Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The First War in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The First War
Seeds of Chaos
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The First War is the first fanon story on the Avatar Wiki that is written by Giantgnat.


"The spirit benders diminish; in their place are the Element Benders, crude shadows of a great past. They divide themselves into factions, and I fear that they might one day become nations- that their conquests and battles strip the land of her beauty.

But why wait so long? War already beckons. These new benders squabble like fishwives. 'Emperor' Li has joined the five earth bending clans into one terrible Empire. And now, the barbaric fire benders squabble with them, seeking land and wealth.

The Water Tribes rush to the aid of their allies, the Earth Empire. The only ones among them I count wise are the Air Benders; they meditate on peace, rather than taking up arms. But how long can they evade the corruption of their brethren? Now, as I contemplate the grim future, I can see nothing but pain and death before an illusion of peace..."
- Wu Tong, Non-bender and philosopher


  • Kalith: The Avatar. Earth bending prodigy. Strong yet sometimes aloof, he has much to learn before he can resolve the Earth-Fire War.
  • Emperor Li: The first Earth monarch. A cruel, but paranoid man, he fears the Fire Benders for their destructive potential.
  • The Fireliege: The overall leader of the Fire Clans. He is a perpetually angry and irritated man, and wishes to conquer all lands.
  • Master Log: Kalith's Earth bending tutor.
  • Tora: Kalith's friend and love interest. However, she loves Kai.
  • Kai: Kalith's brother and competent Earth Bender.


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