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The First Weatherbending Conflict






The War, eventually The Second Weatherbending Conflict


~2498 BG


Northern Earth Kingdom


The Avatar settles the conflict, Weatherbending is removed from the World of Avatar for the next 2,600 years.


Northern Water Tribe

Earth Kingdom


Northern Tribal chief

The Earth King

Forces involved

Military of the Water Tribes

Military of the Earth Kingdom





The First Weatherbending Conflict occurred 2,500 years before the War. This conflict was between the Northern Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom, and eventually resulted in the disappearance of Weatherbending from the world, before its retrieval and then the Second Weatherbending Conflict.


3,000 years before the outbreak of the War, the art of Weatherbending was passed from the spirits into the mortal world. The art was first possessed by Avatar Zentai, Waterbender Pokai, and Airbender Algaion. After their deaths, they were chosen as the guardians of the art, to ensure it was not used maliciously. However, that would not hold up.


The Northern Water Tribe sought to expand their territory, and so they deployed their Weatherbending-capable Waterbenders to perform moisture manipulation. They used this to bring drought to northern areas of the Earth Kingdom, the nation whose benders couldn't Weatherbend, as Earthbending had no ties to the weather.

Slowly, the colonization began. With that, the Earth King of the time deployed his troops to the area, hoping to push the Northern Tribe out. Sensing the incoming war, the Avatar of the time, incidentally an Earth Kingdom native himself, was forced to step in. He helped lead the negotiations to peace between the nations after helping to fight off some Northern Tribe forces, also using Weatherbending.

The Northern Tribe pulled out of the Earth Kingdom after this, ending the conflict.

Results and consequences

After seeing Weatherbending threaten the world's delicate balance, the three guardians agreed to pull the art from the mortal world. They removed the Weatherbending scrolls and placed them deep in Wan Shi Tong's Library, keeping them safe.

However, 2,600 years later, a group called the Meteorologists located the knowledge of the lost art and began training in it, helping to unleash a new round of chaos against the world. This event became known as the Second Weatherbending Conflict.

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