Flying Momo
The Flying Lemur
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Avatar: The Forgotten Tales





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March 31, 2014

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A promising ray of light pierced through the bed of clouds that soundly and peacefully glided through the early hours of the morning. Searching for its end, the beam crept through the rustic air temple ceiling, finally finding its path into the closed eyes of a sleeping lemur. The lemur growled a low hum and violently scratched his head. Yawning, he revealed his phosphorous-green eyes that illuminated the dead-dark halls he inhabited. The deafening silence was unbearable for most creatures, however the flying lemur revelled in the harmoniously tranquil environment around him, much like the monks who previously enjoyed the same serenity.

The temple was time-worn and ancient, but still it radiated an air of order and peace and although abandoned, one could tell forgotten memories lingered in its destroyed rooms. The lemur sprang up, stretching his flexible tail and rubbing his furry thick ears, he was ready and eager to explore. Finding a puncture in the spiracle ceiling above, he flew straight through it, crashing into the dense clouds of the Patola mountain range. The lemur purred in delight as the freshly chilled wind enveloped him, wrapping him in a blanket of ecstasy. The rivers below the temples controlled smooth gentle currents that made it appear motionless and in its magnificence the sunlight bounced of its small waves, reflecting shimmering multi-coloured lights that danced and glimmered in the distance. The nearby forests stood dense and rich, blessed with fruits that the lemur enjoyed to feast on. A thick cloud appeared to draw close to the lemur as he swept downwards towards the forest. He landed on a sturdy tree and plucked nearby berries that hung loosely on the branches beside it. The lemur savoured the sweet flavours they had to offer, as he bit down on the berries' softly-textured skin. An act of demonstrating pleasure, he licked his lips and waved his tail.

After devouring his last remaining berries, he flew back towards the air temples, finding himself in the temple's airball arena. He lay down, basking in the afternoon sun while grooming himself with his elongated tongue. Resting here, he vividly recalled events where a sea of fire flooded the arena. Animals and monks shrieked in pain and suffering as the plague of fire scorched the floors of the temple, while agonizing cries for help echoed through the mountains. Both monks and lemurs fled for their lives, abandoning their homes. Fire engulfed the area, growing more ferocious everyday as the deathly red embers intensified, feeding on the sheer terror of the people. He has not seen a lemur since.

After a lengthy nap, the lemur headed back into the temple. The temple boasted several doors and mechanisms and usually the curious lemur would spend his days fiddling with the ancient contraptions, however, today the lemur found himself exploring the room of the past Avatars. He floated across the room, concentrating on the expressions worn by the statues below him. Some statues made him quiver in fear while some displayed a sense of peace and tranquility.

The lemur spent the rest of his day here, perhaps he felt not so alone in the presence of these statues, or possibly he felt some sort of connection towards them, he himself was unsure why he stayed for so long. Retiring to the main air temple hall, the lemur cuddled in a warm ball. He pondered whether he would continue living his lonely, peaceful life in the temples and even though he enjoyed it; he desperately missed the company of another. As the promising moonlight bathed the halls in all its purity, the lemur's thoughts drifted into the night, unaware of what the future was to deliver.

Tomorrow he was going to meet the Avatar.

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