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The Fight

Korra ducked behind a pile of snow as Asami threw a snowball at her. All three of them, Korra, Asami, Mako, and Bolin, were snowball fighting each other. Korra crumbled up a snowball and threw it at Mako. It approached his face and when he saw it, he burned it with his firebending. "Hey, I thought we all agreed no bending," Asami said to Mako, who was cracking up.

"I...don'," he said through fits of laughter. He got a well deserved snowball from Bolin, who said, "You needed that, my friend" That sent everyone into fits of laughter.

The Flashback

"Who wants a nice cool glass of watermelon juice?" Katara said from her house, recalling she said the same thing to Aang many years ago. "The last thing we need is to be cool," Korra said, chattering her teeth. All of a sudden, she swooned, and she saw Aang as a young kid, Katara as a teenager, and serpent things coming at them. She regained conscious within a second. "Are you all right, Korra?" Mako asked. She shook her head, not knowing what the flashback meant.


Celtic was getting ready for the hunt when he heard a hiss. He turned around and saw a Xenomorph right behind him. He threw his wristblades, which he kept with him at all times, at it, which killed it. More Xenos came at him, but he shot it with his plasma caster. One of the blasts punctured the hull, which was sending the ship down to Earth's surface, near the South Pole.

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