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The First War, or the Spirit War, was an ancient conflict between the Spirits against the humans and Nifrin in the era before bending. The ultimate resolution of the conflict is unclear since the Spirit Wilds eventually split human society. The war was also known as the Witch War, and Man's Rise.


Earth Kingdom ravaged

Humans were like sheep to slaughter against the vile wrath of Spirits.

In the Era Before Bending, mankind was rising in prominence, bringing a new fear to the dominant Spirits. The Spirits saw the powerless humans as a threat due to their large numbers and soon, their most aggressive members went out on the attack. Humans had little defense against the wrath of these Spirits and were slaughtered in droves.
Ulquiorra stops Grimmjow

Even with the Ish Kash, Spirits like Hakki were tough opponents.

The true turning point in the war came when humans found allies who sympathized with their plight. Help came from the Nifrin, 'cousins' of the Spirits. The Nifrin feared what an antagonistic group of Spirits would do next when the humans were defeated.

The Nifrin's greatest contribution to the war was their weapons, the specially-made Ish Kash, or Ghost Swords. They were the deciding factor as any human or Nifrin with true power could not only challenge a Spirit, but many.


With Ish Kash such as the Black Soul, Spirits were victims to ruthless deaths.

The Spirits were still deadly and dangerous as those like Akahito and Hakki could face multiple Ish Kash and Nifrin. Despite these challenges, together, the Nifrin and Humans turned the tide forcing an end to the conflict.

The war ended on Shadow Hill when Kuro defeated the most powerful Spirit fighting in the war and broke the resolve of the other Spirits. This was only temporary though, as humans eventually receded to the safety of the Lion Turtle cities, making much of the world the Spirit Wilds.

It is unknown what happened to the Nifrin in this time, though it is presumed that they managed as they existed in the time of the Avatar.


Spirits: The powerful but few Spirits dominated the earth and feared the potential rise of man on their doorstep. The most aggressive of their kind took the offensive and chose to remove the threat sooner rather than later.

  • Tsume: A fierce spirit covered in blade-like claws.
  • Akahito: A mysterious blood spirit with incredible power.
  • Hakki: The 'brother' of Akahito. Hakki is a shape shifter.
  • Kurotama: A shadow spirit who held a grudge against Kuro.
  • Byakko: A fierce feline/humanoid spirit that fought in a very physical manner.
  • Kasai: A fierce fire spirit. He appears as a large caterpillar made of burning coal that can breathe fire.
  • Kumo'oresama: A lethal spider spirit with sharp webs.
  • Rozu, the Great Wolf: The Spirit of the Wolves, he has the power to manifest his spawn and command them. The last of his pure born children remain in the North.

Nifrin: The Nifrin were the 'relatives' of the much more powerful Spirits. They feared that their elder brethren would target them next after their slaughter of men. Nifrin contributed warriors, healers and teachers to the battlefield, but their greatest gift was their weapons, imbued with magic upon creation.

  • Elasa: Forger of the Storm Flower.
  • Muramasa: Forger of the Raven Rose and Black Rose.
  • Nagrim: Wielder of the Ice Bloom.
  • Arashin: Forger of the Mortal Blossom.
  • Thesi: The leader and protector of Mirana.
  • Bokura: A witch with a personality disorder.

Humans: By threatening the lives of mankind, the Spirits inadvertently strengthened their resolve to survive and so helped them advance at a faster rate than natural. Even then, humans were doomed in the war without help. With the arms necessary to fight, humans proved to be far more merciless and enduring than the Spirits had ever anticipated.

  • Kuro: The wielder of the Black Soul and the most skilled swordsmen of the human warriors.
  • Akira: Kuro's brother and wielder of the Raven Rose. Lost an arm to Tsume.
  • Mira: The wieler of the Fire Lily.
  • Ikari: Wielder of the Mortal Blossom.
  • Azusa: Wielder of the Thorn Cutter.


  • The Himura: The first known event of Spirit aggression towards humans. An entire community of humans was eradicated by Akahito. He then coated the entire village in blood, his Himura, his declaration of war.
  • Siege of Akuba: The Witch City where the first Ish Kash was made was attacked by a horde of Spirits as Arashin gave the Mortal Blossom to Ikari. Ikari was forced to master magic and the Ish Kash in battle while defending the city.
  •  Fall of Kuro Village: Kuro's home falls while a new defender emerges from the ashes. The spirit, Tsume ambushed Kuro and severely wounded Akira, Kuro's brother. Akira managed to distract Tsume long enough for Kuro to kill him.
  • Small Desert: A battle between the wielder of the Black Soul against a fierce feline Spirit, Byakko. Byakko had managed to evade most enemies while striking Nifrin communities. Kuro finally tracked down the spirit in the desert and defeated him in a bloody deathmatch.
  • Fire Bay: A human port was sacked as Mira took the slain defender's sword to fight. After earning the Fire Lily, the warrior was killed by Akahito and Kasai slaughtered the village. The swordsman's daughter, Mira took the Fire Lily and fought back. She was saved by Akira while Akahito left Kasai to die.
  • Sakura Hill Slaughter: A trap devised by the Spirits in which three Ish Kash wielders were killed. Only two Spirits were killed.
  • Age of Wolves: Rozu enters the war and sends his 'children' to fight. These Great Wolves nearly overran the Ish Kash warriors.
  • Raging Winds: A battle between a vicious wind spirit and Akira using the Raven Rose to fight.
  • Massacre of Mirana: The witch enclave was a safe haven that Akahito managed to infiltrate. He slaughtered nearly half of the enclavenbefore the leader Thesi intervened. Thesi diedin the fight but wounded him greatly. Kuro and Elasa arrived, forcing Akahito to retreat.
  • Pillars of Memory: Kuro takes the offensive and attacks Akahito while he is healing from the battle of Mirana, in his home. He successfully kills Akahito using a deathmask, but is quickly beaten by Hakki.
  • Shadow Hill: The war reached its climax when Rozu, Hakki, and many Spirits gathered at Shadow Hill for battle. Kuro defeated Hakki. The Dark Spirit Kurotama entered the battle. Rozu was killed by Mira and Kuro managed to seal Kurotama with the Kage no Seru power of the Black Soul.


  • The remaining Spirits fled from the humans but held a deep grudge with the Nifrin for siding with them in the war. After the Dosh Rak, they eventually overran the humans, who fled for the Lion Turtles' safety.
  • The Ish Kash remained in the hands of the wielders who last used them in the wars, which led to some difficulties when the phenomenon of the Dosh Rak appeared.
  • Despite the Nifrin' aid being critical to the survival of man in the war, relations between the humans and the Nifrin deteriorated as their inherent trickery played out.
  • Most of the spirits' names are based on Japanese and anime. Akahito is red person and is inspired by Dusk Maiden of Amnesia's Akahito. Hakki is white demon and is largely based off of Aizen's Chrysalis stage. Byakko is white tiger and is based off of Grimmjoww's released form. Kasai is fire and is just a generic monster. Tsume is claw, the pic was the best I could find to detail him. Kurotama is black soul and is based on Superbia from 11eyes.
  • Arashin is based on Arashi for storm in Japanese and Ikari is anger.

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