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The First Time is the third episode of The Life of Team Avatar.


Aang's abilities begins and he is able to create air from his body, his mother start teaching him how to Airbend in a easy level. He is unable to do so and his ability is out of control later.


When Aang was at his mother's dorm, being feed by his mother, he blows a blast of air to his mother and she was pushed by air to the wall. She was surprised that now, Aang had the ability that every Airbender have and then she decided that it's time to teach Aang about how to Airbend but only in a basic level till he is not taken by the monks to training. She decides to teach him the next day.

The Next Day

The next day, she chooses the easiest step of Airbending of how to Airbend objects. First, she brings an apple, fruit pie, and many things to make sure if he can balance air with the object and can carry it without holding it. When she put the apple, Aang try but did not succeed to balance the air with the apple, when she put the fruit pie, Aang try but failed to balance again and was SPLASH his mother's clothing with the fruit pie, then she put a rock and it didn't balance and it hit her again but at the spot, where the fruit pie splash. So she decide that tomorrow would be a better day.

The Second Day

The day after the learning, they try again but she bring the same things that she experiment yesterday, except that he was able to balance all of them except the fruit pie, which it splash again but at her face.

Later in the afternoon, when they went out of the Western Air Temple site, she tested him to see if he can handle air current but instead he cause a problem with the air current and blast his mother far but she was able to control it. Aang then created a dome and couldn't control it. Her mother couldn't control it neither too but when he fell later, when the air dome vanish then his mother use her ability and blast a wave to put him in safety. Later, when they got home, she decided to teach him easily in her dorm and not take him outside till he has advantage of his abilities.

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