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November 13, 2009

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The Follow-Up is the fourteenth chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


After his battle against the Aqua Assaulters, Aang retreats to try and get a handle on his duties as Avatar. Katas and Mitros confront him, leading to another battle


Aang soared onto a far away hill, landing quietly. He had been flying for a long time, and was tired from his battle. He looked at the sunrise, and sat down to just watch. He remembered simpler times, and the small peace he had after Ba Sing Se was reclaimed. His thoughts were cut short by a water jet that knocked him back 10 feet. Aang lifted himself up to see two men from the Water Tribe, Katas and a man he did not know. The unknown man drew his katanas and assumed a fighting stance. "Stand and fight Avatar! No longer will you be able to pass your high-and-mighty judgment on the world!" Katas bent water out of a pouch on his back and sent ice spikes towards Aang. Aang dodged by jumping, but was almost hit by the unknown man's katana-produced water blades. The blades were getting closer to Aang, and he knew he couldn't dodge them forever. Aang sent an arc of fire towards the two, causing them to block the attacks with their water.

Aang finally got a second to stop running and decided to find out who they were. Looking towards the man with the swords, Aang asked confused "Who are you? You seem like you're better than the rest, why are you attacking me?"

The man looked towards the Avatar with fury "You really don't know? I'm the one who sent the waterbenders at you! I'm the one who has felt so much pain from this war; from Fire Lord Ozai! And you have the nerve to let him live? I was ready to enter the Fire Nation and defeat the Fire Lord myself, but you spared him and declared the war over! It is not over, there is no one alive who hasn't been effected by it! The war will live within them until they die! I am Mitros, and I will bring the Fire Nation down!"

Aang looked towards Mitros with a hint of pity. "I feel your pain. If you haven't noticed, I was the last of my people; the only one not killed! I was destined to bring the world to peace, and I will guard it with my life. You will not continue the attacks on the Fire Nation, Mitros!"

Mitros expressed his fury, driving his swords into the ground. "You have not felt my pain! I lost the only one I cared about, in a battle that you were there for! You should have stopped them. The Ocean Spirit arrived to me the night after I lost my brother, and he told me to destroy the Fire Nation; I shall." He thrust his arms forward, using the water pouches he kept on his wrists to send a jet of water towards Aang. Aang spun the water around him before freezing it into ice spikes he thrust into the ground. He used airbending to bring his staff towards him, while Katas pulled the ice spikes back towards Mitros as water. Mitros formed the water into two whips, which he froze onto the ends of his katanas. He began swinging the whips fiercely at Aang. Aang used his staff to send swipes of air at the whips, the whips continued reforming. Aang raised an earth wall in hopes of blocking the attacks. Katas used his water to cut parts off of the wall, leaving Aang exposed again.

Aang sent a jet of fire at their feet causing them to temporarily jump back. "See Katas? The mighty Avatar wants to bring us down!" Mitros sneered. "We must end him."

"Agreed." Katas said firmly. He pulled water up from out of the air and formed it into a small sheet, which he shattered into pieces and shot at Aang. Aang used an air dome to keep the pieces away. Aang twirled his staff and slammed it into the ground, sending out a shockwave around him. While the men were disorientated, Aang pulled the water that they were using towards him. He entered the Avatar State and sent the water flying in another direction.

"You two are powerless now. Surrender, I don't want to have to hurt you."

Mitros sneered at Aang. "There are a few things wrong with that statement. One, you do want to hurt us, since you sent a fire blast at us. Two, we won't surrender, and three, I am NEVER powerless!"

He assumed a stance and pulled the water out of the grass and plants near him, leaving them withered and dead. He deposited the water back in his pouches on his wrists and pulls more out of a nearby tree to resume his assault. Katas, seeing Mitros utilizing his surroundings, mimics his motions and achieves the same result. Mitros and Katas send two drills of water at Aang, who is unable to block them both, knocking him back onto the ground. Aang reaches into his robes and pulls out a sword hilt and slices at the waterbenders, causing them to stagger back. He raises another earth wall with his foot and begins slicing at it with his hilt, causing it to sent boulders towards the two. Although Katas was knocked back, Mitros stood his ground, using water whips to stop the rocks before they hit him. Aang eventually used the entire wall in his attack, and since he didn't see anyone, he picked up his staff which was five feet away. When he looked back, Mitros launched a massive water jet at him, which Katas froze around him.

Mitros and Katas walked towards the incapacitated Avatar. "See Katas, he is unworthy to pass judgment on us! I pity you... Your successor in our tribe will be raised to be a strong Avatar; one who knows the true difference between right and wrong, a fact the Air Nomads seemed to have failed to teach you."

Aang melted the ice and sent a jet of wind from his mouth directly at Mitros, who was knocked fifteen feet back. Then he stood up and sent a compressed ball of air at Katas, sending him back just as far. "Don't you ever speak down about my people... I will never get to see my friends again, or my teacher, or even the rest of the Air Nomads I never even met!"

Mitros stood up and tried to reason with the Avatar. "Don't you see? What we're doing is what deserves to be done after this kind of tragedy. You should join us, and avenge your people!"

Aang realized the helplessness of Mitros at this point. "You are attacking innocent people for the actions of few. I can't allow that, and I am going to stop you." Aang assumed another stance, knowing an attack was soon to follow.

Mitros was about to draw water from his pouches but instead condensed water behind Aang and shot it into Aang's back, knocking him down. Aang used the opportunity to sink into the ground and emerge behind both of them, blasting them with a wave of air. Katas got up first and began swiping water blades at Aang, who was blocking them, but was staggering back. Mitros got up and formed a small amount of ice around Aang's feet, tripping him. Mitros walked up towards Aang while creating an ice blade. "We will meet again Avatar... maybe once I find out who you reincarnate into." Mitros raised his hand and threw the blade forward as Aang used earthbending to throw him to a side. The blade landed inches from Aang's head.

Realizing he needed to leave, Aang melted the ice around his feet and flew away on his glider. He looked back to see the two forming another water drill. They sent it towards him, and Aang went into a dive to avoid it. He looked back to see the drill was following him. He let the glider continue on its path while he jumped off, hovering on an air scooter. He blew a massive cold burst of wind at the drill causing it to freeze and scatter. He then bent the air currents around the glider and brought it back towards him. As Mitros and Katas watched Aang glide away, they knew where he would be, since he was flying back towards their camp. They would meet again.


  • This chapter will begin right where the previous chapter left off
  • Mitros' line "Stand and fight, Avatar" was taken from Zhao in "The Deserter"

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