Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Forbidden Elements in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Forbidden Elements
Do. Not. Bend
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In a future world where non-Benders are majority and benders are minority, Rook and his family struggle to keep their bending a secret from society. But things don't get easier as the FBI begins to investigate their family, and the identity of the new Avatar is revealed....


Friends and Family

  • Rook Arvin: A benevolent,14 Year old waterbender with a strong determination. He gets serious when it comes to family & he's not afraid to protect them. He loves his bending abilities and uses them mostly for practical jokes, despite his mother's advice.
  • Teja Arvin: Rook's short-tempered, somewhat pessimistic 17 year old elder sister. She takes her rage on her brother most of the time, but she cares for him greatly. She likes to think of herself apart from the family, because she thinks that her father's the only one who can understand her.
  • Moana Arvin: A highly spiritual bender of the Northern Water Tribe and Mother of Rook and Teja. She works as a psychiatrist and had mastered the art of solving family problems. She works hard in every way to raise her children on her own, as her husband's been sent to fight in the world war.
  • Ethan Arvin: Father of Rook and Teja, and Husband of Moana. Works in the military and fights in the world war. Though strategic and intelligent, he has a lot of secrets in life that he's afraid of being revealed. He only came home for holidays when working and now, as the world war arose, he's not sure if he'll even see his family again.
  • Amber Swan: 17 years old. Teja's best friend. Non-bender but knows about benders. Helps Teja cover up fires she accidentally makes. Hates injustice and never betrays her friends.
  • Esoon Sandes: A sandbender of 15 years old who has lost all hopes of this world after his parents died in a blizzard. Lives with his sister in a town near Si Wong Desert. Later befriends Rook and becomes his best friend. He has the special ability to glassbend.


  • Naomi Swan: A cousin of Amber who comes to stay in Amber's house for studies. Not very much is known of her. Even Amber hadn't known about her until Naomi introduced herself. Doesn't like to meet anyone directly, but to sneak a peek over her textbooks.


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