What ever happened to sticking together?! You're a bigger sell out than Kevin the Sea Cucumber!"

"Don't worry, Aang," he assured him. "I'm going undercover."

Aang was so proud. He actually smiled. Once Sokka left a few seconds later, though, he found himself alone in the dining room. It was time to get back to work.

Later the next afternoon...

"Bullshit," Aang said in response to Jet's claims.

"This is very serious, Aang," Jet explained.

"You're lying through your teeth."

"I personally tested it. It's poison."

Aang raised an inquisitive eyebrow that sent shivers up and down Jet's spine.

"So you tested it?"


"And it came back as poison?"


"And you're quite certain of that?"

Jet swallowed hard and wiped the sweat from his brow.

"... Yes."

"Very interesting, Jet; very."


"Oh, it's nothing really... Just that by your own statements you've proven to me that you're full of shit."

Jet began laughing awkwardly. "How so?"

"You said you tested it yourself and that it came back as poison, correct?"


"Did you think he was going to come up into the treetops, the old man, that is, and pour the poison into your food?"

"No; he was going to stab me and thereby release the poison into my body, killing me almost instantly."

"Not a bad lie, Jet. Not bad at all... But tell me; do you think of me as an idiot?"


"Did you think that I wouldn't be able to deduce that you're lying? I know the difference between poison and venom, Jet, unlike you, apparently. Poison must be ingested like in food, drink, or even through the sense of smell. Venom, however, must be injected, like from a snakebite or from some sort of weapon."

"Well I... I... I must have just messed up-"

"Which means that your test can't be counted. For all we know that liquid could be prune juice."

Jet clearly didn't enjoy being made to look like a fool. "Then why don't you drink it, smart ass?!" he shouted at Aang, dangling the container in front of his face.

"With pleasure, for when I drink it I will prove not only that this is venom, if even that, and that your so-called 'test' was either never administered, which is what I believe, or you messed up badly. Furthermore, it will prove that you're wrong and that I am right." Aang drank the venom and remained perfectly fine.

"It's time for you to leave, Aang," ordered Katara.

Sokka and Aang were flabbergasted. "But Katara," Sokka argued friendlily, "it's quite clear that-"

"She said beat it," Jet said, his arm slung over her shoulders. Both Aang and Sokka exited, Aang spitting on the ground before leaving.

"I can't believe that even after we piled on all of that conclusive evidence she'd still side with that wood-chewing, seizure-having, old-man-beating-"

"She's a teenage girl in love, my friend," Aang said gently in an attempt to calm him down.

"I know," said Sokka, disappointed in himself. "I just... I feel like a failure to my sister."

"No amount of evidence will ever detour he from sticking by her man until he admits to it himself, brother."

"Wow... Sounds like a sad existence."

"Yeah... It's still better than having a voice that cracks, though."

"Oh, shut up."

Later, the next morning...

"Get up," said Katara.

"Stand up," Aang sang, still asleep. "Stand up for your rights."

"W... What?"

Aang's eyes opened half way. "What's up?"

"Jet's ready to forgive you."

"How pleasant," he said sarcastically as he closed his eyes again.

"Why do you have to be stubborn? Sokka already made up with Jet, so why can't you?"

Aang's eyes shot open so quickly that he actually airbended using nothing more than his eyelids. "Is that so?"

Katara nodded and helped him up. "Come on; let's go find Jet."

Later, on the way to the geyser...

"And that's basically all you have to do," Jet explained.

"How utterly thrilling," Aang commented, incredibly uninterested.

Jet and Katara kept saying things to him, but he wasn't truly listening; just replying with things like "How splendid" and "Gorgeous".

"So, you and Sokka made up?" Aang asked when he finally got an opportunity to talk.

"Yeah; he's helping Pipsqueak and Smellerbee for the time being."

"Mmm, quite," he said.

How dumb does this treetop orphan think I am? he thought to himself.

Once they finally got to the vents Jet ran off. Aang started playing his harmonica.

"Do ya think you could please help me?" Katara begged.

"Not a chance," said Aang.

He looked over the corner and saw that Jet was far out; almost outta sight. (See what I did there?)

"But I thought you were gonna help."

"That's the whole point of lying, isn't it?" Then he took of toward Jet.

"Hey, dumbass!" he yelled at Jet's back. Once he turned around Aang shot him with a blast of air, knocking him several feet away.

"Quite stupid of you to call out my name before you struck; that was a great opportunity to strike me dead in one hit," said Jet as he rose.

"I'd never hit an opponent when he wasn't looking," Aang said as he removed his jacket and tossed it aside. "That's just dishonorable."

Jet charged toward Aang, his hook-swords drawn, ready to kill. Aang, however, connected with a swift kick to the chin, knocking him to the ground.

"Where's Sokka?!" Aang yelled after kicking him.

Jet fell to the ground, but he tumbled backward and ran at him again. This time Aang tried to punch him, but he pushed his fist down and hit him on both sides of his head with the pole part his swords. He hooked Aang's right shoulder and went to stab him, but Aang bent over and flipped Jet behind him. Now Jet's blade was against Aang's throat.

"I need to know one thing before I kill you," said Jet. "Why'd you take off your jacket before the fight?"

"I didn't want your trashy blood on my favorite jacket."

He elbowed Jet in the face three times, the last making him fall to the ground and ripping the hook from his shoulder. Blood trickled down his arm making his tattoos red. Aang dealt with the suffering a turned to see Jet, standing again. He blew him away with a massive gust of wind and opened his glider. He was prepared to get down to the dam, but Jet stole the glider and ran off into the treetops. Jet was shocked when he caught up.

"I've been a Freerunner since I was eight, bitch!"

Aang punched him in the stomach first and second in the face, then swept his legs. When he fell he hit Aang in the ankles. He fell but grabbed onto the branch and jumped up behind Jet. He punched Jet in the back and knocked him into the trunk with a hard side kick. He caught him after that in a full nelson hold.

"Where's Sokka?!"

"I'll never tell."

"Then gimme my glider!"

"Never, Robo-Satan!"

Jet kicked Aang in the crotch and was able to escape the hold. He banged on Aang's head with the pole part of his one hook-sword once, but Aang got him with three kicks to the face and a hard punch, forcing Jet to retreat briefly to a new branch.

"I don't wanna hurt you," Aang explained.

"Well that makes one of us."

Jet jumped back onto the branch and knocked Aang on the head again. Jet jumped behind him, but Aang knew what he was gonna do. He whipped off his belt and blocked Jet's attempt to hit him in the head again. From there it was a full on onslaught on whipping Jet.

"Just give up," Aang said. It really hurt him to beat Jet like that, no matter how sick and twisted Jet was.

Jet hit him in the ribs with the pole, and it hurt him badly, so Aang jumped behind him and started choking him with the belt. Jet jumped and fell on his back, crushing Aang. Jet stood over him, fully prepared to stab him, so Aang tripped him, giving Aang enough time to put his belt back on. Jet got up and jumped off of the branch just so he could get behind Aang, but he was ready for that. He delivered a heavy reverse roundhouse kick and Jet fell from the branch. He didn't grab anything and Aang was able to retrieve his glider.

He opened the glider and jumped, but he did no gliding. Jet had sabotaged his glider; cut it up and rendered it useless. He fell for a while until he landed on another branch.

"I bet you thought you won," said Jet as he swung down from above.

"I... I think I might have broken a rib," said Aang as he made a useless attempt to get up.

"Shut up."

Jet kicked him in the head and knocked him down to another branch, this time landing on his back. Jet kicked him one last time and finally Aang hit the dirt. Jet soon followed and began mercilessly beating him on the back with the poles.

"You think you're so smart?" asked Jet manically.


"Who's smart now?!"

He hit him several more times, and every time Aang would stay silent. All he could do was claw at the earth.

"It's time to end this," said Jet. He pointed toward a rock next to both of them. "Bite it."

Aang remained stationary and it enraged Jet.


"Why," begged Aang, beaten, bloody, and bruised. "Do you believe that beating a man while he lies down... makes you more powerful?"


"You can beat me all you want, but you'll never beat my spirit!"

Jet hit him three more times and Aang finally made his way to the rock.

"Alright, alright," he said. "You win. You beat my spirit. Congratu-fucking-lations."

Jet hit him one more time and Aang finally bit the rock. Jet rested his foot on Aang's head for a few seconds then lifted it. Aang, never the type to give up, grabbed Jet's foot as it came down and threw him several feet high and away. After that he knew he was finished.

Then Katara came to the rescue.

"What happened here?!" she asked, astonished.

"Uh, Aang... He ambushed me and-"


Upon seeing his lying there she froze Jet to a nearby tree immediately.

"Jet," he explained to her. "He... Blasting jelly... Dam-"

"Just calm down and explain it to me."

Aang collected himself and began again.

"He's gonna blow the dam... Flood the city."

"And Sokka?"

"He's our last hope... We're doomed."

Jet whistled, then someone else whistled, and a few seconds later the dam burst.

"Dammit!" Aang yelled, propped up against a tree. "Damn it all!"

Aang was awe struck when Sokka came in on Appa and told his heroic tale of saving the townspeople. By the end of Sokka's story Aang was ready to stand again.

"But, Aang," said Sokka. "How'd you know about the plot to blow the dam?"

"Elementary, my dear Watson," he began, making a stupid looking attempt to pace around his friends. "You see, my detective work began after everyone left the dining area. Next to Jet's cup I found a napkin, and inside that napkin hid an eyedropper. While his cup was empty and completely dry, there was liquid L.S.D. inside of the eyedropper. Even better yet, a bowel half-full of the stuff was hiding under his chair as well. Clearly it was my uncovering of my lies that sent him on a bad trip. The next day while you were on you mission I asked around about Jet's freak out; I never got the same answer twice, and that led me to believe that checking Jet's place would give me a better understanding of his character, so I did that night. That's when I saw you go out to follow the Freedom Fighters which is why I was suspicious about the whole thing about you making up with Jet. In his room, along with the plans, I found drugs; pot, acid, shrooms, and strangest of all, cocaine. He sells all but the cocaine to small time dealers. The cocaine is sold to some organization called Iron Fan Tie. On top of that, he's one blotter over the dark side of the moon; an acid casualty. He's completely bonkers; out of his mind. He's a homicidal maniac who gets his jollies from the strategic killing of hundreds of people at one time. He's killed people before, mainly people who have found out his secrets. The sad thing is that he once actually planned to save those poor people..."


"Wait!" Jet called before the gang left. "I can't breath."

"Liar," said Katara, obviously still full of contempt and spite.

"Over exaggerating," said Aang as he approached the dude, "but not quite lying. You see, you partially covered his chest, thereby making it difficult for his chest to expand and making it hard to breath. In a very similar way to crucifixion, it's becoming very difficult for him to breath. In a matter of hours he'll be dead if kept in this state."

Aang walked up and punched the glass. Instantly after shattering the glass he delivered an astounding haymaker with his left hand, knocking Jet out cold.

"There," he said as he stumbled back to Appa. "Now maybe when he wakes up he'll be less out of his mind."


  • The name is perfect for this chapter... Of course, you won't know why until later...
  • During Aang's talk with Sokka about the Tea Party The film 'Airplane' was referenced twice with the classic "It's a..." and "And don't call me Shirley".
  • Aang's running up to the soldiers and giving them the business without fear was inspired by Sonny in 'Dog Day Afternoon' always coming out of the bank to yell at the cops as if he was in charge.
  • The song Aang sang as he tried to get leave the Freedom Fighters behind was 'Walking' by Fats Domino.
  • Aang's fantastic interrogation tactics were inspired by both Atticus Finch from 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and Kyle Hyde from the game 'Hotel Dusk: Room 215'.
  • The "When Aang had first met him he shone like the sun..." was a reference to the Pink Floyd song 'Shine on You crazy Diamond'. I used it because Jet lost his mind to acid, much the Syd Barret, whom the song was written for.
  • Kevin the Sea Cucumber is a character from an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants who, near the end of the episode, admitted that he was only into jellyfishing for the fashion, thereby making him a sellout.
  • The song Aang sang when Katara tried to wake him up was a reference to the Bob Marley song 'Get Up, Stand Up'.
  • The fight between Jet and Aang was supposed to represent a full on battle between good and evil. Aang, portraying the good, refused to ever hit Jet both when he wasn't looking and when he was on the ground, even admitting that he didn't want to hurt him. Even when he could have followed Jet down and further beaten him he instead opened his glider in an attempt to escape. Jet, representing the latter, used his weapons against Aang, an unarmed opponent, and tried to kill him several times. He beat Aang when he was on the ground and even attempted to perform a curb-stomp on his defenseless victim.
  • "One acid blotter over the dark side of the moon" is a reference to the Pink Floyd album 'Dark Side of the Moon'.

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