The First Tournament
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When the Gaang join The King of Iron Fist Tournament



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Fae the biggest fan123


Fae the biggest fan123

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October 28, 2012

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The Second

In the Jasmine Dragon, the Gaang see a mysterious portal. At the same time, The Krew also see a mysterious portal. In the same time they get in to that portal. They ended in 1994, when The Mishima Zaibatsu said, that The King of Iron Fist Tournament will be opened. So, the Gaang and the Krew joined Tekken.

Aang will facing Jack. Facing those robot aren't so easy for him. But, at last, Aang use his firebending and defeat Jack. Next, Katara will facing Michelle Chang. But, Katara is losing to Michelle. Sokka will facing Yoshimitsu. Sokka with his boomerang make Yoshimitsu lost to him. Zuko will facing King 1. With his fire blast, Zuko win with perfect blood. Korra will facing Nina Williams. Becoming the Avatar, Korra win with 30 second. Mako will facing Kazuya Mishima. Kazuya win because his powerful jab. Bolin with hard work defeat Paul Phoenix. Aang once again facing a robot.

Defeating Prototype Jack, Aang go to the next round. Michelle must lose from Sokka with his, once again, boomerang. Zuko once again using fire blast to defeat Armor King 1. Korra winning above Kuma 1. Bolin must lose from Lee Chaolan. Aang win from his friend Sokka. Zuko win from Lee with his lightning generation from the rain. Korra win from Kazuya. Toph win from Kunimitsu. Aang can win from Toph. Zuko can defeat the Avatar, Korra with easy games. Aang win above Zuko. The real match is when Aang win from The Mishima Zaibatsu owner, Heihachi Mishima. Aang become the next Mishima Zaibatsu owner.

Will Aang remain the owner? Wait till next week.

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