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Zuko's ship
The Fleet
General information

Katara, Korra


Wan Shi Tong, Smith


Team Avatar


As main home for Aang

The Fleet is the group that Aang woke up to after his attack by Blue. He at first thought of it as a Fire Nation, but was explained by everyone else where he really is.

The Fleet was started while Aang was passed out. Smith and Wan Shi Tong decided that the fleet would be a perfect way to travel around the Fire Nation, thus starting the idea for the fleet. They got the ship and traveling from Zuko and Azula. This fleet lasted throughout the whole Fire arc since it mainly involved going through Fire Nation territory and to avoid getting caught by Ozai and Hougen.

It isn't exactly clear as to come the fate of the fleet. All that is known is that it did arrive in Ba Sing Se and wasn't seen since.

Old friends

These members were friends to Team Avatar before Ba Sing Se. The section contains those who knew Team Avatar well before Ba Sing Se and aided them before becoming part of the fleet:

Kyoshi Clan

Dai Le

The Scroll Wolves

New Friends

These are the new members that befriended Team Avatar after the incident:

HookMelHopeGenbaTomZukoAzulaAlamTesshin • more...

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